Introducing The SportsGrid Koozie: The Perfect Free Swag We'll Be Giving Away All Summer

  • SportsGrid Staff

Chances are, if you’re a human, you like free stuff. Luckily for you, SportsGrid is getting into the free stuff business again, and we’re looking for customers.

We just got a shipment of beautiful, well-made, bright, bold and funny beer (or soda, or seltzer, or water) koozies that are perfect for the summer. They come in a variety of colors, and feature the now legendary SportsGrid logo (inspired by Lance Stephenson), among other things.

So how do you get your hands on one or several of these babies? No purchase necessary: We’ll be giving them out all summer and into the fall through a variety of contests, on all of our platforms — Twitter, Facebook, and on the site itself. Maybe it’ll be a quiz. Maybe it’ll be some trivia. Maybe it’ll be a meme contest, like the one we kicked off on Monday. Who knows what forms it’ll take? Well, we do, but you don’t, not yet.

If you’re a winner of one of our events, we’ll get in touch to send you the koozie(s), free of charge, no shipping and handling, any of that. We do this because we love our readers — even the ones who troll us — and want them to be happy, with cool drinks by their side all summer long. Most likely, we’ll tweet out prize opportunities, so make sure you follow us and tell your friends to do the same. That way, you can all have matching swag.

SportsGrid is nothing without its dedicated readership and engagement, and we are thankful for your eyeballs and fingertips. Good luck to all of you.