Who’s Having A Better Weekend: Lindsey Vonn Or Tiger Woods?

  • Rick Chandler

Four-time World Cup overall champion Lindsey Vonn is hanging out in Monte Carlo, among other thing acting as an official at the Monaco Grand Prix. Also he just happened to post this photo on Instagram just a couple of hours after former boyfriend Tiger Woods was arrested for DUI in Jupiter, FL.

The timing is just a total coincidence I’m sure. As is this caption:

lindseyvonn Thankful for great friends and fun adventures but keeping my eyes on the horizon. The future is bright.

Wow … if that’s not slipping a lit sparkler right into Tiger’s slacks, I don’t know what is.

And don’t think that readers haven’t noticed:

dezio26 Funny … in my feed this pic is immediately followed by Tiger’s mugshot. Pretty easy to tell who’s doing better right now…

aspenpuma Tiger blew it, you proved it. Great job on your rehab. Dr. Hassen Dagher, Aspen, CO

Beautiful inside and out

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Woods lost an estimated $22 million in endorsements in 2010 after the series of mistress stories broke, and its’ taken him quite some time to climb back. Now with this mugshot circulating, he may be back to square one.

Vonn meanwhile is on the road back after rehab for her latest injury: a broken arm suffered in practice this past November. In January she won a downhill event in Germany, her 77th overall win.