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andy reid


Andy Reid Put His Butt In Philip Rivers’ Groin

Andy Reid Butt Philip RiversNot a whole lot of context needed here… just a GIF of Andy Reid sticking his large behind into Philip Rivers’ crotch.


Which Is Scarier: Peyton Manning On A Football Field, Or Andy Reid At A Buffet?

Andy Reid FatAndy Reid made a fat joke about himself, and it was wonderful. Video, after the jump.


Watch Ed Werder Make An Andy Reid Fat Joke, Then Trip Over His Words As He Admires His Own Handiwork

Ed’s real proud of himself for this one, folks. You can tell, because after he makes his little funny about the Chiefs’ new head coach, it takes him a few beats to get his bearings. The sheer thrill of making an Andy Reid fat joke — on SportsCenter, no less — is enough to make one of ESPN’s highest-profile football reporters briefly forget what the hell it was he was talking about in the first place.


Andy Reid Will Not Rest Until He Is Almost Coaching Every Team In Football

When Andy Reid got fired by the Eagles, everyone knew it wouldn’t be long before he had another head coaching job. But to get two jobs at once? That’s impressive.

FandomNFLWeird But True

Important: Now That Andy Reid’s Been Fired, The Guy With The “Fire Andy” Tattoo On His Butt Has Some Decisions To Make

Crossing Broad originally had this photo of a (clearly dedicated and possibly unhinged) Eagles fan who got “Fire Andy” tattooed on his butt. Photo — and some important, important questions — after the jump.


There Is A “95-Percent Chance” Andy Reid Will Be The Head Coach Of The Arizona Cardinals Next Season

After the onslaught of firings suffered by NFL coaches on the last day of 2012, at least one of the guys who got the axe is already showing signs of life early in 2013. It took about 36 hours, but just one day after his 14-year run at the helm of the Philadelphia Eagles came to an end, Andy Reid has all but secured the head coaching job for the Arizona Cardinals.


It’s Black Monday, So Here’s A Roundup Of Every Coach Who’s Been Fired

You knew it was coming. A substantial number of the coaches (and executives) involved doubtless knew it was coming, too. That’s right: it’s Black Monday, a.k.a. the day every head coach of every underperforming NFL team gets canned, in hopes that this next hire will be the one that strikes gold, the one who turns into that franchise’s Bill Belichick. That’s almost never what happens, of course, but still most of these teams could use a change. And change, for better or worse, they will get. Here’s which coaches are on the way out.

NFLWeird But True

The Eagles Have Released Another Person Not Named Andy Reid: Defensive End Jason Babin

Yesterday we promised to bring you every Philadelphia Eagles’ firing until the right man is shown the door (Andy Reid). Juan Castillo was the first to go, followed by two Eagles executives. Now it appears the Eagles have crossed into on-field personnel, firing/cutting defensive end Jason Babin.

NFLWeird But True

The Philadelphia Eagles Have Fired Another Person Not Named Andy Reid

We are tracking every Philadelphia Eagles firing until Andy Reid gets the axe. The latest is the Chief Marketing Officer, most obviously an Andy Reid fall guy.

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