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bobby valentine

They Said What?

Asshole Bobby Valentine Wants Randy Levine To Present A Photo Of A Yankee At A Sept. 11 Funeral

bobby valentineAll the goodwill that Valentine may have built up during his time with the Mets is disappearing fast. It’s not easy making the “Evil Empire” the good guy, but if anyone can do it, it’s a dickhead like Bobby.

Media MonsterMLBVideo

Bobby Valentine Joking About How Many Times He’s Been Fired Is… Kind Of Depressing

Yeah, I get the humor here. I appreciate (though can’t say we’re surprised by) Bobby V’s ability to laugh at himself, and I realize that his firing in Boston especially was not only a foregone conclusion but a downright necessity, given how 2012 worked out for the Sox. Still… well, the video’s after the jump. You decide.


Just A Reminder That Hugo Chavez Once Threw Out The First Pitch At Shea Stadium And Grew Up Dreaming Of Being A Pro Baseball Player

As much as anything else, I’m writing this so that all the time I spent yesterday reading Hugo Chavez obituaries and retrospectives in the wake of his death won’t look totally wasted, as far as job performance goes. But there’s also a legitimate sports angle to be had.

MLBWeird But True

Bobby Valentine Is Now The Athletic Director At Sacred Heart University, Which Makes Sense Because It Doesn’t

Since Bobby Valentine’s unceremonious demise in Boston, he’s been flittering around NBC Sports Radio. And while that gig might not have done justice to his otherwise diversified talent portfolio – bicycling, butt slapping, beat-boxing, directing traffic – it was something to pass the time. Until, apparently, this. No, no, jump first.


It’s Official: Bobby Valentine Has Been Fired

Surprise! Bobby Valentine has been axed by the Boston Red Sox. Details — and a very short timeline of his 162-game nightmare — after the jump.

MLBWeird But True

Bobby Valentine Crashes Bike While Reading Text In Apparent Attempt To Make The Red Sox’ Season Even More Ridiculous

You know not much has gone right for the Red Sox on the field this year. Well, they’re not – or at least their manager isn’t – getting a break off the field, either.


Among The Things Bobby Valentine Thinks: He Will Manage The Red Sox In 2013

It’s a rough economy, folks. That means job security is at a premium for plenty of hard working ‘Muhricans, not the least of whom is Bobby Valentine. The Red Sox skipper, by just about everyone’s estimations, had a disappointing first season in Boston, but there’s no universal consensus that he won’t be back in the Fenway home dugout next season. That’s because Bobby himself thinks he’ll be wearing BoSox fatigues again in 2013.

Media MonsterMLB

Bobby Valentine Had A Meltdown Live On Boston Sports Radio This Afternoon

Yep. Bobby Valentine’s starting to lose it.

It hasn’t been a good afternoon for the embattled Red Sox skipper. Earlier today, he appeared on Sports Illustrated’s cover — not in a good way — and just a few minutes ago, Bobby V had a weird and contentious interview with Glenn Ordway and Michael Holley on Boston’s WEEI. The breakdown of the breakdown, after the jump.


Alfredo Aceves Really Wasn’t Feeling A Butt Slap From Bobby Valentine

Alfredo Aceves and Dustin Pedroia exchanged a few heated words in the dugout following some miscommunications in the field during yesterday’s Red Sox game against the Oakland Athletics. Aceves repeatedly attempted to pick off an Oakland runner on second base, and by the third throw Pedroia barely even made it over to the bag to catch the pickoff attempt. After the inning, Aceves and Pedroia got in each other’s faces, with Bobby Valentine meandering over to pretend to interject.


Red Sox Ownership Held A Contentious Meeting Two Weeks Ago With Players Who Wanted Bobby Valentine Fired

Well folks, the situation in Boston has gone from bad to worse. The much publicized discontent in the Red Sox clubhouse with divisive manager Bobby Valentine hit a critical mass. A few weeks ago, Adrian Gonzalez led a call to arms and held a meeting with Sox ownership where he and his teammates asked for Valentine to be fired. Read about it after the jump.

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