Victor Cruz Apologizes For Zimmerman Blast On Twitter

  • Rick Chandler

The immediate aftermath of the George Zimmerman verdict wasn’t a fun time for a lot of us, but some took it harder than others. As we mentioned on Sunday, Giants’ receiver Victor Cruz shot out a Twitter opinion that Zimmerman’s days were numbered. Probably not wise. How about a little more gas for that fire?

As was the case with Roddy White and a couple of other athletes, Cruz then quickly went into apology mode. He deleted the original tweet(s), then got all rational and philosophical on us.

Then Cruz went went on WFAN’s Boomer and Carton for further apologies.

Cruz claims he sent out the original tweet, then read it and decided it was too harsh. Possible of course, especially since Cruz just signed a big contract with the Giants, and is secure in that regard. But how often do athletes tweet stupid crap, and then have the team tell them to delete it? I’m sure the Giants still have some leverage with Cruz in that regard.