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FIFA’s Approval To Have A Three-Minute Pause To Treat Concussions Is A Waste Of Time

FIFA was heavily criticized for not having a concussion protocol during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, but that may change moving forward. According to their website, FIFA will approve a new policy this week that will allow officials to take a three-minute pause so that an injured player can receive medical attention. The new protocol will be applied by UEFA starting on Sept. 30 in the Champions League.


Can The NFL’s Off-The-Field Violence Problem Be A Symptom Of Widespread PTSD?

Are football players naturally more violent or does something make them more violent. We discuss…


Eddie Lacy Wore An In-Game Concussion Monitor And Special Concussion-Proof Helmet… And He Got A Concussion

You might have watched the Packers-Seahawks opener last night and thought, “What’s with that hexagon on the crown of Eddie Lacy’s helmet? Well, it was a shock absorber on an innovative new helmet designed to prevent concussions. Guess it didn’t work, huh?


Dan Marino Joins Legion Of Former Players Suing The NFL Over Concussions

dan marino

Concussions hurt, which is why Dan Marino has joined the 5,000-plus former players and 300-plus related lawsuits against the NFL. He was one of 15 players named in a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia last week.


The Flyers’ Goalie Played While Concussed, And The NHL Or Flyers Better Do Something

This is 2014. Hockey, football, snooker — it doesn’t matter how macho the sport is — concussions are serious shit. We know about CTE and brain trauma and players’ lives being ruined. Hockey is not exempt. One game — even one playoff game — is not worth potentially life-altering consequences.

NFLSports & Politics

The NFL Would Consider Medical Marijuana For Treating Concussions

roger goodellSome research shows that weed could help heal the brain after traumatic injury. And Roger Goodell is paying attention.


Ignore Concussions, Says Hilarious Radio Caller Who Is Solving Terrorism By Banning Books And Requiring Kids To Play Football

NFL ConcussionsThis might be the greatest sports radio caller of all time. Beyond hilarious.

Controversy!ESPNNFLSports & BusinessVideo

In Case You Missed It, Here’s The Entire ‘League Of Denial’ NFL Concussion Documentary That Aired Last Night On PBS

Turned down by ESPN because it basically puts the NFL on par with the tobacco industry for covering up the harm their product does to it’s participants. You can make up your own mind, but we think it’s pretty damn compelling.


The PBS Brain Trauma Documentary Should Scare The S%&@ Out Of The NFL

NFL Concussions HelmetPBS’s football/brain trauma documentary is airing tomorrow, and it’s gonna scare Roger Goodell.


Scott Fujita’s Op-Ed Reveals The Great Internal Struggle For Today’s Football Players

scott fujitaScott Fujita played linebacker in the NFL for 11 years, and he still doesn’t know whether he’d let his hypothetical son play football.

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