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Is Germany Giving Putin The Big Middle Finger With These Winter Olympic Uniforms?

NOW: Check out how the uniforms looked when they debuted at the Opening Ceremony >

Germany has officially denied that their rainbow-themed Winter Olympics outfits are a comment on Russia’s homophobic laws and policies. But, I mean .. come on. This has to be Grade-A, 100 percent trolling.

The unis, which debuted at a runway show in Düsseldorf today, were created by German designer Willy Bogner, along with Adidas and Sioux. Bogner says they were “an homage to the aesthetics of the 1972 Munich Summer Games.” Um … whatever you say, Willy.

But other commentators have seen a more explicitly political message in the uniforms. On Twitter, German users interpreted the uniforms “as a rainbow pattern” and as a “clear political statement.” “Looks great, like a gay and lesbian pride parade,” wrote one user. “Extremely hideous — but a well-intentioned move supporting the rights of gays and lesbians,” wrote another. The official description, which claims the outfits “were created using colors and materials specially tailored to the conditions in Sochi” seemed to, in ambiguous fashion, support that interpretation.

Whether the intent was there or not, these outfits are going to make quite a splash during the opening ceremonies. Think Bob Costas is going to go with the “1972 Munich homage” angle? Probably not.

Finally, the sentence “Those uniforms are so gay” will be heard as a compliment.

  • Charlotte Barber

    How ridiculous ,russia’s volunteer s uniform is in rainbow colours as well its just a theme for the olympics .

  • Don Bautista

    @ Chani Nicholas : This fucking bitch might got fuck by Putin- The old ugly Russian Rat always show his wrinkle body look like a rag . They all like SHIT

  • Alcie

    How could the author comment on Russia’s policies without even reading them? The law states that no propaganda of gay relationships are allowed among children only. But those who do not want to know a little more or get a little more educated, just keep making stories out of it. Grow up please.

  • Selena Dwyer

    How do you know the author hasn’t read them? The author’s opinion is that the policies are homophobic. You say no propaganda about homosexuality aimed at children, how about facts? Can we educate children about homosexuality? About how it isn’t a choice, that you’re born that way. What about the rest of the spectrum? Bi, poly, trans, queer, gender fluid etc etc. All those children are going to learn is not to be different. Not to question. To suppress those feelings that you can’t explain because boys are born boys who like girls that are born girls. LGBTQ people exist everywhere whether they are allowed to express themselves or not. Whether you acknowledge or deny them. We exist, we love, we live.

  • Alice

    I don’t think it’s a question of denying or accepting. Rather the question of propaganda. i.e. promoting such realities among young kinds who are most vulnerable.
    People do have a choice in most countries, at least I think they do in Russia. I personally know many homosexual couples who live there happily and have kids.
    The question is again (and this is my understanding) is promoting the idea among kids. Educating people is fine, but not forcing kids to do certain things.. That was the purpose of the law.

  • Carlos
  • Anonymous

    I do not about studies, but, from experience, I have some acquaintances who though they were gay, bi, lesbians, etc, because of external influences (tv, friends, older siblings), then, when they grew up they realize they were heterosexuals, so yes, propaganda aimed at children will make them think they are gay, and a few years later discover it was a mistake.
    An example, would you agree if weapons maker target their marketing to kids to help them understand guns don’t kill people, bad people kill people and that guns are good if use carefully? or do you think they are too young for that and maybe, just maybe, they will believe they are ready to grab a gun after some gun management classes?

  • cheatara

    Comparing sexuality to weapons is not even remotely ok. Being gay doesn’t hurt/harm anyone, thinking you might be gay the ending up being wrong (or bi, or whatever…) doesn’t hurt anyone. Using a gun, especially using it wrongly cause you are too young to understand, can and does hurt, and kill, people all the time.

  • cheatara

    Comparing sexuality to weapons is not even remotely ok. Being gay doesn’t hurt/harm anyone, thinking you might be gay the ending up being wrong (or bi, or whatever…) doesn’t hurt anyone. Using a gun, especially using it wrongly cause you are too young to understand, can and does hurt, and kill, people all the time.

  • Anonymous

    well, as far as I know, and any study can say, homosexual relationships increases the chances of hiv and some other STDs. and their adult life, sexual life is something that should be thaught at a proper age, in my own opinion of course.

    I had a gf who had a bisexual phase in her early 20s, she had a gf and everything, and I didn’t care about what she did years before knowing me, but I could notice she apologize for that several times, it affected her, and she thought she was gay because her brother is gay.

    I respect everyone sexual preference, I just don’t want people shoving ideas into my son’s head, I do not like religion taught in school, gay lectures, weapons, etc, not until he’s the proper age.

  • zo

    Swedish people’s can’t adopt children from Russia because we allow gay marriages. I think that it is stupidity.

  • Millaro

    As a young homosexual person myself, I can safely say no one “influenced” me to be homosexual. In fact, the lack of inclusion in schools and general society led to me, at the age of 16, thinking there was something inherently wrong with me not finding women sexually attractive.
    Being taught about straight people, heterosexual relationships and ignoring the existence of homosexuality for my entire schooling age did not influence my sexuality in any way. I was still gay, but I was a lot more confused. A child being made aware of homosexuality’s existence will not influence them in any way, but may (which you be most afraid of) make them more accepting, open-minded and tolerant as a person.
    Hate kills, which is the point of Russia’s law.
    The law is being used by people in the country to attack and kill LGBT citizens. It’s not about “not teaching kids to be gay”, it’s about lives being lost due to pure hatred.

  • Anonymous

    I see your point, just a couple of things, first, what’s the definition of child? if we are talking about <12yo, then no, I don't think it's a good idea, but maybe 13, 14 it's a good age to start talking about it, because it's the age those feelings start most of the cases.
    In your case only with time you'll know if it's a phase or not, believe me, things you may see as facts with time you realize they are phases, and if it's not, well, cool, nobody should judge for that.

    And about the russian law, I'd need to see their definition of kid, I am thinking about primary school kids, which I think they are too young, maybe secondary school is ok to start talking about it, step by step.

  • Millaro

    “A phase”? Really? I am 100% comfortable with my sexuality and have accepted that it’s part of who I am. No one influenced it, nor have I flitted between straight and gay attraction. On the Kinsey scale I’m a 6, but I know several people who fall between 1 and 6. Yes, people may have a “phase”, where they experiment with their sexuality during adolescence and early adulthood and that’s not a bad thing which from your tone it you seem to think it is, growing up it’s natural to figure out who you are for your own sake. And even if it was a phase, what does that have to do with ANY of this? Are you implying that if I were to become straight that I should then reject homosexuality as a whole and become a bigot?
    As for your disapproval about it being taught to children, what exactly is so wrong for children to be told of its existence? What exactly do you think would happen in such a situation? People don’t want children to be taught about homosexual intercourse, which you seem to think is the “gay agenda”, they just want children to know that homosexuality exists, be that in the form of homosexual love stories, such as a princess and princess falling love, or just not -not- addressing it in an educational environment. Would 1 such story hinder a child’s progress in life among the 100s of other prince and princess stories? From birth, these children are bombarded with heterosexual relationships, be that in children’s movies, advertising, the people around them… Why do you think that a child being made aware that some kids’ parents – maybe even their own friends in school’s mummy and daddy – might be a mummy and mummy, or daddy and daddy and is a bad thing?

  • adrian

    So for you gay lectures, religion and weapons fall all into the same category. Interesting. Maybe you would like to think about that again, to give it a bit of a longer thought. Or just start thinking at all.

  • Anonymous

    Almost makes me proud to be German. Well done Willy Bogner. Now let’s hope we see those coats a lot at medal ceremonies…

  • adrian

    Children have no problems with homoxexuality. It is not an issue for them.. The parents have a problem with it, which they of course transmit to their children.

  • Anonymous

    Though I find the Bogner outfits hideous as always, the “1972 homage” makes the trolling even more clear if you think about the Munich Games being dubbed as “Regenbogenspiele” or “Rainbow Games” then…


  • Andy

    hahaha epic winning!! FUCK YOU RUSSIA FUUUUUUCK YOU!

  • Wil

    You’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you? Its not the policy its the action taken BECAUSE of the policy. The arrests, detentions, gay bashing openly in the streets. You say ‘among children only’ like you know a damn thing. The way the law is written means NOTHING public. No PDA, no pamphlets or billboards for gay rights groups. Its essentially Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell for the entire country.

    Here’s a rhetorical rebuttal: How can someone comment on a policy without knowing the depth of the policies and the impact because of them?

  • Anonymous

    yep, they have no problem because they do not know what sex is about yet.

  • Anonymous

    I’m talking about kids 12yo and younger, their brain is developing, they do not develop rational though yet, first they need to learn that, learn how to make decisions, learn who they are and what they want before expose them to any kind of influenced opinions.

  • Millaro

    Define “influenced opinions”. What you seem to think is homosexuals want to make children gay, to influence them toward homosexuality. You could not be further from the truth. I couldn’t care less if a kid does or doesn’t end up homosexual, but what I do care about is whether they respect my right to exist as a human being and won’t subject innocent people in the future to the types of humiliation and torture being experienced by Russian LGBT citizens today.

  • apostate

    why do you have to be such an idiot? You realize that the Russian law (which you, apparently, have not read thoroughly and processed) criminalizes any kind of public statement that homosexuality is a variation of the norm. Even if you hold a sign on the street saying that being gay is okay, it can be easily interpreted as “propaganda to minors” since, well, kids do walk on the streets and might pass by. Nobody is going to go to your son’s school and tell him to have sex with men. What a moron!

  • Anonymous

    Everything has its own time and place, sexuality is a topic for 12yo or older more or less, or make a try, if you do not have kids maybe you should explain sex to your nephew or the kid next door and see his/her reaction.

  • Stephen Sansum

    who is forcing them to do anything?????????? oh yes of course i suppose you must think every gay person is a pedophile, i think its you who needs to grow up and educate yourself better

  • oscar

    For God sake, are you serious of what are you saying? You born the way you born, is not any choice there. The only thing that may change is that you will hide as a homosexual as everyone is telling you to hide, as if you wasn’t normal. I wish you get to live the discrimination that we get from people without knowledge that hate what they dont know.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not that they want to make them gay, the point is that kid’s won’t understand and it’s going to confuse them, please, don’t be so egocentric.
    What children should be taught is to respect any kind of difference, without explain exactly all the differences, just to respect other people and ideas, period, that’s how we will end with those torture and humiliation you talk about, teaching the basic of respect.

  • Anonymous

    *roll eyes* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Child_sexuality

    Even Freud found that sexuality follows a path, reaching it’s peak by 12years old, 12!!! not the moment you were born, and any serious expert will tell you that environment DOES affect you, kids are not sexually aware the moment they were born, and they wont care about sex for their first 12 years of life, how can you say you like to have sex with your same sex partners if you have no idea what sex is? how can you define your feelings if you are not even able to decide on what’s your favorite cartoon? there is a time and a moment, and early childhood is not the moment to talk about sexual preferences.

  • jj

    Holy crap you’re stupid. Perhaps you should work on your own education first.

  • Billy Sutton III

    lol, well kind of an odd choice for a theme from a country with these ‘anti-gay propaganda law’. For a country so scared of gay influence, you’d imagine Putin would consider a different theme; so, there’s that….

  • dwelwood

    Forcing kids to do what? Learn that it’s ok to be gay? You’re a fucking idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Ah yes. The good old it happened to an “acquaintance” anecdotal argument. You’d think if that were the case there would be actual evidence of this occuring outside of your circle of friends, no?

  • RMurphy

    When kids see a gay couple, they see a two male or female persons who love eachother. When kids see a straight couple, they see a man and a woman who love eachother. WHat they do in bed, is not what they think about. THe thought of what they do in bed is what adults think about. But that’s not of their business anyway. And it’s not of anybodys business what straight couples or gay couples are doing in the night too.

  • RMurphy

    When kids see a gay couple, they see a two male or female persons who love eachother. When kids see a straight couple, they see a man and a woman who love eachother. WHat they do in bed, is not what they think about. THe thought of what they do in bed is what adults think about. But that’s not of their business anyway. And it’s not of anybodys business what straight couples or gay couples are doing in the night too.

  • chad

    you’re truly an idiot. no need to debate anyone as dumb as you

  • JZ

    “Homage to the aesthetics of the Munich Olympics”? The one at which 11 athletes were slaughtered because they represented the State of Israel?

  • Andrea

    The fact you quoted Freud makes everything you’ve said invalid. He’s been debunked, and is the reason people have bad sex. Also, rolling your eyes in an online conversation is ineffably rude; like all of your arguments. At least it wasn’t out of character. Your arguments are as thin as ice in spring. Being a transwoman, I can tell you my identity has nothing to do with my sexuality; I have always been aware of myself for as long as I remember. But I doubt you care, or that you’ll see the difference between gender identity and sexuality (guess what? I’m a woman who prefers the company of women!), because you’re wearing blinders. Seeing people say folks like me were disgusting, that we should be hidden, that we should be ashamed, and converted, and murdered, is why I tried to take my own life by the age you said education should maybe have thought about being started. No amount of evidence or argument we give you will suffice, for you are ignorant. You do not know, and you do not know you do not know; therefor you are a fool, and should be shunned.

  • imogen

    You don’t have to explain all the mechanics of sex to a toddler, but why should there be anything wrong with teaching children that people be attracted to, or fall in love with people of either gender??

  • Sammy Law

    As much as I`d love Germany stamping a big F U on Russia`s Olympics, these uniforms have the Olympic colours more so than any other theme of colours. Seriously would love for it to be the case but I think we might be making something out of nothing on this one…

  • Sammy Law

    What about all the propaganda to be straight? Those poor gay kids will be tricked into thinking they are straight because of outside influences and then they`ll grow up and be all….hey I`m gay…I can`t believe they pulled the wool over my eyes on that one. Basically what I`m saying is your argument is the most ridiculous thing I`ve read all day.
    I guess there are a few things to learn here: 1) Don`t ever equate arming children with weapons to a pride flag being waved in a child`s face. They aren`t even close to being equal. The fact that you pulled that comparison out scares me into thinking that propaganda worked on you but don`t be a sheep. Learn before you type stuff like this so the world doesn`t have to educate you on your insensitivity. (2) Never use an acquaintance to judge an entire group of people because you don`t even know that person or those people so how are you supposed to have a clue about that whole group of people (who by the way are all different from each other) you are referring to? Also, did you ever think your acquaintances ARE gay and now are in the closet or trying to suppress their sexuality because of societal pressure? Does that now sound more plausible than gay propaganda (where the hell does this take place) tricking them when they were young and then a little later they said oh hey I`m straight? Actually I`m calling you out….the more I think about your acquaintances I think they are not real.

  • Sammy Law

    Ummmmmm Freud? He`s been highly discredited. Also, who references wikipedia as a source? Being gay isn`t just about sex either. You don`t have to tell them how people have sex. You teach them from a point much younger than 12 that there are all kinds of families and couples and that they are together because they love each other and that`s all that matters.

  • lesbinlondon

    Oh this explains everything! I had heterosexuality shoved in my face until I was in university, so I assumed I was a straight woman. Then when I grew up I realized I liked other women and thought about what a mistake I had made and how much easier it would be to be gay, so just went that route. Whew. Thank god for people like you that truly “get” it.

  • The Celestial Teapot

    Utter nonsense.

  • filmguyd

    Beautifully stated…your response sums it all up with the most truth of any comment here!

  • Big Oil Conspiracy Theory

    What anti gay policies? I swear the left are so irrational they’ll jump on any bandwagon. Here is a deconstruction of the ‘anti gay law’. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sikatjxesjolzio/RussianLGBTLawWhitePaper.pdf

  • Big Oil Conspiracy Theory

    what arrests? irrational lefty idiot.

  • Big Oil Conspiracy Theory

    Happens in America also…. and?

  • gram parsons

    love seeing that old plonker putin being trolled

  • Guest
  • melissa hodges

    The Russian Volunteer uniform is not colourful but not rainbows like the German team uniform. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/spo...

  • Philipp Onassis

    “almost” yeah..das dachte ich mir auch

  • Responsible Russian Citizen ))

    it is so funny that they think it is pissing off anyone in Russia))) we just don’t give a shit)

  • greenbugs

    “Inspired by the aesthetic of Munich ’72″? The Olympics in which eleven athletes were murdered. Would have been better to just say, “yes, we are making a social comment on conditions in Russia in 2014.”

  • Anonymous

    Ja, man kann halt nicht ganz aus seiner Haut raus…

  • JohnnyBGood

    Yeah, yeah, we know you don’t give a shit. Please just be sure to continue with the national policy of alcoholic red nosed men on youtube, and beautifull russian hookers all around europe. We love Russia!

  • JohnnyBGood

    “Promoting realities”…what makes you uncomfortable with reality?

  • JohnnyBGood

    Can’t see the irony yet. It’s doesn’t say it’s inspired by the murders, just the outfit…though the outfits were murderous ;P

  • JohnnyBGood

    You are really mean, you must be very unsatisfied with your life. Anyway…I just googled “gay detention russia” and there’s plenty of reading. Not that it bothers me, really.
    And..it’s really funny how a righty insults a lefty making use of free-speech rights, hardly fought by left spectrum activists since the XVIII century (yeah, ok. And some righties too…but not many though).

  • JohnnyBGood

    Wow, you’re still being so mean. Anyway, here there is proof for God’s existence:

    And here there’s proof of God’s inexistence:

    I’m loving this game, dude. Please, what’s the next quest?

  • how about tolerance?

    Freud was extremely repressed in his own sexuality, if you read anything up on his life and his work you would be aware that most ‘disporders’ he found he found in himself and then projected them onto his patenients. Sexuality was one of his biggest problems, no wonder he was all over that..and children understand LOVE, because guess what, homosexuality isn’t all about having sex. And we learned about sex long before we were 12 years old. we were slowly taught where babies come from and that adults show they love by physically making each other happy…nothing disturbing about it and completely positive. Any child can understand if two men or two women are in love. It will not EVER influence how they feel towards others. Your catroon argument doesn’t have anything to do with understanding human emotions. Jesus.

  • anon

    Great, lets give them a reason to hate gays, that will show those filthy communists…
    Lets see if Putin will be offended. Probably not because he always ignored the gays so this is FUCKIN POINTLESS and will make things worse

  • JohnnyBGood

    Yeah bro! And women should wear burkas, so they don’t give men a pretext to rape them! It’s so logic!

  • douk noukem balls of steel
  • douk noukem balls of steel

    don’t tell that to the liberals, their whole argument will crumble down

    also don’t tell them russia doesn’t ban homosexuals, it will make them lose the little credibility they had in the first place


  • douk noukem balls of steel

    you got a very dysfunctional logic to not see the uniforms are colorful

  • douk noukem balls of steel

    it’s easy: repeat a lie long enough and people will end up believing it
    yes, liberals are like that, they follow the carrot

  • douk noukem balls of steel

    because the author would have read this
    but didn’t

  • DavidGolani11

    Despicable, Traditionally germany used its national team colors which are in the german flag. Oh well Germany is being overrun with muslims, we will see how gay friendly berlin is when muslims are executing gays.

  • douk noukem balls of steel

    none of those happened because of the policy
    they happened in the context of protests
    police arrests people who go overboard in protests all the time
    stop being disingenuous
    you liberals have been painting that russian legislation as a ban on homosexuality yet you’re perfectly fine with a lie as big as that

  • douk noukem balls of steel

    instead of spreading shit, have a real hard look at the legislation

  • douk noukem balls of steel

    you got a warped mind to see the colorful uniform and they they’re not colorful
    like, really warped

  • douk noukem balls of steel

    top trolling
    considering the fact you “faggots” (it’s two g’s) have lied to yourself concerning that russian legislation, spreading the lie that russia is evil and bans homosexuals

  • Proudtobequeerfriendly

    In Russia a minor is anyone under the age of 18 and who is not married. This law applies to educating a 17 year old about homosexuality and the like.

  • JohnnyBGood

    instead of spreading sh1t, have a real hard look at THIS legislation

  • apex

    then you probalbly shouldn’t say out loud your small-minded shit, until he’s the proper age to say “daddy, go fuck yourself”

  • JohnnyBGood

    That’s a lie, but you conservatives repeat it so insistently that I’m begining to believe that myself.

  • Diana

    By knowing about country from TV or newspapers is certainly not enough. Maybe you should go to Russia and live there for a while to tell things like that.

  • Diana

    How shallow you are!!! Watching videos on youtube and thinking that you know Russian people.

  • JohnnyBGood

    I’ve been misunderstood. I don’t know them BUT I’m dying to know them! Homophobic drunken Yeltsins with gorgeous mothers…who wouldn’t?

  • Hollywood

    I think this is absolutely bold, courageous, and up front when it comes to protesting the idiotic shit-fest that is homophobia on a world-wide level. Referring to social relations globally, the Olympic games are an excellent outlet not only for bringing people together culturally, but to also send a message to the world–homophobia, hate, and violence towards the LGBTQQIA community is not the way of the future and will NOT be tolerated.

    What I find hilarious is that there are SO many people hung up on their own ignorance, insisting that the gay community should not have an equal presence or representation in this world, that we should live underground and in closets. NEWS FLASH to those individuals: EQUAL RIGHTS, as well as equal social representation for LGBTQQIA community is INEVITABLE. We WILL progress forward, whether you like it or not. It’s a fact.

    Let’s say for the sake of argument that Germany DID indeed outfit their teams in rainbow on purpose as a big “F*ck You” towards Putin, in response to their anti-gay stances. Germany’s teams are still Germany’s teams. They’re still going to be flying their national flag at the Olympic games. It’s not like Germany is going to lose anything or be negatively affected.

    Personally, I applaud Germany’s efforts. Whether this happened on purpose or not, we will never know any real answer other than what they’re giving to the media for PR. For Germany’s team to arrive at the games wearing these outfits says it all–equal rights in the Olympics.

  • Navarra

    Diese Olympia-Kleidung hat mit “Deutschland” nichts mehr zu tun. Das nur, um Putin zu provizieren…?! Wenn es so wäre, wäre es ziemlich dumm.

  • barry curtis

    You think people choose to be gay because they have been educated about it? Did you choose your sexuality?

  • Nina Mohr
  • douk noukem balls of steel

    … not

    you people are absolutely disingenuous

  • douk noukem balls of steel



    don’t forget to ban russian vodka! make sure to buy homosupportive american brand vodka! also but tee shirts to show how much russia is bad! BUY THEM ALL hahahaha BUY BUY BUY


  • Simon
  • jopiepi

    My parents have 3 kids, one homosexual two heterosexual – the same background so nature, not nurture.
    My brother new he was gay at a very young age (before he was 10), even though he grew up in an accepting environment he had a hard time coming out of the closet. He had stressrelated problems until he dared to confront his parents with his sexual preferences.
    Yeah, it is a very good idea to keep children uninformed,

  • Salix

    Freud was also a coke head, so ya, there’s that. Many of his theories are rejected by today’s psych professionals, so try to find more credible evidenciary support for your ridiculous ideologies. We should define “propaganda” by Russian terms, which probably means ANY information. Kids should be taught to accept each other despite their differences, LGBT or different cultures, etc. It isn’t a very complex notion. Children will identify however they identify, regardless of “influence”, the issue is once they identify, will they be met with cruelty and discrimination resulting in depression and possibly suicide/addiction issues (suicide stats among gay teenagers is very high), or acceptance and love DESPITE who they are. You don’t have to agree with someone’s lifestyle to ACCEPT them.

  • jopiepi

    If you keep them uninformed they will never understand. Nor will they be able to accept homosexuallity in themselves or others. Nice people are you rasing, I hope to avoid them.

  • Georgie Ontario

    Well, good if it’s an overt political statement. Aren’t Putin and his horrid minions engaging in politics when they make their country and the Games a statement about hating and vilifying and passing laws against the LGBT community, as well as beating up protestors and putting people in jail who would not be there in any sane, civilized democracy?

  • Anonymous

    Well, in that case the law should be modified, there is no reason to explain that for anybody older than 12yo, in my own opinion.

  • Anonymous

    let me know when you are a parent, and learn from experience what affects and what do not affect your child, I have to explain to him lots of things that he learned from friends, including being gay or that being a girl is better than being a boy, and talking with professionals, people with masters on children development and education as well as with psychologist, there are topic for each age, again I’m talking about young kids.

  • Anonymous

    It bans them asking for legal rights. OH THOSE LIBERALS AND THEIR FREE SPEECH

  • Aaron

    I think she meant to say “uniform is colourful but not rainbows”. Which she’d be right. The volunteer uniforms are in no way close to what these are.

  • Fredrik Åström

    That is not a rainbow transistion. Sorry. Red and yellow are together.

  • behonest

    Bravo Germany.

  • ajfhla

    You are wrong, i remember that i knew about sex before my 12th year, i even masturbate before my 10y. You cant teach children about understanding diferences and be confident with their decisions ( bing an artist, an astronaut, an economist, innovator with crazy but latter great ideas, gay, lesbian, vegan or anithing) if they do not confront with a lot of diferent people, diferent situations, diferent information in their life, education, life etc… Childrean are not stupid, they undertand. If u dont show them that is good to be diferent and to be loyal to their decisions ( being gay, white, black, vegan, skinny, skater, geek, or anything) they will not be succesful and happy in their life. They will not be brave to take their oun decisions and be diferent. U cant teach them without experience. And the experience become with knowing as many diferent people or situation as possible. And you need to be brave and diferent and ofcourse understand others if u want to be successful and happy. That is why people who travel the most are in average more successful in life and more happy.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone is different, I started to masturbate at 14, so, there is a need to find a medium point, and I agree with you about respecting differences, that’s very important, and I teach my son that kind of stuff, to respect different opinions and ways of life, however, my original post was about other people teaching your son about sexuality (propaganda/lectures aim at children), if so, they should talk with the parents about it, so the parents may be better prepare to talk about it with their sons, I am not against gay people being respected or their freedom to live their life with respect and equals rights.
    But, does that gives them the right to promote ideas among children with out parents approvals first? And, if they have tv campaigns or anything else in public media then we the parents have no voice there. Sexual education is the parents duty as well as teaching respect and diversity, third parties may help, but with the parents consent.

  • The Griffinator

    This is directed to all of you : Everyone on the internet wants everyone to listen to them, but no one is willing to listen to anyone else. What is everyone’s end game here?

  • Paul

    The choice you are talking about does that involve the police ignoring the gangs that are going around torturing homosexuals and uploading it to video websites, or are you talking about the choice to be beaten bloody by the state for protesting?

  • Anonymous

    If you didn’t think Russia was a joke before, the 2014 Olympics will prove it beyond doubt.

  • qpex is a dick

    and what about if a gay child is brought up without any education on homosexuality, and spends a few years thinking hes straight before he reises what was right for him, and because of that lack of education he was affected? the argument is for equal education, not to turn kids gay, douche

  • missgaucho

    Since the Republicans and Fox news are known for being so darn factual and credible.

    “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” Todd Akin

    “Tide goes in, tide goes out. You can’t explain that.” Bill O’Reilly

    “The problem with raising tax rates on the wealthiest Americans is that more than half of them are small business owners.” – John Boehner (multiple non partisan fact checking groups have proven this false)
    Yup! Republicans sure are a wealth of knowledge. Oh so trustworthy and believable….

  • Chizzlewyk

    “People do have a choice in most countries, at least I think they do in Russia. I personally know many homosexual couples who live there happily and have kids.”
    No you don’t.

  • Chizzlewyk

    “I have some acquaintances who though they were gay, bi, lesbians, etc, because of external influences (tv, friends, older siblings), then, when they grew up they realize they were heterosexuals”
    No you don’t.

  • Anonymous

    well, the funny thing is, I’ve been looking about what age does sexual desires awake, and I can not say anything about 6yo, or 4yo, actually, kids 5yo and younger does not understand gender differences yet, so, how can they say they are gay when they do not understand what a woman and a man are.
    I am not talking that it will turn them into gays, I never said that, I said it will confuse them, which later may result in identity crisis.

    And another funny thing is, you claim for respect, but you do not respect what other people may think on a very family issue as sexual education is.

  • missgaucho

    The reason the law is unfair is because a simple PSA about, let’s say, being accepting and supportive of kids raised by same sex couples or an ad offering counseling to teens confused about their sexuality could be labeled as “propaganda” and be banned. This limits freedom of speech among other things.
    No one is suggested that children be taught about gay sex or any other type of sex. No one is suggesting that we encourage kids to be either gay or straight. Simply that we make children aware that there are many kinds of people and families out there – this law prevents anyone from educating kids about anything but heteronormative relationships.
    The other reason this policy is dangerous is because there have been documented cases of homosexuals in Russia being attacked, beaten, threatened and otherwise violated all while the Russian police ignore it and a law like the one people are talking about only encourages this kind of violence and bigotry.

  • Anonymous

    Yes I do, my ex Girlfriend told me she had a girlfriend by the age of 21, now she is totally heterosexual, and a friend of mine too, and in both cases, their older brother is gay…. my sister bff, he was obsessed about being gay all the time during highschool, by the time he got into college he was over ir, and nobody pushed him to say that, he just realize that was not him really. Do you want their phone numbers or something?

  • missgaucho

    I think the problem is that you’re approaching explaining homosexuality to young children as a purely sex related discussion. It’s not. It’s as simple as saying – most of the time grown up men fall in love with women, women fall in love with men, but sometimes a man will fall in love with a man or a woman will fall in love with a woman and that’s different but it’s still okay because love is love. That’s why _______ has two mommies, they love each other like your Mom and I do and they love their kid just like we love you.

    There. Explains same sex relationships without shoving icky sex ideas into a kid’s head.

    If you only give kids a heteronormative example, it’s all they’re going to understand and they won’t be tolerant of same sex relationships or homosexuals because if it was okay, Mom and Dad would’ve taught me that as a kid. They didn’t though, so it must be weird or wrong.

  • God’s Truth

    Being gay is perfectly normal. Many gay people live in countries peacefully and nothing terrible has come of it. If God had something against it, it wouldn’t exist.

  • missgaucho

    No liberal I know has said it’s a “ban” on homosexuality, that’s actually an extrapolation I’ve only ever from conservatives. The issue with the policy is just that it’s clearly homophobic legislation and that the Russian authorities have been turning a blind eye to the violence against homosexuals in their country.

  • Anonymous

    I like your point, that way of explaining it to the children seems reasonable, and it should follow some level of explanation according to their age.
    But in my very personal opinion, I feel more comfortable if that talk come from my as a parent than from a third party, though a third party is very useful to help parents on how to explain it themself to their children.

  • Jasper

    What gives heterosexuals the right to normalized their relationships, but not give homosexuals the same right? A child can understand love at any age. I grew up in a household where we were taught anything LGBT is wrong and had nothing around us to contradict that. Do you know how hard that was as a transgender youth? Children under the age of 12 understand a lot more than you are giving them credit for. I knew I was a boy from the very beginning, not a girl like my parents wanted. And this fact drove a seven year old to attempt killing himself, because Mummy and Daddy told him he was a “she” and to stop being freaky.

    So yeah. Educating children is important. And guess what? The /law/ may be only against “propaganda” towards minors, but you’re forgetting about the concept of De Facto laws. You think Putin or his administration gives a shit about all the LGBT lives lost? No. They don’t.

  • Anonymous

    I’m against those kind of attacks, and hate against any one.
    Where I live things went the other way, gays have so many rights, that they can do stuff that a heterosexual couple would end in jail for doing it and they get away with it, if you say anything then you are called names, homophobic, oppressor, even racist and fascist which I don’t see why they say that.
    Anyway, my point is, I didn’t know that part of what’s going on in Russia, and the law should be reviewed to avoid that kind of problems and hate to any kind of social group.

  • Chelsa Simpson

    Trolling for equality is the best kind of trolling :)

  • JS

    Except for the part where rainbows aren’t even seen as a gay symbol in Russia…



  • Kimberly Casey

    When little Susan says, “Why are uncle Johnny and uncle Robert holding hands?” the answer is, “Because they love each other.” She will not find it confusing. She will only find it confusing if there is a conflicting message from other adults that says that two men couldn’t be in love and that would be wrong or sick or bad. (Incidentally, the age at which developmental psychologists think that children can reason is seven or eight, not twelve. This will be confusing not because the child can’t reason, but because it does not make sense and will be in conflict with her own observation.) But in any case, the topic is not nearly as complex as you seem to believe it is. If it is appropriate to tell a child that straight people fall in love and have relationships, it is equally appropriate to tell them about gay people falling in love and having relationships.

  • Rob Marx

    not rainbows, don’t see any red or purple….. come on folks, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar…

  • Anonymous

    I think this is the fault of Obamacare.

  • Anonymous

    What is the problem with experimenting with your sexuality and having an evolving view of it? Straight people do this all the time. Do you realize that in Russia, people are having their children put into the Russian orphanage system over these anti-gay “propaganda” laws? Talk about harming children…

  • Anonymous

    Rational thought and personality are not fully developed for most people until between 25 and 30, as they are functions of the frontal cortex, which is the last part of the brain to finish developing. When, exactly, do you propose that we begin sex ed, then? In universities? Graduate school? Here’s a thought: Most people already know their sexual orientation by then. In fact, most research on the subject shows that the majority of boys who will turn out to be gay or bisexual have already started to notice this fact by the time they’re 12, and the majority of girls who will be lesbian or bisexual already know this by the time that they’re 15.

    Moreover, you can’t NOT expose children to influenced opinions. If you choose not to expose them to the fact that homosexuality exists (devoid of any, “it’s okay,” or “it’s not okay,” just presenting that it exists), you are, in fact, presenting an influenced opinion, because things that don’t get talked about either don’t exist or they’re things that should be avoided. I notice we don’t usually teach our children about vampires, witches, and serial killers, for example, except on Halloween. This is because they either don’t exist or aren’t acceptable to most people, save on that one day a year when “frightening and terrible” is desirable.

    Your insistence that kids have to be a certain age in order to learn about homosexuality is also an influencing opinion, because putting an age limit on it makes it an, “adult topic.” So, unless you also think that kids should be blissfully unaware that they can actually have any kind of sexual orientation whatsoever–like, we shouldn’t let them meet their parents because they might wonder what it would be like to be a mommy or a daddy, or even what it would be like to get married and any thoughts that could possibly be associated with that, like having a crush–then you’re presenting a biased view. You’re saying that heterosexuality is normal, common, and acceptable for everyone, but that homosexuality is abnormal, uncommon, and only for adults—just like excessive violence in movies, or pornography. Contrary to popular opinion, kids are actually bright enough to pick that kind of thing up, especially when you give them 12 whole years to do it.

  • lol

    lololol qpex you’re trolling right? no one is this really this dumb.
    any gay people out there start.. grabbing the gun… because of the media?

  • Anonymous

    sexual preference sexual orientation

    Fixed. This is not like preferring one position over another, or liking redheads. This is an orientation – where you fit in in the love universe.

    By the way, the vast majority of new cases of HIV are among straight women. Time to be lesbians, I guess?

  • Anonymous

    The Russians put the Germans in there place in 1945. Every girl and woman in Berlin was raped by the Russian soldiers. There were no German men left…only gays and women.

  • Anonymous

    Even if the law is about not “promoting” (which is being read as allowing them to know about by the Russian government) homosexuality to children younger than 6, that still bans LGBT families from living openly, because kids notice things. “Mommy, why does Svetlana have two daddies?” will happen if Svetlana’s family is not hiding in the shadows, or Svetlana is not taken away and put in the horrific Russian orphanage system.

  • Anonymous

    Yet when they go to restaurants, they are allowed to observe alcohol being served. Hmm.

  • Anonymous

    The teaching of basic respect is what the Russian law outlaws! ::facepalm::

  • Anonymous

    In Russia, explaining being gay to your son is illegal.

  • Anonymous

    Do you think the Trevor Project and It Gets Better should be illegal? It is in Russia. Anything that involves LGBT people’s existence and could be seen by children is illegal. There are no, “Hey kids! Come to this lecture hall for free candy and a talk about how you should be gay!” lectures. That’s not a thing.

  • Anonymous

    The problem with that is that some parents are abusive. I knew a twelve-year-old who committed suicide because his parents were so horrible to him when he came out. People from the community should be able to step in in those situations.

  • Anonymous

    Everybody has an identity crisis anyway. It’s called adolescence and early adulthood. It’s called growing up.

  • Anonymous

    I’m thinking all these people are totally ok. What’s the problem? (It’s the other side of this argument, that information on sexual orientation should be repressed, that damages people, and even ruins some people’s lives.)

  • Anonymous

    What kind of rights are you talking about? Where do you live?

  • David

    Yes, I did in fact choose my sexuality. I could have been gay, I could still be gay, I choose not to. Not out of hate or fear or anything like that but because I chose the person I wanted to live my life with. Everyone screams that it’s not a choice, that you are born with it… I personally believe everyone is born and we all choose what we do with our lives. It’s all a choice.

  • Anonymous

    Had a look at your link. Not sure what your point is.

  • James Hamilton

    Diden’t figure Germany for a LGBT advocate!! Awesome!

  • Debbie Knapp

    so many societies are so focused on the sex topic, that they forget its all about love…love love love….a child should see from day one, a loving family, loving each other and loving their child…period

  • Debbie Knapp

    …..the make up of that family is irrelevant. 2 moms 2 dads..whatever.

  • Michael Black

    wow, alice. just wow.

  • Michael Black

    what about the heterosexual propaganda being shoved into your sons head in the form of disney movies/music videos/hollywood/i can’t even begin to list the others because they are so numerous. is that okay? doesn’t an alternate viewpoint deserve a chance?

  • James

    Russia to Germany: Scoreboard.

  • Michael Black

    what about american history? are you okay with violent ideologies being shoved into your child’s head?

    the example you are using about a straight person thinking they are gay and then turning straight is so rare its laughable…almost like you are exaggerating it for the sake of your argument.

    so your friend messed around with their own gender and it wasn’t for them. maybe if they had been educated about it in the first place so that they viewed it as a normal state of being instead of an act of rebellion, that wouldn’t have happened?

  • Pika

    Homosexuality isn’t just about sex, it’s also about love and, overall, it’s about identity. I believe that kids should be exposed to different sexual orientations because after all, it’s part of the human nature…

  • Stephanie Webster

    Wow, you managed to totally misread Freud and defeat your own argument in one post! Not that Freud’s interpretation is necessarily the correct one, anyway, but you say yourself “reaching its peak,” indicating that sexuality is present before 12. Children do have thoughts and questions about sex and act out on sexual urges much earlier than 12, and Freud pointed that out, arguing that the process of stifling our sexual urges during childhood and adolescence is what causes neurosis. But I digress: Nobody is suggesting that we talk about the mechanics of how a gay couple has sex with a six-year-old, just as nobody would talk about the mechanics of how a straight couple has sex with such a young child! We’re talking about letting kids know it’s OK to have two moms or two dads.

  • Andy James

    I bet the Ruskies did that to deflect the Rainbow themed clothing they had to know was coming.
    I am now officially a fan of the German Olympic team. Go Deutschland Go

  • Andy James

    Are you serious? They even arrested and charged a straight newspaper editor because he published an article about a father who was concerned about his gay son. “Because children might see it.”

  • Stephanie Webster

    And I find it interesting that homophobes always want to reduce sexuality to the sex act. It’s like they’re obsessed. Freud might have something to say about that…
    So if I (a woman) cuddle another woman with all of our clothes on, am I gay or straight? Is my behavior acceptable or unacceptable according to homophobes? What if I live with her, share my life with her, call her my wife, have children with her…but we never have sex? Being gay, straight, bi, trans, or queer is about more than who we have sex with, just as being a woman or a man is about more than what kind of plumbing we have. Educating children about the many varieties of happy families has zero to do with actual sex.

  • Petrina

    What about the kids who thought they could not possibly be gay because of the external influences of their Govt, society telling them that it was sick and wrong to be so who grew up to realize that they could not deny who they were, that they were in fact gay and then committed suicide because they could not handle the fact that they were so hated for who they were. Propaganda or knowledge cannot “make” anyone gay or straight. Your sexuality is inherent from birth, it is not a choice or something you decide. I truly hope you don’t have kids Selena!

  • petrina

    Sorry Selena- that was directed at qpex, I truly hoped she didn’t have kids and then reading more of her ignorant bullshit I found out that she does, poor things.

  • Seán Ó Séaghdha
  • Jess Jung

    I don’t think all rainbows necessarily symbolize lgbt impartiality. It’s just a color scheme. It’s cheerful

  • Handyjohn

    David – you sound like a 2 or 3 on the Kinsey scale. For you, you do get to choose what sex to be with, and it sounds like you met a woman you like and it’s sure a hell of a lot easier to live life in a heterosexual relationship than a gay one. Bully for you. For most people, it is not a choice.

  • Anonymous

    but WE know what it means!

  • Anonymous

    oh, bullshit. someone who “decides” they’re gay isn’t gay – they’re just passing. they’ll still have an autonomic response to the opposite gender even while they’re bludgeoning their consciousness into responding to the same sex.

    do some actual research that doesn’t involve Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, ffs.

  • Anonymous

    you are wrong.

    it is a totally normal and natural stage of sexual development to go through a period of homosexuality between the ages of approximately 10 and 14. for some, it’s brief – one same-sex kiss and “ew!”: it’s just wrong. for others, it lasts longer until they meet that one special person who makes it all fall into place.

    do some research before you go spouting off theories based on false observation.

  • Anonymous

    oh, gods forbid your son should get an actual education.

    make sure you protect him from the greek classics and the bible, while you’re at it. those ancient fuckers were up to all kinds of shit!

  • Anonymous

    hmmm… my older two are 28 (married 11 years) and 25, both hetero, and still don’t have a problem with homosexuality. i guess that means i stunted their emotional growth, hunh?

  • Anonymous

    if for no other reason than to teach them that other people can live and love as they please because it’s none of their business.

  • Anonymous

    bullshit. how can they make “informed decisions” if you with-hold vital information?

    but i guess according to your worldview, it’s a-okay to leave a child twisting in the wind, frightened and confused because nothing he or she is, says, or does is aligning with his or her friends, right:?

    and PLEASE stop pretending you know what you’re talking about!

    children are born with the id – the primal centre that requires instant gratification; the survival instinct.

    they develop the ego betw the ages of 3 and 7, the ability to delay gratification.

    they can certainly think rationally by the age of 7.

    you have confused rational thought with the superego, the ability to act for the greater good even if it requires self-sacrifice, which, if it develops at all (it doesn’t always, as you clearly demonstrate) doesn’t happen before approximately 12yrs of age.

  • Anonymous

    WHO is being egocentric? it’s okay for you to push your ideas and beliefs onto children but nobody else can?

  • Anonymous

    they won’t care about sex, hunh?

    you seriously think children don’t masturbate? REALLY!?

  • Anonymous

    Witch god?

  • Anonymous

    Say after me; Plausible deniability :-)

  • Anonymous

    Dude.. WE decide what it means.

    Let’s go for it.

  • freethinker

    Guys, arguing with qpex is like fighting with a pig in the mug… you end up all dirty and the pig’s having fun

  • Michael

    Yes… but no. By not passing a law against the wave of homophobic hatecrime that is going through Russia and instead passing a law that leans the other way (and to add to the insult is fucking meaningless because of the ‘children’ clause), Putin and his putas clearly and loudly let their opinion be known that gays are second class civilians (if even that) and that the violence against them is to be condoned.

  • Michael

    You put that better than I did…

  • Michael

    well observed

  • Michael

    I’d like to expand on what you say by adding that it’s probably a good thing to have your gay time during your development. More than 60% of the people around you do and so it’s likely that you do too. And those are statistics from a time when there was most certainly no ‘gay propaganda aimed at children’.
    That ‘propaganda’ should, in fact, be there. Though it shouldn’t be propaganda, of course, but education. And it should be given when those experiments take place. For most men this is between their 10th and 16th year. What they should be taught? That they have no reason to feel bad. That it doesn’t mean they’re either gay or straight.
    They (everyone!) ought to be taught it is fucking NORMAL because that is what it is!

  • tallcooldrinkinCanada

    Strange how they say it’s a statement despite the fact that they were created and made many months earlier, before the entire controversy came to light. Now it’s just a media machine making things up.

  • Meranda Dawn


  • darkoda

    I have been taking my 6 1/2 yr old son to pride parade and pride fair each year since he was 2.. He has not once turned around and said *oh i want to be gay because they are* he is well educated in both sides of natural born humanity. You can’t be turned gay by people, you are born that way, just sometimes fear alone makes people pretend they are not, sometimes for the rest of their life, I bet alot of russians would love to come out and tell everyone they are gay, but instead are forced into straight relationships due to propaganda and false education. So go get some wood, build a bridge and get over it.. grow up..

  • darkoda

    I have been taking my 6 1/2 yr old son to pride parade and pride fair each year since he was 2.. He has not once turned around and said *oh i want to be gay because they are* he is well educated in both sides of natural born humanity. You can’t be turned gay by people, you are born that way, just sometimes fear alone makes people pretend they are not, sometimes for the rest of their life, I bet alot of russians would love to come out and tell everyone they are gay, but instead are forced into straight relationships due to propaganda and false education. So go get some wood, build a bridge and get over it.. grow up.

  • Renato Vincenzo

    Seriously? Do you know what Putin means for “propaganda”? Everything. Because there is no way you can talk about anything without some children being around.

    And what about the youngsters who are homosexuals or bisexuals or transgender? I was 11 years old when I fell in love for the first time. And it was a boy.

    Do you know how hard is to grow up without any role model (here in Italy homophobia is deep rooted in society) and with the urge to control any single move, action, to be sure not to be outed and thus bullied or worse?

    Do you have any idea what it means to live in terror that maybe also the ones you trust the most can harm and hurt you? (I just remembered that 23 years old young man in St Petersburgh that came out with his best friend. They beat him to death and sodomized with a bottle of beer).

    And then there is the contradiction in Putin rules: what about the youngster that are daily beaten and humiliated by the local extremists? (you can see the video of the so called occupy pedophilia).

    And also where is the connection between LGBT rights and children? LGBT are not pedophiles. Pedophilia is something complete different, it’s based on rape and abuse of children.

    LGBT means people who feel and fall for same gender ones.

    Another point too: why doesn’t Putin (or the conservatives) put the same efforts they put on criminalizing or excluding LGBT forn civil rights and equal treatment into really chase and bring down the pedophiles networks?

    I think, for example, Italy. One of the more homophobic nations of the UE also a nation who is the first ranked exporter of pedophile tourists.

    And Russia as far as I know is well know for the high rate of abuses committed on children. Despite the homophobic rules that were issued by the Russian dictator.. .. beg your pardon President and former Prime Minister.

    Oh and just another little irrelevant fact: pedophilia involve females (as perpetrators) and little girls (as victims). And also whoever is involved in fighting (for real) pedophilia knows that abuses against children are committed usually by relatives (parents too) and people belonging to the first circle of intimates and trusted friends.

    But yes. You’re right. Avoiding gay people either to publicly talk about civil rights and equality or show their love will prevent children to be molested (unless they are homosexuals teenagers, they? No one will give a cent if they became subject of the violence of extremist).

    long life to Putin and his “non homophobic” laws that will protect children.

  • Anonymous

    Sheesh, gays are not forcing children to be gay, where on earth did you get that stupid idea from? When someone mentioned “it’s not a choice”, they meant that a person’s sexual identity is not something you choose like a pair of shoes, it’s what you’re born with. What Putin is doing is persecuting gay people. Even waving a rainbow flag in Russia will get you thrown in jail, as that is considered “propaganda”. Even talking about the EXISTENCE of gay people is considered “propaganda” in Russia. I suggest you read up on this before you embarrass yourself even more.

  • Anonymous

    Then it’s likely you are bi, not straight.

  • Anonymous

    Spot on.

  • Anonymous

    I completely disbelieve you and think you are making this up. People don’t purposefully CHOOSE to be gay in a society where they are persecuted. They don’t get “influenced” by external influences and then “discover” they were really straight all along. What hogwash! Being gay isn’t a “mistake”, it’s what they ARE. What is a mistake is thinking that there’s something wrong with being gay. It’s also freaking arrogant.

  • Anonymous

    That girlfriend is probably still “bi” . It’s now a phase, trust me.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    no, no, no, you are WRONG again. Sexual identity starts at about 5 of 6. By the time those kids are in their teens they’ve already discovered what they are. There’s no such thing as a “phase” in sexuality. You are what you are. There’s no definition in terms of “child” in that law, and you are flying under the assumption that there’s something WRONG with little kids being around gay people? WHY? They don’t indoctrinate your children into anything, they aren’t a threat. What the hell is wrong with you?
    You are wrong about EVERYTHING!

  • Anonymous

    Look this up on You Tube. I just watched a video the other day. Gay people are savagely beaten and humiliated on the streets. Often the attacks are filmed and posted online to shame the victim for being gay. The government does nothing. If a person goes to the police to file a report they are basically told well you are gay you deserve it. So how is that just anti-propaganda laws for children? Maybe we all need to look further into it. Here is a link to a video worth watching for some truth of how life is in Russia for gay men.


  • Anonymous

    Trust me, those little kids, “get it” a heck of a lot better than you ever will, they don’t have a problem with it.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe you are bi-sexual if you even think for a minute you could chose to be gay while being straight. I’m sorry I’m straight and I never made a choice. Though I do know I could not chose to be gay because I could not bring myself to be attracted to a woman that way let alone have sex with a woman like that. It’s not because I’m against that lifestyle, it’s just not who I am. I can’t imagine someone who is attracted to the same sex having to force themselves to be with someone they are not attracted to in that way.

  • Anonymous

    But yet here in the good old U. S. of A we promote teaching all elementary school kids about AIDS. Why do you think that is? I mean sex ed for first graders really? Okay so it’s not the whole shebang but they do teach young kids about AIDS. I get a consent form for my son every year and have since Kindergarten. So what’s the big deal teaching small kids about different types of people. I mean my children are white and the school teaches them about important black figures in history especially during the month of February, yet none of my kids ever thought or suggested to me that they think they might be black. So just because you learn about different people doesn’t mean you will become them. You either are or you are not.

  • Anonymous

    You are wrong. They have no problem with it because nobody has told them it’s a problem. Just like little kids will play with other little kids no matter how different they are. Children don’t see the divide like adults do.

  • Stu MacKenzie

    How times have changed! Not so long ago it was a big ‘in your face’ swastika that the Germans used to piss off the Russians. Now they’ve gone entriely the other direction. Well done Germany.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry I was in 2nd grade when I had my first “boyfriend” I was far from 12 before I knew I liked boys and not girls. It just happened. I am straight and could not force myself to be gay if I had to. What makes you think a gay person can force themselves to be straight? How is teaching kids that people are different an influenced opinion? Nobody is suggesting to teach the kids to be gay. They are saying to teach them tolerance and acceptance. Something most kids have anyways, well unless they are raised up by someone like you who obviously makes it loud and clear how wrong you think it is. Kids usually tend to follow their parents leads. I guess you can say I’m proud to have kids who are accepting of all walks of life. I teach my children to love and respect all people because I’m a Christian and that is the true Christian thing to do.

  • Anonymous

    First of all school’s teach sex ed to kids in 4th-9th grade. Yes the first year is about hormones and such. My son is in 5th grade and in the Spring sex ed will be taught again. He is 10 years old. And yes they teach children about sperm and eggs and how babies are made. They did when I was a kid as well. Hell I even remember the drawn outline image of how the penis went into the vagina and then the sperm was let out to meet the egg. Pretty graphic but it’s okay because they were straight.

    I have always been open with my kids on all topics. You don’t have to discuss the actual acts of sex to discuss the topic in an age appropriate manner. To tell at child that people love who they love and that’s okay does zero harm. If my child asked how do gay people have sex I would answer honestly, but not one of my kids has ever asked. Probably because they don’t care or it don’t matter really.

    Besides what can I say about gay sex that I cannot say about straight sex. Do straight couples not participate in the same kind of sex as gay couples? Yes they do, everyday. There is no way a gay couple can have sex in a way that a straight couple can’t. So what I should tell my kids certain sex acts are wrong or “bad” and distort their views? I guess we should teach our children missionary only and everything else is bad (no foreplay for you) because that’s what gay people do. How absurd is your argument.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry I again, I had my first “boyfriend” before I was 12. I knew I liked boys by 2nd grade. Nobody told me to like boys I just did. It had NOTHING to do with sex (because I didn’t know what sex is) but it did have everything to do with attraction. Though it may not kick in or be clear that there is an attraction to either sex before age 12 the gene is already in place. Your argument is so stupid. You are attracted to what you are attracted to and that’s just it. You can’t force yourself to find a man attractive. Attraction is instinctual. Everybody is born with it. Here is a fun fact for you, they actually recorded responses in a gay females brain under certain circumstances. What they found was that their brains were wired to respond in the way a man’s brain would, not like a woman’s brain would. The responses were not the type that could be altered, just true responses to certain stimuli. So are you telling me that simply telling a child gay people exist is enough to rewire their brains?

  • Anonymous

    I have four kids. I am a parent. I have a 3, 4, 10 and 17 year old. The two in the middle are boys. I have dealt with so many odd questions over the years, but it’s funny none of my kids ever really asked me about people being gay, probably because my kids had already been taught that people are different so to them anything outside the normal doesn’t raise some kind of red flag. It just is what it is. My oldest has plenty of gay friends (though she is straight) and I am proud to have raised a child that accepts people for who they are not what they are.

    It’s when something is strange or unusual do I get questions and I never got them before middle school. My 10 year old has yet to ask or talk about such things EVER. Now I get all kinds of stuff that he picked up at school but never “how do gay people have sex” not from either of the older two. I think you are being a little dramatic about what young kids talk/ask about. That or you really need to think about moving because if kids are talking about that in kindergarten there is something seriously wrong with what the kids in your area have been exposed to.

    So far my kids appear to be straight. My younger kids well not even on their radar, people are just people to them and God willing they always will be. I teach my kids it’s okay to love who you love and be who you are. Maybe that’s why my kids don’t see two men holding hands and freak the heck out. They just don’t notice it anymore than a straight couple doing the same.

  • Anonymous

    You don’t live in the United States do you? This is the first post were I realized it. It’s a whole different world I suppose because our children are taught sex education in the classroom. Though I do agree that parents should be open to follow up discussions.

    Both straight and gay characters appear on our TV’s and Movie screens. As a parent it is my job to decide what is appropriate, not the government or anyone else. If something shown is not what I want my kids to see they don’t watch it. That simple.

    However in Russia any mention of being gay or living gay is considered propaganda. Basically it’s stuff it in a closet and leave it there indefinitely. If you look at what happens to the gay community there you would see that the ideology is wrong and honestly; it’s a cover for hate crimes.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Then you neglected to watch the entire video and just looked at the photo on front. These people are attacked, humiliated and recorded (which the videos are put on the internet to shame the victim) just for being gay. Period. Most were just walking down the street minding their own business. Then when they try to make a complaint the cops tell them there is nothing they can do because the victim is gay. If you do not see something wrong with how these PEOPLE are being treated there is something very very wrong with you.

  • M.

    Hi Alcie. I think for a lot of people you´re comment felt slightly insensitive. Of course you´re right. We don´t want our children to be forced to be gay, as much as we don´t want our children to be forced to be straight. The reason why this law is viewed extremely homophobic is (among others): it bans all forms of public protest on matters of gay rights/equal rights, because guess what there are children outside. This includes all media and this includes the internet. The gay community is subject to a lot of abuse in Russia and they have been robbed of any opportunity to create public awareness on those problems. Obviously we all have very different believes and believe systems, but in my book that’s pretty darn homophobic. I hope this could help clear things up and explain some of the negative comments below.
    Yours M.

  • Anonymous

    I call bullshit. If you know multiple people that this happened to, you either hallucinated it or people are yanking your chain.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, there is another possibility. You might be hanging out with people who are now affected by “external influences” and you and they are buying into that religious crap that you can be cured of being gay. It’s not a disease or defect, so they can’t and they aren’t.

  • Anonymous

    …and U.S. citizens are banned from adopting Svetlana.

  • Nigel Anderson

    Considering they have changed there history books to remove anything that could put Russia in a bad light im not really surprised that Russia takes such a stance, I mean seriously they ignore the fact that Russia Invaded Poland, Ignore the fact that Russia Attacked Finland, so its no real surprise that they wish to brain wash and influence there children in other ways, its the children i feel sorry for, they are being programed at a young age to be bigots by nature.

  • Anonymous

    Alternatively, your “acquaintances” went through a completely normal period of experimentation before discovering their sexual identities.

    It has nothing to do with propaganda, humans have been doing this throughout history. It’s not about making a choice, it’s about working out what’s right for you.

    The only “propaganda” the people you speak of were suffering under was the kind that says that sexuality is a fixed point – that you’re either gay or straight and that’s the way you are forever. Sexuality is fluid, a moving target – for some the range is small (e.g. liking varying kinds of people of the opposite or same sex), for others it can cross the full spectrum (commonly referred to as bisexuality, even though it’s not a binary scale).

  • Anonymous

    There’s a big difference between “gay lectures” (whatever that’s supposed to mean) and encountering homosexuality as a normal part of everyday life.

    While we’re on the subject, religion should absolutely be taught in schools. It shouldn’t be taught as fact along science, but for a child to make an informed choice about their beliefs they should have access to all available information (note that by “religion”, I mean all of them – not just Christianity or Creationism).

    This idea that children shouldn’t be given information until “the proper age” is ridiculous. Chances are, by the time they’ve reached whatever you consider to be “proper”, they will have already made up their minds – and people making up their minds before they have all the facts is why we still have so much ignorance in the world.

    There is no “proper age” to learn about the real world around you – and coddling your children, hiding them away from reality, only damages them in the long-term.

  • pweigel

    yeah Russia doesn’t outlaw homosexuality, but when they are assaulted the cops don’t bother to pursue rights violations against them either


  • Shiva Murti

    Andy I live in Germany, Gay Marriage, no guns, national health care etc. people are happy, little crime, 70 million people- 85 murders last year (times are tough). You are safe, cared for

  • Shiva Murti

    Alice pedophiles are not gay or heterosexual, they are pedophiles. They are after chidren.

  • Alice

    I grew up aware of homosexual and trans people, having a close link within my family. I am straight, and always will be, but I’m very thankful that I grew up knowing the facts and the truth. Because that is what it is, a fact, truth, some people are born that way, just as much as some people are born black, or white, or asian, etc. I’m thankful because it shaped me into an open minded person, who truly values freedom and with that freedom of speech.

  • Alice

    I grew up aware of homosexual and trans people, having a close link within my family. I am straight, and always will be, but I’m very thankful that I grew up knowing the facts and the truth. Because that is what it is, a fact, truth, some people are born that way, just as much as some people are born black, or white, or asian, etc. I’m thankful because it shaped me into an open minded person, who truly values freedom and with that freedom of speech.

  • Alice S

    Just to confirm, this is not the same Alice, obviously.

  • Alice S

    Just to confirm, this is not the same Alice, obviously.

  • Donna A

    I don’t know the intent, any more than the rest of you but I will say that the second the German team came on screen I though they were most definitely making a statement.

  • Anonymous

    such bullshit. Just because you feel one way does not extrapolate to others.

  • Whitney

    I agree, no one should force kids to do ‘certain things’. If the intent is to keep them from being molested, I think a ban on church attendance and propaganda would be a wiser direction than banning knowledge of people of the same sex holding hands.

  • milk24

    Unprotected sex increases the chances of HIV and STDs, not homosexual relationships. Your comments are moronic.

    My mother is a lesbian. I am 30 and heterosexual. As a young teen getting curious with all my hormones zipping about, I wondered about both men and women. This is a natural part of growing up, for everyone to varying degrees. I was fortunate enough to able to be at ease with it (well, insofar as any teenager can be) because I knew that it was cool either way (or both ways!)

    Children need to learn that relationships are about love, respect and companionship and that this can happen with whoever they chose. This focus on sex as the primary aim of a relationship is what is damaging, not the fact that there is diversity in the forms that relationships can take.

  • Kris Steinbauer

    The rainbow colors have been around for thousands of years and used hundreds of thousands of times to be colorful and beautiful, only in the last decade or so has it been used to honor a sexual orientation. Do we, as a society, get to vote on this? Or has the rainbow just been stolen and now if you use it you MUST be expressing sexuality?

  • Barfscarf

    Fuck Russia.

  • Sherry1021

    “Finally, the sentence “Those uniforms are so gay” will be heard as a compliment.”

    I’ve seen this use of the phrase suggested before.


  • Humorcillet
  • Kharkhalash Musseveni

    You shouldn’t expect anything but a knee-jerk reaction from the borderline illiterate. You could instead link a deconstruction and analysis of the legislation in question (see here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sikatjxesjolzio/RussianLGBTLawWhitePaper.pdf )

    9/10 people are not going to read all the way through it, nor bother doing their own research on the matter even at a cursory level, rather they’ll simply dismiss it as pro-Russian, anti-Gay diatribe, but that’s on them. The sad thing is that with all this preaching of equality, tolerance and understanding, so many people are unwilling to tolerate or even try to understand things which are so much easier to blindly foam at the mouth over.

    You have to understand that the demonization of Russia as some sort of evil empire of tyrants is for some reason fundamental to Western culture’s very existence (or it’s just a deflection, because people don’t ask questions when the matter is presented as an affront to political correctness).

  • Kharkhalash Musseveni

    “How do you know the author hasn’t read them?”

    Because no rational human being would misrepresent the legislation in question to such a degree had they actually read it? It’s quite clear that you have not read it, either — though I am certain you’ll claim the opposite.

  • Anonymous

    really David? when did you look at a man and make the concious choice NOT to be attracted to him? When did you look at a man and start thinking, “damn he is HOT” but then decide, nah, I don’t think I want to think he is hot so I will stop doing so right now.

    I think you are confusing making the choice to have gay sex with having the biological desire to do so. having the desire is what makes one either homosexual, straight, bisexual, or any other sexuality out there.

  • Anonymous

    Alice, about 10% of the population is not heterosexual. About 10% of pedophiles are not heterosexual. See how that worked?

  • Anonymous

    You have so many flaws in your statement it is unbelievable.

    guns =/= sexuality.

    Kids are already being programed to think that they MUST be heterosexual, and told frequently that if they aren’t they are wrong. So a little information that no, homosexuality, bisexuality, etc. is just the way some people are, like having a widows peak or being ‘double jointed’ is NOT programming them to think they are gay, it is telling them it is okay if they are, and they should be okay with their school mates, friends, etc. if they are. So called “propaganda” is not about “turning” kids gay, it’s about teaching them to accept those who are and not to make such bigoted statements, admittedly through a place of ignorance, as what I have just read.

  • Anonymous

    actually heterosexual SENIORS are the fastest growing demographic for AIDS/ HIV

  • Anonymous

    If you wait until a child is 15 to tell them that sometimes men kiss men and it’s okay when they do, don’t look shocked when at 15 they decide that’s nasty and it’s okay to beat the hell out of that “different” person.

  • hello

    i didnt realise homosexuals had a monopoly on rainbows?

  • Manoa Summers

    All I have to reply to this post is this one simple video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJtjqLUHYoY

    Dear David, please spend aproximately 2.59 minutes of your life to get educated.

    Thank you.

  • HoleshotHunter

    I don’t care for gays, because they put so much effort into annoying regular people.
    If they flamed on their own time, that’s OK. I don’t care, but they seem to me to be annoying people at a distance for no real reason. I don’t want to have their sexuality pushed into my consciousness any more than I want to have that kind of treatment from any body else. These annoying clowns, missing only the oversize shoes.

  • SurroundedByFools

    Just to prove your idiotic point David, try being gay for a month.. I mean if you have no natural instinct towards heterosexuality, it should be an easy enough thing to achieve, right??… Do you people actually think these things through logically before you post?

  • MauiShadow

    Please think before you commit your thoughts to the internet. Gays ARE regular people! LGBT’s exist in every segment of society and every culture. Was Martin Luther King “annoying people for no real reason”? Putin is a brutal dictator that has criminalized a segment of the Russian population for being born a certain way. Most people would be ready to send in the troops if he criminalized an entire religion, and religion is a choice. It’s a sad statement that you find people who stand up to injustice “annoying”.

  • Anonymous

    It is such a disgrace seeing this beautiful natural phonemonen being symbol of perverts who propagate their sick lifestyle to normal people and when normal people reject that these sick divisions (lgbt and whatever that rubbish is called) reserve to silly protests like German sportsmen did. Not good German friends, not good.

  • Nita

    We don’t care for idiots like you either Kamoli.

  • ThinkB4USpeak

    If they are NOT colourful and NOT rainbows??? Then WHAT are they?

  • BJM1899

    you’re an imbecile Nita for not simply acknowledging the fact that Kamoli is stating, what is not only a common fact but, an honest opinion.
    Even my gay friends know it’s true that the rainbow was hijacked… and now little kids dressed in rainbows are commonly stereotyped for either being the son or daughter of a gay family… or bullied in grade school otherwise.

    I could care less about Kamoli’s homophobic opinion, but you are a blatant moron for replying to him as such.

    you offer nothing to the conversation, and are a waste of space on this thread.

  • Fuck You

    Fuck you. Fuck Russia. Leave them to be assholes so you can be an asshole in your own country. And for the love of God stop saying homophobic. No one is afraid of homosexuals, they’re not even afraid of the idea of it. They just don’t like it. Even if Russia was a democracy the Russian people would still vote against gay rights. Don’t you get it? It’s not like the people are going to change their laws by you making them hate you anymore. Why don’t you focus on the problems in your own country first? Once the Olympics are over 90% of you won’t even give a shit anymore you damn hypocrites. How many of you knew about the anti-gay laws before the Olympics?

  • Fuck You

    *hate you even more

  • Victor

    To all of you gay supporters… Please take the dildo out of your butt before putting your thoughts in black and white. A man is not someone who sticks a stick in their butt, but man is he who defends helpless, takes care of his family and protects his country. A woman is not someone who allows another woman to penetrate her but the one who gives life, nurtures and loves and supports her man. You wouldn’t be writing here today in this blog if it weren’t for your heterosexual (not homosexual) parents. You wouldn’t have been gives a chance to have life, if it wasn’t for man and woman. So please pull that butt plug out before posting more prideful and shamefull gay supporting comments.

  • Logic

    “A spokesperson for the German Olympic Sports Confederation told Die Tageszeitung that “the uniforms are not a protest,” and that the jackets were designed before the controversy over Russia’s anti-gay laws began.” *sigh* making a mountain out of a mole hill, you all are.

  • Anonymous

    honey, you’ve got flagged, because the f word is not an expression for you to be used, even in quotation marks.

    and sorry for your stupidity not to know that the pictured instrument (a bassoon for the illiterate) contains only one “g”.

  • Andrew Hughes

    @douknoukemballsofsteel:disqus This made comment made me internally shudder. Read the next 3 sentences very slowly and try your best to understand it.

    Russia‘s new law against teaching the concept of homosexuality to minors is a violation of the Russian citizens freedom of speech and vilifies homosexuality. While there are no laws banning homosexuality in Russia, there is a clear agenda being set out by Putin, the goal of which would be to eradicate homosexuality in Russia. That is wrong.

  • Peter

    If you dont like gay people. Blame straight people. They are the ones who keep having gay babies.

  • mgnetto

    BJM1899: You think you’re better than Nita with your made up homophobic stories of children being bullied and suggested “common fact(s)???” You present NO facts, but offer up what you are complaining about – insults. The rainbow hasn’t been hijacked you silly moron. The rainbow can mean lots of thing now and forever. Bugger off.

  • Matt

    Dammit Alice! Look what you’ve done! Got all these people roweled up your opinions and such. Try this on for size everyone. There is no “us” and “them”, there is only everyone, humanity. I was told by and Asian girl to branch out in my dating pool. That dating one race was too restrictive. I’m straight and gay people face the same stigmas as all of us. She was assuming because I’m white I only date white girls, which mind you I haven’t. Placing a label on me due to my race, now being white is arguably the only thing making my point here mute, at any rate though it’s the same thing minorities face. What I’m trying to say is that if we can’t work together to fix something that everyone feels so strongly about then how can we even call ourselves people. People work together to achieve great things and when we stigmatize one another we only create more problems. This is the classic “why can’t we all get along argument”, that I know no one is ever going to bother to read. I’m writing this to get it off my chest. Say what you will about Russia and Putin’s homophobia, but I could give two holy God Damns what that man thinks. There are enough problems in America that we have to fix first before we can go throwing stones at other countries and other dignitaries. Until we reach a point where our “government” is not shutting down over who’s bringing the pot luck potato salad next week, we have no room to talk.

  • Carol Myers-Dencer

    They also beat the crap out of them if they even try to protest their treatment…….

  • Carol Myers-Dencer

    And they beat the snot out of any adult that protests for human rights or displays their homosexuality. I’m pretty sure the author read the policies…Alcie, you need to grow up, you’re immaturity is glaring.

  • Carol Myers-Dencer

    Have you not been reading the papers and listening to the news? They are taking the children away from gay and lesbian couples and putting at least on of the parents in jail. You need to get your head out of your butt and see what is really going on and the “I personally know many homosexual couples who live there happily and have kids.” Doesn’t hold water

  • Carol Myers-Dencer

    Everyone at a certain age is attracted to someone of the same sex some act on it experimentally and some don’t, some younger teens think it’s neat to experiment or rebel against their parents…..but believe me if your are born gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender….you know it from a very early age. I knew my daughter might be transgender when she was 5 years old or at the very least a lesbian…….she came out at 12 and I told her I knew, but asked if she was lesbian or trans, she said not just lesbian. At 24 she came to me and told me that she was in fact transgender and she felt more male than female. It’s not a choice, it’s the way your were born.

  • Carol Myers-Dencer

    Then it’s up to you to educate your son with age appropriate and accurate information and keep an open mind so he can ask questions if he wants……

  • Nick Meinzer

    RIght…I forgot that FOX doesn’t show the news footage of gay activists being beaten down by Russian police…maybe you should change the channel once in a while Alcie….

  • Anonymous

    “I don’t want to have their sexuality pushed into my consciousness any
    more than I want to have that kind of treatment from any body else.”

    Then you have read and are commenting on a pro-gay article WHY, exactly?

  • HoleshotHunter

    I live in SF…for other reasons (Silicon Valley)…That puts me amongst gays everywhere and at anytime. If they are regular folks, I don’t even know that they are there. Jeans, a shirt (but not a pink one on a guy with electric green pants), shoes. sox, a hat or cap, a suit, whatever. They don’t really ty to stand out. When they stand out only slightly, they’re part of the local ‘show’. They, too are OK. Anything more than that, and they become an annoyance.
    Muslims do the exact same thing. Pray in private you intrusive, mis dressed, missed the reformation fanatics. If you want to be here, don’t act like you are from somewhere else. Respect OUR values, not the other way around. Otherwise why did you come here? Why must anyone force me to be aware of them?
    Thus I don’t have any ill will for gays, unless they’re naked. or otherwise annoying, in which case you push them away, not beat them up. They might like it.

    and as always
    Have nice day

  • Anonymous

    So your answer is, “Get off of my lawn”? Cogent.

  • HoleshotHunter

    Yes. Not ‘get out of my town’, just don’t push your way into my consciousness. Get married if you like.
    Gays should have the right to be miserable too.
    Do whatever you want, just don’t do it to me.
    I ask that of everyone, and I ask no more of anyone.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I feel the same way about the “Tea Party” BS; that doesn’t mean I run around commenting on pro-Tea Party articles just so I can say how much they should leave me, personally, the heck alone. Guess you’ll have to suffer like the rest of us, poor dear. *pats you consolingly*

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