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Animal shenanigansExtreme SportsVideo

We’re Not Sure What To Make Of This Dog Wingsuit BASE Jump Video

Um, sir — you do realize that this dog can’t actually say no to being put in a backpack and hurled off a cliff, right?

Animal shenanigansVideo

Dogs Don’t Understand Bowling Alleys, Though They Are Very Curious About Foot Faults

Messing with pets is about as American as bring your dog to the bowling alley and filming it freaking out when it discovers the foot fault laser.

Animal shenanigansBaseballVideo

Pit Bull Runs On Field, Steals Glove, Sucks At Playing With Humans

Guys, this is why leashes exist. It’s also why gloves exist, seeing as this scary-looking dog could have easily ripped someone’s hand off. Thanks, Rawlings!

Animal shenanigansNBANHLVideo

The Real Life Air Bud Is Only Good At Watching Hockey, Which Is Fine Because Someone Needs To…

That’s a joke. People love hockey — especially this year, when all the big markets stopped watching basketball in December. See what we’re talking about, inside…

Animal shenanigansVideo

TODAY’S REASON TO LOVE THE INTERNET: Chihuahua Who Literally Runs The Table

You’ve heard of pool sharks — now meet pool dogs. They’re cuter, less aggressive, and last way longer when you throw them up on a pool table in front of your friends.


Here’s A Dog Scoring A Goal On A Header

Here’s a dog scoring a soccer goal on a header.


Meet This Skateboarding, Parkour-ing Dog. His Name Is ‘Jumpy’

Choke on Jumpy’s tail hairs, Air Bud.


Puppy Nearly Gets Trampled By A Thousand Cyclists At Today’s Tour de France (VIDEO)

cycling dogThe Tour de France should just go ahead and be renamed Crash de Dogs because they are constantly running over dogs with their bikes. Wanna see? (You’re a sick dude, ya know that?)

Media Monster

The Iditarod Is Over, Which Means It’s As Good A Time As Any For A Bunch Of Photos Of Sled Dogs

The 2013 edition of the Iditarod is over, and the race crowned its oldest champion, with 53-year-old Mitch Seavey and his racing team besting the field. A big moment for Seavey, of course – but what we’re really interested in are the sled dogs.

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