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Sports & Race

ComedyNFLSports & RaceVideo

Stephen Colbert Returns To The Air And Addresses That ‘Redskins’ Joke That Prompted #CancelColbert

As a rule, taking Colbert Report segments at face value is a bad idea. Watch him nail his so-called detractors.

ComedyControversy!NFLSports & RaceVideo

Stephen Colbert Nails The ‘Redskins’ Name Controversy And Richie Incognito Bullying Saga In The Same Segment

The Sport Report puts everything in perspective by showing how Fox News is reporting on the issues… A general rule to follow if your looking for moral clarity on any given controversy: Find what Tucker Carlson says about it and run in the opposite direction.

Controversy!NFLSports & RaceVideo

Bob Costas Goes All Bob Costas On ‘Redskins’ Name, Nails It

Love him or hate him, Bob Costas doesn’t shy away from challenging topics. Last night, we felt like he put the “Redskins” name controversy to bed with a succinct, accurate explanation as to why it’s got to go, and why teams like the “Indians” and “Braves” can stay.

Controversy!ESPNNFLSports & Race

Rick Reilly’s Father-In-Law Just Dropped The Hammer On His ‘Redskins’ Defense Article

Damn dude, if there’s a short list of people you don’t want to misquote about race, it’s got to have your father-in-law on it. Reilly done fucked up this time, you guys. Check out the open letter Bob Burns wrote to clear the air about his feelings on the acceptability of the “Redskins” name.

NFLSports & PoliticsSports & Race

GRIDIRON LOCK: Obama Makes Case For Washington Football Team Name Change

If you want to find resolution to an argument, don’t bring it to Washington D.C. — even if that’s where the debate originates.

Controversy!ESPNSports & Race

For Rick Reilly’s Eyes Only: NY Indian Tribe REALLY Offended By Redskins’ Name

Reilly’s whole basis for defending the use of the name “Redskins,” was that Native peoples are proud of it. Wrong.

ESPNNFLSports & PoliticsSports & Race

An Open Letter To Rick Reilly About His Recent Defense Of The ‘Redskins’ Title

Hey, it doesn’t matter if the practice of identifying people by the color of their skin is a divisive and backwards practice. Some people like it!

NFLSports & Race

Here’s The Face Of The Washington Redskins Franchise

rg3shirtSo this is a real shirt that you can buy in Ocean City, MD. One side is the face of a group that has been mistreated, denigrated, discriminated against and enslaved for centuries in America. The other side is even worse. Which is which?

MLBSports & Race

Guy Admits To Throwing A Banana At Adam Jones, But Non-Racist-ly

adam jones

You know when you get so mad you just need to throw something, anything, as hard as you can? Even if that thing is a banana, and the direction you’re facing just happens to be a Major League Baseball field?

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