The Mighty Kacy Strikes Back On American Ninja Warrior

  • David Young

Might Kacy

If you’re looking for someone to pick on, I wouldn’t make it a gymnast. Former Towson University gymnast Kacy Catanzaro became the first woman to complete the American Ninja Warrior qualifying course and make it to the finals. And she made it relatively easy, even thanking the crowd for their support along the way:

Kacy ANW

The best part of that video may have been the announcer asking, “Are you not entertained?” Yes we are! There were at least three times where her arms looked like they were shot beyond the point of recovery. And coming in at five feet, she had to make a few leaps of faith that taller competitors didn’t have to. But then again, maybe they didn’t know she could do this:

Kacy Gymnastics

Kacy is now an internet star and all over Twitter under the hashtag #MightyKacy:

She now moves on to Las Vegas for the finals and a chance to win half a million dollars, but she’ll likely surpass that now in endorsements:

Congrats, Kacy. Good luck in the finals, but you’ve already won.

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