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Chris Paul And Blake Griffin’s New Sketch Show Looks Hilarious

Between BGCP3TV in HD and Mike Tyson Mysteries, Adultswim is really cornering the “weird sports fan” market. We’re in.


Mike Tyson Posts Screener Copy Of Mike Tyson Mysteries On Twitter

We’re not sure this is exactly how Adultswim planned on releasing the first episode of their newest series, but it also can’t be ruled out (because it’s Adultswim, after all). Also, it’s hilarious. Watch the complete first episode of season one, after the jump…


EXPLORING KAMAN SEASON ONE: 144 Minutes Of Footage Of Chris Kaman’s Insane Off-Season Quest For A Fish

Chris Kaman and his friends made a Wicked Tuna-style fishing webseries called “Exploring Kaman.” It is insane, and insanely entertaining (especially if you think it’s stupid). All six episodes, inside…


Key & Peele Take On The NFL’s Concussion Issue

Dude, you need to see a medical professional…


Dale Earnhardt Jr. Stars In Knight Rider Reboot, Except In This Version Kitt Is A Total Pain In The Ass

Annoying Kitt: “I have heat exhaustion because sooooomebody had to park at the top [of the parking garage].”

Dale Earnhardt Jr.: “I don’t park you, you park yourself, remember?”

Annoying Kitt: “God how do you put up with me?”


Colbert Addresses Sean Hannity’s Bizarre On-Air Belt Whipping Adrian Peterson Defense

“My father punched me in the face and I deserved it,” Hannity said while justifying punching children in the face. Colbert has a field day, inside…


FNTSY Asks Russell Peters: Who’s The Peyton Manning Of MMA?

Today, Russell Peters — who does not like sports, or whatever — tries to make a Peyton Manning analogy for MMA, and a Floyd Mayweather analogy for comedy.


Tim And Eric’s Bedtime Stories Depicts The Weirdest Sunday Football Viewing Party In Human History

Four large men, sitting in a man cave, ready to watch football, violently shaking their bellies in unison instead of clapping. This is exactly what you’d expect it to be. Also, kind of accurate.


What If Fantasy Football Drafts Involved Fantasies… Sexual Ones… About Footballs?

Just a couple guys, getting together for their fantasy draft, talking about their picks, buffalo wings, and how they’d untie the laces on a football with their teeth. Hilarious. Must watch.

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