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This Is Why There’s A Preseason, Guys

For those of you keeping track at home: In the span of about 12 seconds, there were two turnovers by the Wizards and four missed field goals by the Bulls (three of them of the “blown lay-up” variety). Plus, Jimmy Butler traveled. Thank God this game didn’t count.


Tigers And Pirates Unable To Scare Pigeons Away, Require Bird Removal SWAT Team

pigeons comericaTwo birds landed on the field at Comerica Park during the Pirates-Tigers game yesterday and left Miguel Cabrera, Vance Worley, Russell Martin and the umpire completely unable to affect their lifestyle.


Your Official 2013-14 NBA Blooper Reel, Courtesy Of, Well, The NBA

After a grueling 82-game season, how does the NBA repay its players? A montage of them looking like complete buffoons. Thanks!

FootballTop 5Video

Humanity’s 6 Worst/Most Hilarious Punts Of All-Time

Football’s second-worst athletes prove why they only deserve one bar on their facemask. We’ve ranked the worst attempts at drop kicking (including the miserable Georgia Tech Music City Bowl fake punt from last night).


Baseline Cameraman’s Leg Falls Asleep At Pacers/Bulls Game, Tries To Walk It Off, Fails

Every time my leg falls asleep, I think two things.
1) I will never regain feeling, ever again.
2) Did anyone just see me try to walk?

WARNING: You will laugh after you watch this guy try to walk it off.


Pam Oliver Gets Hit In The Face By Errant Throw By Colts Back Up Chandler Harnish

Repoter Hit In Face With Football

They weren’t going to show the footage until she mentioned it at the end of her interview with Andrew Luck. But she did. Then Joe Buck was like, hey, gotta roll the tape now, babe. He did, however, mention that she was a former track star at Florida A&M, so I’m sure she’s not pissed. Joe Buck — you pat my back with one hand and punch me with the other. Slick, bro.


If You’ve Never Seen A Guy Get Knocked Over By A Flying Bat As He’s Trying To Field A Grounder, Join The Club

sogard fielding broken batEric Sogard thought he had this ground ball in the bag. It was as routine as routine gets for a shortstop — no bad hops, no torrential downpours of rain, no spaceships flying over the field to distract him — except for the whole “shard of bat flying directly at his knee caps” thing.


Top 5 Wackiest/Zaniest Moments From Bayern Munich’s 2-1 Champions League Victory Over The-Other-German-Team Borussia Dortmund

Go Furher? Wow, Ford, going with the Lenny Bruce “offend everybody” advertising approach, eh? More weird stuff from today’s all-German final after the jump. (Hint: balls may or may not be kicked)


OH MY GOD WE’RE GONNA DIE: Padres SS Everth Cabrera Flings Bat Into Own Dugout And Teammate Chris Denorfia Flips Out

Usually, they call the guy who bats behind you “protection.” Ya, protection for the guys in the dugout because he acts as a buffer zone for the errant baseball bats Everth Cabrera releases at his own teammates. Gifs of the event after the jump.


The Worst And Best Of DeAndre Jordan, In Two Videos

The Clippers had a good night last night. Like, really good. Like, “blowing out the Lakers 125-101, further pushing the Lakers’ season off a cliff and elevating the Clippers to West title contender status” good. So good, in fact, that they can look back and laugh off DeAndre Jordan recording one of the worst free throw attempts of this NBA season. And part of the reason for that is because aside from that, Jordan was pretty damn good.

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