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Bob Costas

Media Monster

Bob Costas: The Willis Reed Of Our Time

bob costasSo much determination on the part of Bob Costas, an institution of American Olympic coverage.

Media MonsterOlympic Sports

Red-Eyed, Vodka-Swilling Bob Costas Is A Winter Olympics Meme Machine

For the second Winter Olympics in a row, Bob Costas has become a big story for something completely unrelated to athletics.

Controversy!NFLSports & RaceVideo

Bob Costas Goes All Bob Costas On ‘Redskins’ Name, Nails It

Love him or hate him, Bob Costas doesn’t shy away from challenging topics. Last night, we felt like he put the “Redskins” name controversy to bed with a succinct, accurate explanation as to why it’s got to go, and why teams like the “Indians” and “Braves” can stay.

MLBThey Said What?Video

Bob Costas Needs To Get Laid

Either something is seriously bothering Bob Costas (i.e., a lack of sex) or his deadpan delivery did him a major disservice yesterday when recounting the Mets’ walk-off homer against the Cubs. Did you know that celebrating a walk-off when 14 games under .500 is a sign that Western civilization is on the decline? Let Bob Costas school you.

Media Monster

SportsGrid Asks The Big Questions: Who Was Better At Quoting Hip Hop Lyrics, Bob Costas, Or Bob Ley?

Last night on MLB Network, Bob Costas quoted Ludacris on the air. Aside from providing us with great enjoyment, it reminded us of another buttoned-down sports journalist named Bob who once quoted a popular rap artist on the air: Bob Ley. So who did it better? That’s what we try our hand at figuring out after the jump.


MUST WATCH: Bob Costas’ Touching Eulogy For Stan Musial

Baseball legend Stan Musial passed away last weekend at age 92. He was laid to rest Saturday. Sports announcer Bob Costas was asked to deliver a eulogy at the funeral. Deliver, he did.

Media MonsterNFLSports & PoliticsVideo

Bob Costas Talked Gun Control On Sunday Night Football, Controversy Ensued

Two days after it happened, just about everyone is stil trying to make sense of what Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher did on Saturday, shooting his girlfriend and then himself dead. Last night, during halftime of Cowboys-Eagles, Bob Costas tried to make sense of it himself. The reaction was… what is usually is when Bob Costas does this sort of thing. But should it have been?

2012 Summer OlympicsMedia MonsterVideo

Bob Costas (Bob Costas!) Rags On NBC’s Olympics Coverage

Many viewers were none too happy with NBC’s coverage of the Olympics, but it wasn’t just those watching at home who had their qualms. It was the guy they were watching, too. Watch Bob Costas explain to Conan O’Brien (like a boss) just how NBC screwed the pooch so badly, after the jump.

Media MonsterSports & Politics

Bob Costas Says Screw The IOC, I’m Having My Own Moment Of Silence For The Munich Massacre

Even though the IOC formally denied Isarel’s request to acknowledge the 40th anniversary of the Munich Massacre when the Olympics open this Friday, Bob Costas said he will. More after the jump.

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