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Even Mitt Romney Thinks Arizona’s Governor Should Veto The Bill That Could Cost The State Super Bowl XLIX

mitt romneyThere’s a bill on the desk of Arizona governor Jan Brewer that will become law in five days if she does not veto it. Senate Bill 1062 would give religious people in Arizona the ability to refuse or restrict services to gay people based on their beliefs.

It’s a highly controversial bill — mostly because it makes us sound like Russia, and this is 2014, and you guys realize this is outright discrimination, yes? — and it appears most people, from the Super Bowl Host Committee to former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, think it needs to be shot down.

According the NFL Network’s Albert Breer, the NFL could consider moving next year’s Super Bowl from the state altogether in protest of the bill. The Arizona Cardinals put out a statement condemning the bill, saying “We do not support anything that has the potential to divide, exclude and discriminate.” State senators in Arizona who voted for the bill, including one of the bill’s co-sponsors, have changed their minds and asked Gov. Brewer to veto.

And just for good measure, here’s what former Massachusetts governor and almost-president Mitt Romney had to say on Twitter:

For the record, Romney is a religious man who opposes gay marriage. If HE thinks you’re going too far with your law — a law that in theory would “protect” him from having to… give a gay guy a cheeseburger? … then maybe you’re taking this thing too far, Arizona.

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  • lmeyerga

    Before writing anymore on this, read the bill and the law it is amending. You’ve fallen for a hoax perpetrated by the LGBT community. As with most states and under federal law, sexual orientation is not a protected class in Arizona, so people can refuse to serve homosexuals even without using religion as an excuse. So passing a law to allow discrimination on religious grounds would be pointless. This law has nothing to do with rights of homosexuals.

    The bill that is being demonized is an updating of the Arizona Religious Freedom Restoration Act (passed in 1999), which merely limits the state’s ability to infringe on religious liberty through laws of general application. The federal government and 18 states have the same law on their books and no one is using it to justify refusing to serve LGBTs. That Mitt Romney and John McCain are urging a veto is just another sign of their lack of a political spine and why they lost in 2008 and 2012.

  • Vonti

    I read it, lmeyerga. I read it all. It still allows for discrimination.

    Answer a basic question….one that nobody seems to want to answer that is Pro-1062.

    If this law passes, can a restaurant manager boot out gay people who come into his place to eat? Yes or No?

  • Vonti

    “This law has nothing to do with rights of homosexuals.”

    BTW, who exactly is this for then? What incidents occurred that forced GOP’ers to cry about this anti-religious freedom movement that nobody else outside of them seem to realize exists?

    The New Mexico Photographer…..thats it? Which is about the rights of a homosexual?

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