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Al Michaels

Olympic Sports

American Hero Al Michaels Made A Curling Bet On Air, But He Lost

Al Michaels usually hides his gambling references at least a little bit. Not here. He literally bet on air.


Al Michaels Freaked Out When He Thought He Lost His Pro Bowl Bet On A Meaningless Touchdown

Al Michaels lost his cool a bit when the Pro Bowl’s final play appeared to end with a meaningless touchdown that affected the point spread.


Al Michaels Jinxed Matt Schaub Into This Pick-Six By Talking About How Bad He Is

Matt Schaub

Al Michaels was discussing Matt Schaub’s pick-six record and then OH LOOK HE JUST BROKE IT. Video, after the jump.


Did Al Michaels Burp On Air During Sunday Night Football?

Short answer: maybe. Take a listen for yourself, after the jump.

Media MonsterNFL

Eminem Is A Huge Fan Of Al Michaels For Some Reason

You wouldn’t take Eminem to be a huge Al Michaels buff, because you don’t picture the guy who rapped about “horse’s heads, human sacrifices, cannibalism, candles and exorcism” (link NSFW, because it’s Eminem) to be an aficionado of NBC’s straightforward play-by-play man.

Media MonsterNFL

Howard Stern Offers A Rambling, Explicit, Largely Accurate Summary Of The Penn State Scandal

The horrors of the child rape allegations against former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky are such that just about everyone has weighed in. This isn’t a bad thing – everyone needs an outlet with a story this awful – and it leads to some strong takes from some sources you might not expect.

Media MonsterNFL

Al Michaels: If The Raiders-49ers Rivalry Ends Because Of A Few “Punks,” Then “The Terrorists Win” (Video)

This weekend’s Oakland Raiders game occurred largely without incident. There were a few arrests for people selling fake merchandise, and someone was jailed for trying to start a fight. But these are common occurrences at most football games.

Of course, the atmosphere wasn’t as mellow at Candlestick Park last week, when a series of fights and shootings (yes, fights and shootings) during a 49ers-Raiders game drew national attention to instances of fan barbarism. Because of the sheer lunacy of that day (in addition to two shootings, someone was beaten unconscious in a bathroom), some have questioned whether or not its worth it to continue having these two teams play each other in the preseason.

Media MonsterNFL

Announcer Of Snow-Postponed NFL Game Wishes He Called Game In Arizona (Video)

Tonight’s scheduled Vikings-Eagles game got pushed back to Tuesday due to blizzard concerns in Philadelphia. NFL Network’s Rich Eisen talked the postponing over with NBC’s Al Michaels…who wishes he could have called a different game in much warmer climes.


WATCH: Sunday Night Football Announcers Are Dirty, Dirty Gamblers

After the final play of last night’s 49ers-Vikings game, Sunday Night Football announcers Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth revealed to the world that they are gambling men.

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