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Craig Sager

Media Monster

Of Course Craig Sager Is Watching The NBA On TNT From His Hospital Room

He doesn’t look the same without one of his ridiculous suits, but this will have to do for now.


Say What You Will About Craig Sager, But He Can Finish On An 8-Foot Rim

Craig Sager is starting to feel more like a mannequin than a sideline reporter these days. But there was a time when he did real reporting and by that I mean celebrity slam dunk competitions in the 80s.


Craig Sager Gives A Tour Of His Terrible Wardrobe At Some Undisclosed Secret Closet Facility

Making fun of Craig Sager’s outfits is like making fun of LeBron’s receding hairline. We all know what’s so funny, so much so that we need not comment on it. But when Sager opened his doors to show cameras how the sausage is made, all prior ball-breaking protocol flies out the window.

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Craig Sager’s Horrible Sense Of Style Is Apparently Not A Bit

Craig Sager was spotted at a bar in Kansas City Friday night. That’s not news. What’s news is the startling realization that Sager’s wardrobe when he’s off the clock is not all that different than his on-the-air style.

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Craig Sager’s Wardrobe Finally Earns Kevin Garnett’s Approval

TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager wears horrible suits all the time. It’s his shtick. You might have seen him in this one, or this one, or this one. And few have been more outspoken about just how awful these outfits are than Kevin Garnett… until last night.

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Last Night Was Gregg Popovich’s Crowning Achievement In Interview Brevity

Gregg Popovich is well known for not being the most expansive when answering reporters’ questions, but last night he reached a level of non-answering that was mind-boggling even for him – and even the network whose questions he wouldn’t answer seemed to love it. See it after the jump.


Craig Sager Interviews Kendrick Perkins Jr., Who Dresses Like Russell Westbrook

Because Craig Sager is a serious journalist, he only does the choice athlete interviews – and few are better than this one with Kendrick Perkins’ son.

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Man Walks Up Behind Craig Sager As He Films Segment, Has No Idea What To Do

You’ve got it made. You lucked in to rooting for the best young team in the NBA when it moved to your area, and now your Thunder are among the favorites to win the NBA title. And what’s more, now you’ve got prime seats to a playoff game as the Thunder try to achieve that goal, and it’s a marquee opponent in the Lakers, and the Thunder are kicking ass, winning by 30 midway through the fourth quarter. What could be better? What could get in the way of such a perfect evening?

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Here’s What Metta World Peace Had To Say After Helping Oust The Nuggets

After a 7 game, 20 day layoff (also known as a suspension), Metta World Peace returned to the NBA floor last night. With such a long break, you had to wonder whether the Queensbridge native would able to keep up with his teammates and the Nuggets. But not only did World Peace play well — he was a difference maker in this one. Watch his post-game interview, after the jump.

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