Tiki Barber Goes Ahead And Gives America The Green Light To Just Poop On Him Already

  • Dan Fogarty

Former New York Giants running back and oft-maligned broadcaster Tiki Barber went ahead and gave America the formal go-ahead to just drop trou and let ‘er rip today, ending what was no doubt an uncomfortable “do we or don’t we poop on Tiki Barber” dilemma for the country and ushering in a new period of relations between him and the formerly strained anuses of those around him.

The well-travled dealmaker, who, when we last left him, was makin’ phone calls, wearin’ ties, and offering himself up as a ritual human flag football sacrifice, appeared on the Howard Stern show this morning. Instead of maintaining some air of normalcy, as he tried (and failed) to do during this famously fun Mike Francesa interview, Barber dropped all pretense of being a sane human being and just went ahead and got weird with it.

Via Jimmy Traina, here are two things the future co-host of a radio show literally said on a radio show.

Splendid. Barber’s CBS Sports Radio network show premieres January 2nd.

[Jimmy Traina, The Big Lead]