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DeAndre Jordan


DeAndre Jordan Crushes A Room Full Of Comedians With A Barkley Impression During Space Jam Read Through

When you hear it out of context, the story of Space Jam is even more ridiculous than you remember.


DeAndre Jordan Dressed As Captain Planet With Camel Toe Will Haunt Your Dreams

It’s September, so you know what that means: costume party time. Actually, NBA stars will be playing real games again (hooray!) on Halloween, so they need to get their costuming on early. DeAndre Jordan’s choice was… interesting.


Dear Almost Everybody: Stop Getting Your Minds Blown By Very Basic Things, Like Big Men Dunking On Or Swatting Little Men

LeBron James doing exactly what a 6’8” elite defender should do to a point guard attempting to finger roll it in his face? I haven’t seen people this amazed since DeAndre Jordan “killed” Brandon Knight.


Blake Griffin Is Basically Chris Paul

Chris Paul’s a free agent this summer. And while he’s probably going to stay right where he is, you never know until the contract is signed. As slim a chance as it may be that he leaves, you’d think even the remote possibility would have to worry the Clippers and their fans… except that Blake Griffin is CLEARLY CAPABLE OF REPLACING PAUL BY HIMSELF. (Note: not actually capable. Nice plays, though.) [Pro Basketball Talk]


The NBA Is Already Selling Brandon Knight’s Eroded Self-Confidence For $14.99

Brandon Knight isn’t technically dead – he’s still waddling around on Twitter with self-deprecating brush-off jokes – but his self-confidence is most certainly deceased. Sure, he’ll continue playing basketball and scoring points and playing neither shooting guard nor point guard, but he’ll never play defense in the paint again. And now, naturally, the NBA is profiting from his demise.


The Clippers Keep Topping Themselves At Dunking Basketballs

The Clippers steamrolled another overmatched opponent last night, easily vanquishing the Pistons 129-97. While of course the Pistons, at 23-42, aren’t a good team, the won served as a reminder of just how good the Clippers can be when they have all their pieces working… and just how freakish they can be athletically.


The Worst And Best Of DeAndre Jordan, In Two Videos

The Clippers had a good night last night. Like, really good. Like, “blowing out the Lakers 125-101, further pushing the Lakers’ season off a cliff and elevating the Clippers to West title contender status” good. So good, in fact, that they can look back and laugh off DeAndre Jordan recording one of the worst free throw attempts of this NBA season. And part of the reason for that is because aside from that, Jordan was pretty damn good.


Watch As The Clippers Put On A Dunking Display Ridiculous Even For The Clippers

You know what to expect from Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, so they don’t usually surprise you. Last night, they surprised us. Jordan, especially. It was Highlight City for Lob City. Videos, after the jump.

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