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Donald Trump


Donald Trump Thinks The NFL Is Soft, Invokes How Much Tougher It Was When He Played On Mike & Mike

How a billionaire can sound so much like every other opinionated asshole who calls into sports talk radio we’ll never know. Listen to him complain about the NFL right after he explains how much BiLLiOnZ uh dollarz he has, after the jump…

GolfSports & Politics

Trump National Golf Club Turned Away President Obama On Labor Day Weekend

Was Donald Trump exacting revenge on a political adversary? Probably not — we doubt he even knew about it. See the likely reason following the jump.

NFLTabloid Fodder

Donald Trump Doesn’t Proofread His Tweets, Just Ask Bob Belichick

Donald Trump is just one billionaire trying to wish another billionaire good luck. He just doesn’t fact check his tweets — at least not before Monday Night Countdown picks it up.

Media MonsterNBASports & PoliticsVideo

Mark Cuban Offers To Donate $1 Million To Charity If Donald Trump Shaves Head

I love Mark Cuban, and not just because I’m a Dallas Mavericks fan. No, I love him because he’s just a regular guy. And like a regular guy, he has done what so many of us would do if we could afford to basically throw away millions of dollars: he has offered Donald Trump $1 million to shave his head.

MLBThey Said What?

Donald Trump Would Terminate Alex Rodriguez’s Contract If He Could

Donald Trump has a lot of experience in firing people, but unfortunately for him, he has no jurisdiction over the fate of workers he doesn’t employ. That’s a relief for Alex Rodriguez, who The Don said would have been sacked for his paltry postseason performance if it were up to him. SORRY DON, CAN’T FIRE ‘EM ALL!

MLBThey Said What?

Derek Jeter Broke His Ankle Because Of Donald Trump Karma

You probably didn’t think Donald Trump could work himself into the Derek Jeter broken ankle conversation. You probably didn’t think Donald Trump could blame Derek Jeter’s injury on Derek Jeter. You probably didn’t think Donald Trump was the all-powerful karma master. He has done or is all these things.


Bill O’Reilly And Donald Trump Do The Wave, Kind Of

It’s only been around since the 1970s at the earliest, but that’s been long enough for the wave to become an object of ridicule. Among those non-fans: Bill O’Reilly, apparently. Donald Trump, on the other hand…

Media MonsterNASCARSports & Politics

Indy 500 Fans Want To Dump Donald Trump, In Part Because Of “The Birther Stuff”

Race car fans and politicians want to force Donald Trump out of driving the pace car in the centennial Indy 500 later this month because of his support for the birther movement.

Media MonsterSports & Politics

President Obama Came Out To Hulk Hogan’s “Real American” Music Before Destroying Donald Trump

President Barack Obama skewered quite a few people at last night’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, but no one got it worse than Donald Trump.

Media MonsterMLBNBANFLSoccer

The 10 Craziest Owners In Sports History

Our newest sister site, Mogulite, launched today. You should check it out. And in our corner of the internet, we’re honoring our new colleagues by looking at some of the eccentric business figures (i.e., owners) in sports through the years.

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