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Cam Newton


Cam Newton Will Probably Be Fined For Acting Like A Giant, Supremely Athletic Child On Sunday

The Carolina Panthers defeated the Oakland Raiders 17-6 yesterday, but Cam Newton and his 18-29 for 170 yards 2 TDs (1 rush) and 1 INT were decidedly mediocre. Still his team won, in a season in which his team hasn’t won all that much, so there was some good to come by. But Cam Newton, known child, couldn’t quite control himself amidst all that winning.


“He Was A Total A–Hole”: Here Are Some Of The Dickish Things Cam Newton Reportedly Did At Last Season’s Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl isn’t fun to watch. We’ve been over why it isn’t fun to watch before, but a brief refresher for those just joining us: the Pro Bowl is boring because no one tries to hit each other. Quarterbacks, especially, are treated with kid gloves.

Media MonsterNFL

Rick Reilly Takes Unwarranted Shot At Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers Take Warranted Shot At Rick Reilly

Rick Reilly is the most hated man on the internet. This is a fact. After the Carolina Panthers defeated the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night, Reilly hoped to redeem his now less than stellar reputation with some real news scooping. Like, say, by taking a possibly unwarranted shot at Cam Newton.


What The Hell Happened Last Night: Cam Newton And The Bobcats Reverted To Last Season’s Form

On the one hand, last night in sports showcased the new: the Knicks and Nets squaring off as newly-minted New York City rivals. On the other hand it was a bit of a throwback, albeit to a very recent past: last season in the NBA and NFL, to be exact. This was thanks to a couple throwback performances: one great, one decidedly less than great. And we know you’re dying to hear what they are (since, we assume due to your reading this, you didn’t see them for yourself – tsk tsk), so let’s not keep you in suspense any longer.


Everybody Do The Safety Dance

Von Miller continued his streak of disrespecting quarterbacks with sassy post-sack celebrations when he channeled Men Without Hats during the Broncos’ 36-14 win yesterday. Miller and his defense recorded seven sacks on Newton, including this safety, and Denver’s quickly becoming the forgotten contender in the AFC. Also, this is very much the dance I did when I was six and beat the first level in Star Fox. [BSO]


Cam Newton Pouts Over Teammate’s Touchdown That Should Have Been His

Carolina Panthers star quarterback Cam Newton is as talented a player as he is a pouty, me-first baby. All of his skills were showcased on this play against the Chicago Bears.


Cam Newton Dances Like Nobody’s Watching/Panthers Are Winning

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has been under a little bit of fire early this season. In case you were wondering how Cam would respond to the criticism, you now have your answer: Newton rushed for a score today against Atlanta and busted out some cool dance moves.

Media MonsterNFL

My, But The Cam Newton Backlash In Charlotte Happened Quickly

Maybe it’s a minor deal in the long run – after all, this is one Charlotte Observer cartoon we’re going off here – but it’s something. The line between “franchise savior” and “SOFT SOFTY WHO CAN’T HANDLE ADVERSITY” is thin indeed.


The Carolina Panthers And Cam Newton Present: A Complete Guide To The Quarterback Option

The beauty of having a quarterback that can with the ball is the ability to call the one play most NFL can’t: the quarterback option. That being said, even if you can run the option, there’s no guarantee it will work. Enter Carolina’s Cam Newton to show us both sides of this coin.

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