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FantasyMedia Monster

Chad Johnson Has A Job: Talking Fantasy Sports For CBS

chad johnsonHe’s already doling out fantasy advice, and it’s about as helpful as all other fantasy advice (read: not very).

NCAA BasketballNot Sports RelatedVideo

Watch This: CBS Leads In To NCAA Tournament Games With Announcer Alan Kalter Getting A Colonoscopy?

This PSA addresses the topic of colonoscopies with a mixture of seriousness and levity. Such that, when anchor Alan Kalter tells the audience that he’s “having one right now” as he smiles into the camera, one is lead to believe that there is a doctor just out of frame with his finger in Kalter’s rectum. Hey, whatever gets the word out.

Media MonsterNFLTabloid Fodder

The Story Of Dan Marino, A Love Child, And Millions Of Dollars In Hush Money

Dan Marino has always been portrayed as a “squeaky-clean” guy. Apparently, that’s just because he bribed a woman to keep his unfaithfulness private. The messed up story, after the jump.

Media MonsterNFL

It Turns Out That You’re Lying When You Say You Didn’t Watch The Pro Bowl

Even though the NFL has considered scrapping the Pro Bowl, even though everyone claims to hate the Pro Bowl, even though the Pro Bowl is filled with replacement players, you still watched the Pro Bowl. Admit it. Maybe not the whole thing, but at the very least you snuck in a peek or two just to see J.J. Watt line up at wide receiver or some intra-fan brouhahas.

Media MonsterNCAA BasketballVideo

Kansas Helped By Lane Violation In Defeating Ohio State, CBS Blows Ending

Aaron Craft stepped to the free throw line after making his first free throw, trailing by 2. Intentional miss, right? Things got a little chaotic after that.

GolfVideoWeird But True

Phil Mickelson’s Ball Hits Tree, Ends Up In Man’s Shorts

People get hit with golf balls on the PGA Tour all the time, generally they get a signed ball or glove for their trouble and the golfer hopes the spectator isn’t injured. Today was just a little bit different at the Northern Trust Open at Riviera Country Club.


Tiger Woods Holes Out For Birdie…But Also Had 3 Straight Bogeys

Tiger Woods did not get off to a good start today with 3 straight bogeys punctuated by 2 missed par putts inside 4 feet, but this is the kind of shot that just might kickstart a Tiger run. Unfortunately, it didn’t.

Media MonsterNFLVideo

CBS NFL Halftime Show Blurs Out A.J. Hawk’s Middle Finger, Then Plays Unedited Kanye West Music

CBS was all out of sorts Sunday afternoon after going to great lengths to censor Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk’s middle finger — but then played an unedited cut of Kanye West’s song “Power.”


Marv Albert’s A Bit Confused About What Sport He’s Calling

Marv Albert is back in the football broadcast booth after years of being one of the best-known NBA announcers in television. That background betrayed him during Sunday’s Colts-Browns game on CBS.

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