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dirk nowitzki

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LeBron James And Other NBA Stars Lead The Charge In Campaign To Reduce Season

The NBA is already without Paul George, Rajon Rondo and Kevin Durant to start the season due to injuries. What about LeBron? How long before he burns out? Based on his minutes, he’s played an extra season over the last 3 1/2 years. It’s time to reduce the games, not the minutes, Adam Silver.


This Steve Nash And Dirk Nowitzki Dinner Date Is Filled With Nostalgia, Regret (VIDEO)

nash nowitzkiWhat might have been if Steve Nash had stayed in Dallas? That’s what he wants to know.


The Dallas Mavericks’ ‘Anchorman’ Homage Will Make You Laugh Many Ha-Ha Noises

Strange, but this short video meant to pump up the American Airlines Center is funnier in almost every way than the actual “Anchorman” sequel.


Ylvis Remastered: What Do The Mavs Say? (Starring The Dallas Mavericks)

More like what would your Dad say if he saw this video…probably something like “Grow up, Vince.” Screw you Dad! Mavericks just wanna have fun! Watch the entire team embarrass themselves after the jump.


Mission Impossible-ish: Trading For Rondo While Maintaining The Cap Room To Sign Dwight Howard

The Celtics want to dump salary, and so do the Mavs. They both want Rondo and Howard. What the hell is going on, and why does literally everyone on the internet think this is a done deal?


Dirk Nowitzki’s Offseason Flopping Training Is Off To A Strong Start In Germany

dirk nowitzki flopDirk Nowitzki is commited to setting the record for flopping fines next season.


The Dallas Mavericks Are Bringing “Omar The Barber” To Their Next Game In Anticipation Of Reaching .500

You might have noticed that some Dallas Mavericks have been growing out their beards this season – not until they climbed back to .500 would they shave, was the plan. Well now they’re one game away, and they’re bringing a barber to their next game against Indiana.

Media MonsterNASCARNBA

What Happened Last Night: Danica Patrick Finished 8th At The Daytona 500, Lakers Edge Out The Mavericks

So, as you might’ve heard, our friends at RotoExperts and your trusty SportsGrid folk are combining forces. Okay, so this might not have happened last night, per se, but we figured we should probably tell some people.


What Happened Last Night: LaMarcus Aldridge Is Clutch, The Lakers Keep Winning

There were sports on TV last night. There are sports on TV most nights. Every night, in fact, except that one weird day during the summer over the All-Star Break when there’s no baseball. So, in case you were out being a person, we’ll let you know what happened.


Watch Dirk Nowitzki Play One-On-One With A Kid At The Hospital

Dirk Nowitzki, as you might imagine, is virtually unstoppable in mini-hoop basketball. The Mavericks superstar has length for days, a smooth stroke, and his plodding stride isn’t a negative in such a small court. So when Dirk visited the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, he was a huge mismatch on paper for little dude Will Kolassa. But Will could play, too, and the two produced this entertaining battle.

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