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Fan Fights

FandomNCAA FootballVideo

Old Guy Kicks Punk Kid In The Face In ASU Student Section, Students Fight Back

When the aliens arrive and ask us to explain our civilization, this video will be used to demonstrate how our elderly defend themselves. A must watch brawl, after the jump…

MLBNot Sports RelatedVideo

Tales From The Nose Bleeds: Girl Almost Loses Top In Hockey Style Shirt Removal Fight At Blue Jays Game (VIDEO)

It’s a classic story of girl screams at girl. Guy intervenes. Sprays girl with water. Girl swings at guy. Guy grabs girl by her low cut shirt. Girl almost falls over the railing as her shirt almost comes off. Hey, can’t say we didn’t expect more action in Toronto this year. Multiple angles of this moron overstepping natural law after the jump.


Here’s Two Women At The Hawks-Magic Game Whaling On Each Other

Hard to tell what’s going on here, exactly: there’s the woman in pink, a blonde sitting a row behind and a security official at the Hawks-Magic game on Saturday night. Something happened that has the woman in pink on her feet and pointing an angry finger at the blonde. Then, the calm before the storm: everyone sits down, no pointing, no yelling. The security guard addresses the blonde now, and she and her beau eventually stand up to leave. But on their way out of the row, chaos. The woman in pink starts whaling on the blonde, the blonde whales back, and the cameraman starts hooting like a crazy person. (Skip to 1:40 for the fight.)


A Bunch Of Hockey Parents And Fans Brawled In The Stands Of A Canadian Minor League Hockey Game

Punches were thrown, random dudes tackled each other and a woman (the camerawoman?) screamed as a two-man battle erupted right in her grill. Something something they like hockey too much in Canada.


A Hockey Fan Faceplanted On The Steps After A Fight At A Rangers Game

I don’t understand what Madison Square Garden security was doing while this was going on, or why the cameramen are cheering this on, or why a New York Rangers fan is fighting after his team scored a goal in a close game, that they lost. Or why people weren’t traumatized by a guy faceplanting and almost rolling into a full headstand. But it happened.


Sharks Fan Tries To Punch Predators Fan, Misses, Falls Down Stairs

A fight broke out at a hockey game in Nashville, last night. But it was in the stands, and involved a San Jose Sharks fan missing a punch and taking a tumble down the stairs. He was not treated graciously, as you might imagine. For a fantastic, in-depth recap of the fight, go to On The Forecheck. Be sure to look in the aisle (at the bottom of the screen, off to the left side), because the punch is tough to see on video. [The Big Lead]


Fans Brawl As Tempers Run Hot At The Pro Bowl, Noted High-Intensity Event

Football is an intense viewing experience. People enjoy consuming alcohol when they watch it. This is a volatile combination, and helps lead to moments like this. And this. And if you think the Pro Bowl’s laid-back atmosphere means everyone in the crowd is too… think again.

NFLPolice Blotter

Atlanta Falcons Fan Stabbed In Throat By 49ers Fan After NFC Championship Game

After the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Atlanta Falcons 28-24 in the NFC Championship game, violence erupted outside the Georgia Dome when a 35-year-old Falcons fan began arguing with an unidentified 49ers fan. The Falcons fan eventually punched the 49ers fan, who responded by reaching into his pocket, grabbing a knife and stabbing the Falcons fan in the throat.

NFLPolice Blotter

London Fletcher Claims A Fan Hit His 13-Year-Old Cousin In The Face At The Redskins-Browns Game

During the Washington-Cleveland game this past Sunday, Redskins linebacker London Fletcher claims his family, which is from Cleveland, was assaulted by Browns fans while leaving the stadium. Fletcher’s aunt reportedly suffered a heart attack, and now Fletcher is claiming that his 13-year-old cousin was punched in the face.

Media MonsterVideo

This Is What It Looks Like When Wheelchair Basketball Fans Erupt In A Huge Brawl

Sometimes, there’s not a whole lot we can add to a story besides saying, “Just watch the video.” This, as you might have gathered, is such a time. Recently, at a wheelchair basketball game in Turkey between two heated rivals, some fans started brawling. And then they didn’t stop. So, you know… just watch the video. [Busted Coverage via TBL]

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