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edmonton oilers


6 Most Hated Owners That Were Once Beloved

Most Hated Owners That Were Once BelovedA video uploaded to YouTube last week showed a man peeing on Art Modell’s grave. That got us thinking about other sports team owners that once held a city’s hearts in his hands – before he crushed them, becoming a hated pariah forever more.


Start Your Week With An NHL Player Inexplicably Quitting During A Play, Allowing A Goal

When you watch the video above (we also recommend checking out the helpful diagram we’ve provided after the jump), keep your eyes on #74 on the Predators, Sergei Kostitsyn (i.e. the guy who can’t quite handle the puck at the four-second mark). It’s tempting to follow the actual play that ensues, especially considering it ends in an Oilers goal – a short-handed goal, at that, as well as a goal that, considering Edmonton wound up winning 3-2, meant quite a bit to the game’s outcome. But keep your eyes fixed on Kostitsyn, not what happens on the ice. After all, it’s not like Kostitsyn had a lot of interest in what was happening on the ice. [SB Nation]


The Oilers’ Nail Yakupov Is An Accidental Controversy Magnet. How Can He Fix That?

Hey, remember last week, when Oilers rookie Nail Yakupov scored a huge, game-tying goal, got real excited, and some people actually thought this was a bad thing? Well, he scored another huge goal last night – an overtime game-winner against the Coyotes. Did he celebrate the same way this time? Not even close. Was there a ruckus anyway? You bet there was!


Rookie Scores Huge Goal, Celebrates Like He Scored Huge Goal, Is Controversial For Some Reason

The Oilers’ Nail Yakupov, the top pick in last year’s NHL draft, scored a dramatic game-tying goal against the Kings last night. The Oilers were literally five seconds from defeat when Yakupov snuck one past Jonathan Quick, sending the home crowd into a frenzy, and he celebrated in dramatic fashion. A few people didn’t like this. And they are wrong.


Just The Edmonton Oilers Using The Mighty Ducks’ Flying V To Generate A Scoring Chance

On Tuesday night, The Edmonton Oilers lost 6-3 to the San Jose Sharks. Early in the first period, as the game was already beginning to slip away, Edmonton recovered the puck behind its own net and began a breakout. Whether or not it was by design, it’s hard to tell – but there’s something extremely familiar about this formation… [SB Nation]

Media MonsterNHLVideo

SI Writer Picks Oilers Third In The NHL, Oilers Player Thinks SI Writer Might Be High

The Oilers have been one of the NHL’s worst teams in each of the last two seasons, but that didn’t stop SI’s Adrian Dater from placing them third in the league in his preseason power rankings. And if that sounds crazy to you, just know that the Oilrrs themselves seem to agree that yeah, it’s crazy.


11 Of The Toughest Ways To Lose A Game

Sometimes, we ask ourselves why we continue to watch sports after seeing these gut-wrenching endings.


The Seven Most Dominant Playoff Teams of All Time

The Los Angeles Kings have absolutely dominated the 2012 NHL Playoffs. Check out some other teams that ruled supreme during the postseason.

NHLWeird But True

This Is What Your Face Looks Like A Few Days After It’s Been Sliced With A Hockey Skate

“Gnarly” is the word we’re looking for, I think, so click knowing that there are some pretty serious stitches on the other end of this. Oilers forward Taylor Hall suffered a skate to the face on Tuesday night, and today, the team tweeted this photo. Hall fell during team warm-ups, taking out a teammate before accidentally being sliced by another teammate’s skate.


Edmonton Oilers Forward Taylor Hall Takes Skate To The Face During Warmups

Here’s your cringe-worthy injury of the week. Yes, it’s only Tuesday, but we imagine that nothing will top the skate-to-the-face injury Edmonton Oilers’ forward Taylor Hall suffered tonight during warmups.

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