This Full-Page Newspaper Apology Ad From The NHL Totally Makes Up For The Lockout

  • Dylan Murphy

Now that the NHL Lockout is back, Gary Bettman and his cronies are facing a public relations nightmare – because the owners, and only the owners, will shoulder the blame for the lockout. Whether or not that’s justified, we won’t get into that here. But what we do know is that the NHL is dropping down to one knee to apologize, and would really like your forgiveness. Take this ad, which was plastered all over newspapers all over the country (and Canada?) this morning.

By our count, Saturday, January 19 – the day the first puck officially drops – is in 2013. Which, according to our calculations, is not in 2012.

And big hits? You mean, like, to Sidney Crosby? Yeah, that was awesome!

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