BREAKING: Aaron Rodgers Over-Inflates His Balls

  • Jake O'Donnell

Apparently “Deflate-gate” could’ve been “Inflate-gate” were the refs paying attention to the psi of the balls being thrown around in the Packers-Seahawks NFC Championship game. During the CBS broadcast of the Patriots-Packers game on Nov. 30, former NFL quarterback Phil Simms told the audience that Aaron Rodgers actually likes his balls over-inflated, and will “push the limit of how much air [the Packers] can put in the football, even go over what they allow you to do and see if the refs take air out of it.”

Someone get Michael Rosenberg on the phone and tell him that his NFL cheating conspiracy runs deeper than even he imagined.

Bottom-line: everybody fiddles with their tools. Now can we please move on from this non-story?

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Jake O'Donnell

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