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dallas cowboys

Controversy!NFLSports & RaceVideo

Bob Costas Goes All Bob Costas On ‘Redskins’ Name, Nails It

Love him or hate him, Bob Costas doesn’t shy away from challenging topics. Last night, we felt like he put the “Redskins” name controversy to bed with a succinct, accurate explanation as to why it’s got to go, and why teams like the “Indians” and “Braves” can stay.


Does Cowboys Stadium Use More Energy On Gameday Than Liberia?

The answer is yes. And no. Explanation, after the jump.


Dez Bryant Is Having Himself A Day In Kansas City

MM14HZp Dez Bryant lays out for unreal catch

They’ve finally found a way to get the ball to Dez Bryant: throw it three feet in front of him.

NFLWeird But True

Father Of The Year Candidate Spotted At Seahawks-Panthers Game

fuck dallas jersey

Now remember, son: Football isn’t about whether you win or lose. It’s not even about which teams are playing. It’s not even about the team you’d prefer to root for. It’s about how much I hate the Dallas Cowboys. Fuck Dallas.

NFLTop 5 Dead Or AliveVideo

Top 5, Dead Or Alive: The Worst Moments From Last Night’s Giants-Cowboys Game

eli manning

Here’s what you might have forgotten during the NFL season: Not every game is good. In fact, some are very, very bad. As the 2013 season began in earnest yesterday, we saw a few examples of how a combination of opening day nerves and general sloppiness can lead to dismal performances (Jets-Bucs and Steelers-Titans, for example). But the night cap between the Giants and Cowboys in Dallas topped — or, more suitably, bottomed — them all.

NFLPretty Much Screwed

Pretty Much Screwed: The 2013-2014 Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones Lane Kiffin

Welcome to “Pretty Much Screwed,” our definitive guide to the upcoming NFL season. This team-by-team preview details why your favorite franchise might have to start looking forward to next year — but highlights at least one reason for you to be hopeful. Today: our Matt Rudnitsky tells you why the Dallas Cowboys will continue to suck.


George Selvie’s Monster Sack Will Hold You Over For The Last Month Of The Offseason

Total. Domination. Here’s your solution to the severe lack of football in your life.

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