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Chris Berman

Media MonsterNFL

Yes, Who Better Than Chris Berman To Introduce A Report On Bullying In The Workplace?

Or have we already forgotten about this awesome video from 2000?


Here’s Chris Berman Raving About Canadian Drugs And Smuggling Them Into The U.S. (Really)

Chris Berman CodeineChris Berman doing aspirin with codeine explains so much.


Tuesday Time Machine: Bears And 49ers Play The Windiest/Weirdest Game In NFL History

Old school ESPN makes me feel old. Then I look down at my hand, and it’s disappearing. We’ve got to stop Biff! Also, stop the Niners from drafting Alex Smith 23 picks ahead of Aaron Rodgers!

ESPNMedia Monster

Chris Berman’s Awful Graduation Speech Is Already Becoming Legendary

The King’s Speech, if George VI had taken no lessons and just decided to wing it.

Media MonsterNFL

Monday Night Countdown Accidentally Airs Deliciously Ironic Graphic, “Roethlisberger Drink And Drunk”

After Ben Roethlisberger called his offensive coordinator Todd Haley’s scheme a “dink and dunk” offense, you knew this typo was coming eventually, because, you know, Ben Roethlisberger. So who flubbed first? Your answer, ahead.

ESPNMedia MonsterSports & PoliticsVideo

Chris Berman’s Mitt Romney Interview Will Also Make You Glad The Campaign’s Over

Well, the presidential campaign’s over, and I’m happy about it. And nothing makes me realize just how happy I am more than seeing what the end of the campaign came to last night: interviews for both candidates with Chris effing Berman. After the jump, see him talk to Mitt Romney and hare in my joy that we’ve reached the end.

ESPNMedia MonsterSports & PoliticsVideo

Chris Berman’s Barack Obama Interview Will Make You Relieved The Campaign Is Over

This is (thankfully) the end. Today, the American people decide the Electoral College decides in line with state-by-state voting results who will be President of the United States over the next four years. Mainly, I’m just glad the campaign is over. And I think the video after the jump of Chris effing Berman talking to President Barack Obama will help explain why.

ESPNMedia MonsterSports & Politics

Barack Obama And Mitt Romney Will Be On Monday Night Football The Night Before The Election

According to a report from Sports Business Journal, both President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney have reached out to ESPN about appearing on the November 5th telecast of Monday Night Football, when the Philadelphia Eagles will visit the New Orleans Saints.


The 10 Best Twitter Reactions To Chris Berman Calling The Home Run Derby

It’s time to play “Who Can Think Of The Best Way To Voice Their Displeasure With Listening To Chris Berman Spout Chris Berman-isms During The Home Run Derby?” It’s an ancient rite of passage for Twitter users everywhere to rip on the ESPN legend, and this year some real beauties were cooked up. Check them out after the jump.

ESPNMedia MonsterNFL

Why Is Everybody So Upset That Chris Berman Will Call One Game On ESPN This Year?

Based on the reaction of Twitter users and writers on respected websites like Deadspin, you’d think that Chris Berman had been announced as your mother’s next boyfriend, rather than the play-by-play announcer of a single Monday Night Football game.

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