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OHL Coach Paul Fixster Apologizes For Going All Berserk Canadian Dad On Reporter

“I’m an emotional person,” isn’t something a guy who looks like this needs to tell anyone, but he did, anyway. His apology, and video of the funniest interview of the year, inside…


DINOSWEAR: Raptors Exec Masai Ujiri Drops F-Bomb During Pre-Game Pep Rally

First he unloads Andrea Bargnani on the Knicks, then he goes and screams “F*** Brooklyn” to a crowd of ravenous Raptors fans. Masai Ujiri has it out for New York…


Carmelo Anthony Is Power Tripping Through This Winning Streak

I don’t know what the proper huddle etiquette is on an NBA sideline — but I’m pretty certain it’s rude to say “Let’s just play the fucking game, man,” to your coach while he’s talking.


Frattiest Bro Ever Drops 46-F Bombs In Hilarious ‘Inspirational’ Flag Football Speech

The funniest thing you’ll watch all day. Hands down.

Media MonsterVideo

THIS JUST IN: Terry Bradshaw Doesn’t Want To F*&k Your Old, Ugly Ass Mother

We wouldn’t either, Mr. Bradshaw. Some more famous on-air f-ups after the jump.

Boston Marathon TragedyMLBVideo

David Ortiz Catches First Pitch From Bombing Victim, Grabs The Mic, Tells The Crowd “This Is Our F*cking City” (VIDEO)

Well, that was fast. As a matter of fact, Papi coming back to Boston and a few inappropriate F-bombs is about as normal as I can think of for a Red Sox game. In what was up until that moment, a stirring, heart felt, tactful remembrance, David Ortiz brought some, um, levity to the rather somber occasion.


Warren Sapp Doesn’t Know His Mic Is On, Drops A Few Whispered F-Bombs On The NFL Network

Warren Sapp, a live mic, and the NFL Network walk into a bar. The bartender says, “What’ll it be?” Warren Sapp whispers, “…the f–king Bill Belichick f–king angle.” Uh, Warren, you’re going off script again. Actually, you’re not even supposed to be in this scene if you want the truth. Go back to your trailer and take the rest of the day off. Video after the jump.


Joe Flacco May Be “Dull,” But He Still Drops F-Bombs When He Wins Super Bowls

Joe Flacco may be dull, but he just put in one of the greatest quarterback performances in NFL history. Super Bowl XLVII was not the Harbowl, it was the Flaccobowl. Congratulations, Joe, you deserve this vulgar slip. It was f***ing awesome. Video, after the jump.

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