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dunk contest

NCAA Basketball

The College Slam Dunk Contest Was INSANE And 100x Better Than The NBA’s (VIDEOS)

The College Slam Dunk Contest was NUTS. Watch the highlights, RIGHT NOW.


Sex.com Has Offered Kobe Bryant $5 Million To Participate In The Dunk Contest, No Sexual Strings Attached

Sex.com cares about sex things; they call themselves “a virtual pinboard for porn.” Also, their URL is sex.com. But they’re also up on the latest trending sports topics. And the NBA dunk contest is a trending sports topic.

Media MonsterNBA

Michael Wilbon Took A Shot At Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski On PTI Over Magic Johnson’s $1 Million Dunk Contest Bribe

During a discussion of LeBron James and the NBA dunk contest on today’s episode of Pardon The Interruption, host Michael Wilbon took at shot at Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski. We suspect it had something to do with this article on the topic, in which Woj belittled Wilbon’s friend, Magic Johnson, by calling him an “ESPN analyst” and censuring his ’80s and ’90s marketing tactics:


LeBron’s Message For All You Dunk Contest Haters

Have you wondered how it might go if a stranger went up to LeBron out of the blue and criticized him for never participating in the dunk contest, as everyone seems to have taken an interest in doing lately? We did… but only after some help from LeBron’s most recent work.

NBAThey Said What?

It’s Your Fault LeBron James Might Not Dunk Before Games Anymore

LeBron James’ pre-game dunkfest has become a sensationalized thing. But it’s more of a tease than anything else, flirting with what could but won’t be. The dunk contest, at this point, is the only thing LeBron James holds over us. He’s universally recognized as the league’s best player and he’s won a championship. There’s not much left for him to do, other than pile on more of the same for a number of years going forward. But after last night’s Miami-Sacramento game, he threatened to cast aside this glimpse on a whim. But why?


Jeremy Evans Dunked Over A Painting Of Himself Dunking Over A Painting (Presumably Of Himself Dunking Over A Painting, Etc.)

OK, yeah, most of the dunk contest was pretty lame (Terrence Ross won it, for the record), but this was a clever bit, as far as dunk contest bits go. Seldom-used Jazz forward/reigning dunk contest champion Jeremy Evans is an artist. “Oh, you mean his game is so smooth it’s like watching a master artist at work?” you ask. And I answer, “No, as in he is literally a talented painter.” And tonight, he figured out how to make his worlds collide.

NCAA BasketballVideo

Even The Failures Were Better In The College Dunk Contest

We just got done telling you – with video evidence backing us up – that last night’s college dunk contest was better than the NBA’s widely-panned All-Star Weekend version. And now, we have one more piece of evidence of this – see it after the jump.

NCAA BasketballVideo

The College Dunk Contest Was Better Than The NBA’s Dunk Contest

Were you disappointed in the NBA’s slam dunk contest, like everyone? Let us present you with an alternative: the college dunk contest. It was held last night, and for the second straight year, an undersized competitor from a small school with a freakish vertical leap took home the title.


Blake Griffin Passes On Dunk Contest, Shatters Fans’ Dreams Of Dunk Over Spaceship

Perhaps you were wondering: after the car dunk of 2011, what would Blake Griffin jump over at the dunk contest this year? An SUV? Two sedans stacked on top of one another? 18-wheeler? Fighter jet? 747? Aircraft carrier? Kendrick Perkins? Well, actually, no one at all – he’s not doing the dunk contest this year. Why not? Well, according to him, “Last year was hectic and it kind of made [All-Star weekend] unenjoyable.” Man, first he regrets “Lob City,” and now he doesn’t really like the dunk contest? How many more dreams can he ruin?! (Photo via)

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