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NCAA Basketball

How Much Would March Madness Suck If It Used The BCS Bowl System?

What’s worse than the BCS? The BCS, but used for college basketball. Check out the horror.

NCAA BasketballNCAA FootballSlideshow

Here’s What This Year’s Sweet Sixteen Would Look Like If They Played Football Instead Of Basketball

Let’s get something straight: As a nation, we cannot let Duke become a football powerhouse, as well. A reseeding of the 16 best football programs playing in this year’s NCAA Basketball Tournament, after the jump…

NCAA Football

So NCAA Football Needs A New Name For Its Championship Game…

It’s no secret that the NCAA is in the search of a new name to replace the Bowl Championship Series before their new playoff system is instituted in 2014. They’ve hinted at some possibilities, but no official name has been released yet. Since I’m really smart, I thought I’d offer some free suggestions for consideration.

NCAA Football

College Football Will Almost Certainly Have A Four-Team Playoff Starting In 2014

It’s been talked about for years, and now it’s set to become reality in some form: today, the BCS submitted proposals for a four-team college football playoff to begin in 2014.

Media MonsterNCAA Football

The Onion’s Take On The BCS Is The Best Thing We’ve Read Today

Maybe the BCS isn’t the biggest problem facing college football, but people sure do hate it. That’s why The Onion posted this delightful story earlier today. “Debate over who ‘deserves’ the national championship will never die, unlike these tiny 2-day-old kittens I am crushing in my fists.” Brilliant. Also…would that make the BCS any less popular? [The Onion]

Media MonsterNCAA Football

Alabama-LSU Gets Lowest BCS Title Game Ratings Ever

Last night’s stinker did terrible numbers for ESPN, according to USA Today: “[The game] drew a 13.8 overnight rating — the lowest rating in the BCS system’s 14-year history.” The reasons? Well, the teams are from sparsely-populated places, they play in the same conference, and their game earlier this year also stunk. Hopefully, this speeds up those phantom plans for a playoff system. [USA Today]

NCAA Football

Death To The BCS? High-Ranking Official Says College Football Playoffs Are On The Way

We’re taking this with a grain of salt, and you should too, because the college football powers-that-be have spent years trying to convince fans that what’s fun — a four or eight-team playoff system — isn’t good for the sport. Regardless, there is now a sliver of hope for those that want to see the BCS die a slow fast, painful death.

Media MonsterNCAA FootballSports & Politics

Changing The BCS Is Harder Than Winning The Presidency, Says Man Who Lost The Presidency

Arizona senator/former Republican presidential candidate John McCain stopped by Dan Patrick’s show earlier today, and while McCain was especially focused on advocating for HGH testing in the NFL, we were more interested in something he said before that.

NCAA Football

One Cause That Attracts Bipartisan Support: A College Football Playoff System

In the wake of TCU’s Rose Bowl win over Wisconsin and last night’s underwhelming BCS title game between Oregon and Auburn, the case of an anti-BCS political action committee in Washington got more robust.

NCAA Football

The Oregon Cheerleaders Also Got New Uniforms Last Night

The Oregon Ducks football team weren’t the only ones outfitted with special new uniforms for tonight’s national title game against Auburn: the Oregon cheerleaders also got new duds.

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