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Allen Iverson


‘We Talkin Bout Practice’ Brought To You By A Super Cute Child


Basketblogger Steve McPherson spent his morning teaching his daughter the famous Allen Iverson rant. It was a morning well spent.


Frank Caliendo As Morgan Freeman As Allen Iverson: ‘Talkin’ Bout Practice, Man’

Because Caliendo’s “reading” of Iverson’s infamous rant was so damn funny, we’re offering hundreds of **FREE** SportsGrid beer koozies to anyone ballsy enough to record their own version, in any voice you deem appropriate/can do reasonably well.


Allen Iverson (And Joe Maddon?) Brought Back The ‘Practice?’ Joke In Separate, Entertaining Videos

Allen Iverson is trying to infiltrate pop culture again, and, completely unrelated, Joe Maddon is helping him.


The 6 Most Devastating Crossovers Of Allen Iverson’s Awesome Career

The #1 pick in the best draft class of all-time has finally hung up his zipper-shoes. Good night, sweet prince. The best crossovers he ever gave us, after the jump…


Gary Payton Got Drunk And Inspired Allen Iverson To Mock ‘Practice’ In His Infamous Press Conference

Gary Payton Allen IversonIt turns out the whole “PRACTICE?!?!?” thing wasn’t completely Allen Iverson’s fault. A drunk Gary Payton inspired him.

NCAA Basketball

As The Big East Tournament Begins Its Swan Song, Here’s A Look Back At Its Top 5 Moments

From 1980-2013, the Big East Tournament reigned as the single most exciting event in college sports. There were no obscure teams. No lopsided match ups. And no mention of anything North Carolina related for 5 days. The most physical, most competitive conference tournament in NCAA basketball will be missed. Good night, sweet prince…


Bet You Can’t Complete This Allen Iverson Crossword Puzzle

This crossword puzzle will make you feel like a genius. Will Shortz doesn’t hold a candle to Allen Iverson.


Allen Iverson Delivered The Game Ball For Game 6 Of The Celtics-Sixers Series, And It Was A Nice Moment

Holding the game ball and greeting executives, fans and players, Allen Iverson emerged from the tunnel to the raucous applause of the Philadelphia crowd waiting for their Sixers to win Game Six and send the Philly-Boston series back to Massachusetts for Game 7. It wasn’t quite touching, but definitely heartwarming – especially for a player as beloved and hated as Iverson.


10 Years Ago Today, Allen Iverson Talked About Practice

A lot has happened on the May 7ths of history. Germany surrendered in World War II. Johnny Unitas was born. But one May 7 event stands – nay, towers – above the rest. It happened one decade ago today. Watch it above.

NBATabloid Fodder

Allen Iverson’s Estranged Wife Wants List Of People He’s Had Sex With Since 2001

Allen Iverson’s estranged wife wants to know the name and phone number of every woman he’s had sex with since their 2001 wedding day. The request is a ludicrous one, and is likely a power play by Iverson’s soon-to-be-ex. But holy moly, we can only imagine the potential research (and amount of printer paper) that would go into such a legal document. More, after the jump.

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