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The Definitive List Of Who Athletes Are Voting For, So You Can Decide If You’ll Hate Them From Now On

Today is Election Day. Not sure if you heard. As such, it’s time to put your God-given rights as an American to good use and cast that ballot of yours. But be forewarned: while you’re standing in line to make your voice heard and help grease the wheels of our finely-tuned Democratic machine, you might just run into a professional athlete or two. (Yes, they vote as well.)

Some of your favorite ballplayers are particularly politically-minded, using their brand name and social media muscle to make their favored candidate widely known. And while it may not matter who LeBron James or Peyton Manning are going to vote for in the grand scheme of things — they’re paid to play with balls, not make domestic policy, after all — we all have to face facts: if you had 6.4 million Twitter followers, or starred in pretty much every other commercial on TV, you’d probably feel self-important enough to talk about things you had no business talking about as well.

So, for the sake of keeping track, we’ve rounded up a list of the most important/famous/politically outspoken athletes and their corresponding preference for who should run the free world. In case you’re still undecided* or are looking for more reasons to hate that athlete you probably already hate, here you go.

*Note: if you are undecided, don’t actually base your vote on any of this. Many of these people have concussions. Also, this thing is today, so make up your damn mind already.

Who America’s athletes are voting for:

Michael Vick: Barack Obama
Jack Nicklaus: Mitt Romney
Emmitt Smith: Barack Obama
Alex Rodriguez: Mitt Romney
Victor Cruz: Barack Obama
Luke Scott: Mitt Romney
Magic Johnson: Barack Obama
Bobby Orr: Mitt Romney
Carmelo Anthony: Barack Obama
Bart Starr: Mitt Romney
LeBron James: Barack Obama
Jay Cutler: Mitt Romney
Derek Jeter: Barack Obama
John Elway: Mitt Romney
Patrick Ewing: Barack Obama
Peyton Manning: Mitt Romney
Grant Hill: Barack Obama
Greg Anthony: Mitt Romney
Kyrie Irving: Barack Obama
Hulk Hogan: Mitt Romney
John Wall: Barack Obama
Todd Helton: Mitt Romney
Austin Rivers: Barack Obama
Nick Mangold: Mitt Romney
Harrison Barnes: Barack Obama
Mike Eruzione: Mitt Romney
Chris Kluwe: Barack Obama
Michael Jordan: Barack Obama
Arian Foster: Candy Crowley
Adam Jones (via commenter Tim): Barack Obama

And last, but definitely not least…

Tim Tebow: Mitt Romney

If you know of other athletes supporting Obama, Romney, or any other candidate, do let us know in the comments.

  • Tim

    (Oriole) Adam Jones = Barack Obama

  • JHop

    The racial divide demonstrated by this list is impeccable. With the exception of Greg Anthony; but he’s an idiot so he should be excluded from the data anyways.

  • Pebbles JaloveckasWeber

    Tom Waddle (former Chi Bears superstar) = Mitt Romney

  • jordan

    So black athletes Obama And White Athletes Romney

  • Anonymous

    With a short list like this anyone could easily make a “US Athletes” list to make it look any way they’d like. Dylan must have been bored. I know I sure am.

  • #Nolockout

    No Tim Thomas for Romney or are we assuming everyone knows that by now?

  • http://twitter.com/Hurriflames Tron Rodriguez

    Am i the only one who’s incredibly frightened by the fact that Romney actually has a chance to become President? How do so many people not see through what a self righteous pompous out of touch tool he is? He lies through his teeth and people eat it up like candy. It’s really sad.

  • http://twitter.com/Hurriflames Tron Rodriguez

    I just don’t think anyone cares. Tim Thomas can suck it

  • RomneyRyan2012

    How are you such an idiot? Obama is a socialist who is trying to turn America into the way his father envisioned it. That is why Romney should be president over Obama

  • Jim

    You said athletes…then included Hulk Hogan! ROTFLMAO!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.nimpson Matthew Nimpson

    Black athletes know where they came from and what it’s like to be poor

  • http://www.facebook.com/patrickgpe Patrick Goesch

    i know Charles Woodson endorsed Obama

  • Anonymous

    “black athletes know what’s it’s like to grow up poor”

    That’s kind of funny. Since Obama grew up neither poor or black.
    He was only made to make an issue out of his skin color by white liberals.

  • alex

    this is fake. tebow has openly said he supports obama

  • Filippo Goodman


  • TrollStomperBoots



    “So You Can Decide If You’ll Hate Them From Now On”

    I REALLY hope that was said as a joke.
    Though I suspect there’s a ton of Myth fans who will take that as good instruction.

  • Ricky Chino

    Socialist? Far from it. If you think he’s a socialist then I don’t think you’ve read a single piece of literature that describes what socialism is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/HeftyHD Rily Forrest McCall


  • rob

    give me a f u c k i n brake!!!! whites are poor too. blacks have been voting for democrats for 50 years and where has that gotten them? stop living in the 60′s brother. i see day in and day out black folks on the road driving 60 70 thousand dollar vehicles. they could buy 3 of my vehicles with that money. did the white man stop them from being successful? no. DETROIT(where i was raised), cleveland, memephis, st.louis, New orleans, milwaukee. thats what the democratic party has done for the black community. wake up

  • rob

    why is he an idiot? because he shares the same views and as i or other conservatives? i thought liberals were supposed to be tolerant, respect other peoples views because they are different. If anyone is racist its lefites/liberals. thats why they support things like affirmative action which tells blacks we will just give you the job because you are incapable of beating the evil white man for the job. you morons see everything through race, gender, class. the people who are supposed to be tolerant of other views and beliefs judge everyone thorough race, gender and class. You voting for the government to rob people of they’re earnings is not compassion brother. You writing a check to a family or a personal check to a charity is compassion. but you like most liberals would dare would you?

  • rob

    you should be frightened of the irs and the government throwing you in jail because you won’t buy health insurance.

  • Anonymous

    Blacks vote Democrat because they championed civil rights while Republicans embraced racism to win over white voters


  • Anonymous

    You seriously think that commenter was saying *only* black people know what it’s like to be poor (as opposed to a larger proportion of them), or are you intentionally setting up a straw man here? You *could* have simply pointed out that an individual/family being in poverty is becoming less identified with “race,” but instead you misrepresent his words, and go into a lovely rant based on a painfully obvious correlation/causation fallacy.

    By your own logic, rob, since most of the states that are net TAKERS of money from the federal government are red ones and most of the ones that are net GIVERS are blue ones, does that automatically mean Republican leadership at the state level sucks? (Personally, I’m sorely tempted to say yes, but I know there’s more to it than that.)

    Let’s get real here. When it comes to urban decay or poverty in general, systemic problems are at fault. Getting all up in arms because someone dared to connect poverty with race, and tossing out incendiary, fallacious, partisan nonsense arguments, does not help anybody.

  • http://twitter.com/IAmJasonMays Jason Mays

    Good lord… because I needed another reason to hope Vick’s legs get snapped by a linebacker.
    Good on Greg Anthony for seeing past race for what’s good for the country.

  • http://twitter.com/IAmJasonMays Jason Mays

    Auto bailout…. Solyndra…. ObamaCare… the list is long, dummy

  • http://twitter.com/IAmJasonMays Jason Mays

    Also Jay Cutler, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and Matt Hasselbeck… I’m sure Obama can count on the support of RG III and Donovan McNabb

  • http://twitter.com/IAmJasonMays Jason Mays

    U mad bro?

  • http://twitter.com/IAmJasonMays Jason Mays

    I wonder why

  • http://twitter.com/IAmJasonMays Jason Mays

    You’re kidding, right?

  • Anonymous

    Please. Truthfully speaking, president Obama is only somewhat less right of centre than your guys. Much of what he’s done in office was at some point suggested/supported by Republicans.

    If you live in a country with any sort of public services or social safety net, and you support any aspect of this (be it libraries, police, road maintenance, public parks, medicare/medicaid, unemployment insurance, or whatever), but think it’s an insult to call someone “socialist,” it’s quite a blinding display of ignorance.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. You know, there’s this thing called a sense of humour…

    (Incidentally you’re really hung up on race, aren’t you?)

  • GW

    Your facts are completely wrong. Nice try but try actually being accurate with your comments next time.

  • Mike

    Looked like Wes Welker was Romney by his tweet last night.

  • http://www.facebook.com/boyerj4 Jeff Boyer

    Auto bailout was Bush…. Nice work…

  • corri anderson

    Actually he is quite correct, most of the takers are red states. Poor white folks consistently vote against their interests, unless you consider denying LGBT equal rights and ending access to abortion their interests.

  • corri anderson

    Define socialist. Please.

  • corri anderson

    Solyndra was part of a program to promote and subsidize alternative energy. Over ninety percent of the companies the fed invested in have been successful. That’s higher than the percentage of companies that survived Bain Capital’s investment in them. Healthcare cannot be placed int he hands of the private sector, they put profits over people obviously. The auto bailout saved millions of jobs, and when all is said and done, the fed will make money off of that investment, as they have been repaid by the banks they rescued. Call it what you want, but your criticism is unwarranted.

  • Stu

    Better check your facts, Paolo. It was the Republicans that passed civil rights. Blacks vote democrat because democrats promise “free” stuff and because blacks vote based on race before issues.

  • corri anderson

    You need insurance to drive a car, no way around it. Why is mandated healthcare, something that is needed and way overdue, such a foreign concept for you?

  • corri anderson

    Your grammar is horrific dude, kinda waters down your point. And you have zero historical context, but then you are probably in your teens or twenties given you naivety,

  • Stu

    good come back, Filippo

  • corri anderson

    Gotta love Kluwe, do yourself a favor and read his letter concerning gay rights, very insightful and brilliantly written.

  • corri anderson

    Same reason he donated money to Sandy relief, he gives a shit about his fellow citizens, despite being in the %.

  • corri anderson

    You are ……. an uniformed voter.

  • Dylan Murphy

    So nice to see that everyone’s playing nice down here.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, so I’m supposedly wrong… just because you say so? lol…

    If you don’t want to face the truth on this one, then fine, just butt out. If you can, then tell me why you think so.

    accidentally posted this before I could add some links — will update with those, shortly…

  • Anonymous

    Thanks corri. Actually I’m female, but don’t worry, it’s not like you could tell from my user name. ^_^

  • Anonymous

    Oh, so “bribery” is the excuse for the Republicans’ alienation of non-white voters, these days? I see. So it couldn’t be all the voter suppression, Birtherism, repeated disgusting and uncalled-for denigration of the first African American president based on race (including the implication that being Muslim is “foreign” and somehow an insult), continued use of “Southern Strategy” (dog whistling), a large chunk of the party being rabidly anti-immigration, etc., etc.

    And of course, whites *never* vote based on race!

  • Please!

    Which side is pandering? Where I live, in a town that has an airport named after John Wayne and a statue of John Wayne in the local park, the Republicans (the whole population) vote on one issue and one issue only – their own wallets! They all ate up the 47% video. You can debate philosophy of governance all you want, but they have no interest – all they care about is their own bank accounts.


    Hope those na66ers are traded by their owners.

  • Truth Detector

    It’s all about entitlements

  • gj2001

    I hope those losers get some help getting over their grief.

  • NG

    You’re all idiots.

  • http://twitter.com/ItsMajorWilson Adam Luther

    as opposed to Bengal Adam Jones

  • SteveIndianOrchard

    whites vote white, blacks vote black …misleading little list – nice try.
    I’m white and I voted for Obama. …and I’m not poor.

  • SteveIndianOrchard

    whites vote white, blacks vote black …misleading little list – nice try.
    I’m white and I voted for Obama. …and I’m not poor.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Golden/503497645 Mark Golden

    you have no idea what your talking about, if thats the case then whites vote based on race as well…..Blacks normally vote democratic because they can better connect with that party’s views and policies ….republicans hardly ever come to black neighborhoods or direct any part of their campaign toward blacks. they have always just seeked the white vote and thats what they get everytime. @ paolo blacks use to be republican back then but the party changed…. the republican party is completely out of touch with America….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Golden/503497645 Mark Golden

    i always wonder where people get this b.s…..please share

  • montyross

    but yet a republican set them free.LOL

  • montyross

    blacks vote against themselves cause most abortions are committed by black females and abortion is championed by those that claim they are helping the blacks,

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.weeldreyer Paul Weeldreyer

    I love when idiots think that democrats championed civil rights. Learn your history. Every major civil rights activist, including Abe Lincoln and MLK JR. were Republicans.

  • Anonymous

    Not that it even makes sense to compare political parties across generations, but what about LBJ? Also, re: MLK Jr. being a Republican: http://www.politifact.com/tennessee/statements/2012/jan/23/charlotte-bergmann/another-republican-claims-martin-luther-king-jr-wa/

  • corri anderson

    My mistake. I am a male, although it’s not like you could tell from the way my parents spelled my name.

  • corri anderson

    Your argument lacks clarity.

  • corri anderson

    Who probably doesn’t vote.

  • bob

    I bet you don’t know what Southern Strategy is

  • Lea

    If you know anything about Lincoln, you’d know that had he been alive today, he would not be a Republican.

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