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LFL Bench-Clearing Brawl Makes Us Think It Might Be Real After All

Throwing punches, swinging helmets, calling people “Pussy ass bitches”: Welcome to the LFL, where entertainment comes to die.

NFLPolice BlotterVideo

Cowboys Showing Interest In Bears’ Free Agent Henry Melton, Who Was Caught On Tape Biting A Bar Owner

The rebranding effort in Dallas is underway. In other news, Hannibal Lecter visited AT&T Stadium today to meet with Jerry Jones over some fava beans and a nice chianti. Ready for some surveillance footage of an insane bar fight involving a 300-pound defensive tackle biting through a man’s abdomen? Of course you are.

NCAA BasketballVideo

MUST WATCH BRAWL: NMSU Player Encites Epic Post-Game Brawl Amidst Utah Valley State Fans

As fans rushed the court to celebrate the win, NMSU guard K.C. Ross-Miller hucked a ball at a Utah Valley state player. In the ensuing chaos, fellow Aggie Junior D.K. Eldridge, threw a punch.


Cuban Baseball Game Turns Into Craziest Sports Brawl We’ve Ever Seen

Two wrongs don’t make a right, but they do make for an awesome bench clearing baseball brawl.


Russian Junior Hockey Team Loses Game, Then Loses Ensuing Brawl To Sweden

Serves ‘em right for taunting the American team. U-S-A! U-S-A! Full footage of the post-game fireworks inside…

NCAA FootballVideo

UPDATED: MILF Takes On Oklahoma Students Section With Jump From The Top Rope, Sweet Chin Music

Now from two angles! Watch her dance like a sassy lady who clearly isn’t intoxicated — while her sons gesture at the camera. The plot thickens.

FandomNCAA FootballVideo

Alabama Mom Who Frog-Splashed A Bunch Of Oklahoma Frat Boys Reveals ‘I Wasn’t Intoxicated’

Also says she’d do it again if she had the chance. Roll Tide?


FIGHTIN’ ROUND THE WORLD: Aussie Baseball League Brawl Feels Like Excellent Bar Fight

Classic brawl, vintage South Park. What else do you want?

NBAPolice BlotterVideo

Them’s Fightin’ Skinny Jeans: Larry Sanders Gets In Club Brawl, Throws Bottles

First rule of fight club: Don’t talk about fight club
Second rule of fight club: You have to be able to stand up to fight

FandomNCAA FootballVideo

Old Guy Kicks Punk Kid In The Face In ASU Student Section, Students Fight Back

When the aliens arrive and ask us to explain our civilization, this video will be used to demonstrate how our elderly defend themselves. A must watch brawl, after the jump…

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