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Media MonsterNFL

You Almost Had Us With That Tim Tebow Analogy, Chris Kluwe…

chris kluwe olbermann…and then you tried to tell us that Tim Tebow was better than other backup quarterbacks in the league right now.

Police Blotter

Deadspin Knowingly Released Information That Got The Tony Dungy-USC Prankster Arrested

No one wins in a backstabbing contest. Except Deadspin. They always win because OOOH LOOK A GIF!

The New York Times Reveals What Deadspin’s Editor Timothy Burke Does For Fun: Make GIFs Like A Crazy Person

The biggest newspaper in the world just went to a prominent blogger’s house and called him a loser. Does he take the whole blogging thing too far? Should he leave his office for a second? Are GIFs really that important? We investigate…

Outdoors/AdventureSports & PoliticsVideo

UPDATE: NBC Sports Cancels The NRA’s ‘Under Wild Skies’ Hunting Show

World’s quickest way to get your TV show cancelled: Compare anything to “Hitler.”

NCAA FootballVideo

Deadspin Would Post Pages From Your Diary If They Got Their Hands On It

This Bo Pelini rant was today’s biggest sports news story because Deadspin had the courage to post it. Now the world knows that Bo Pelini says fuck a lot and complains about his job like the rest of us. Thank you, Deadspin. I don’t know how you manage to drive the bus and throw people under it, at the same time. Bravo.

Media MonsterNCAA Football

‘Shut Up Mark May, Only Perfect People Can Offer Criticism,’ By Deadspin

mark may pittsburgh

Mark May was a troublemaker in college. Does that make him unable to comment on anyone else who runs afoul of the law and/or the public?

Media MonsterNCAA FootballWeird But True

Manti Te’o’s Dead Girlfriend Never Existed, According To Deadspin

A little over an hour ago, Deadspin’s Tim Burke and Jack Dickey dropped a bombshell on the internet. Manti T’eo – near-Heisman winner and probable 1st round pick in April’s upcoming NFL Draft – does not have a dead girlfriend after all.

Media MonsterMLBTabloid FodderWeird But True

BREAKING: Derek Jeter NOT Missing Season Due To Sex Change, Despite What Facebook Hacker Would Have You Believe

Wait, so Derek Jeter ISN’T having a sex change? He’s NOT missing the remainder of the season? The Yankees’ Facebook page was just hacked? Oh. Had us going for a second there.

Media MonsterNFLSports & RaceVideo

NBC Confuses Its Black Quarterbacks

The producers on the Today Show ran some footage of Jerrod Johnson this morning. The only problem? They were talking to Mike Vick.

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