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Watch John Lucas III Embarrass Himself And His Team With Last-Second Antics Vs. The Rockets

john lucas jazzWhen you get your ass beaten by a team that is demonstrably better than you in every way, the best course of action is to move on and try to get better for next time. Here’s another way to deal with it: Show a complete lack of sportsmanship and try to halfheartedly fight the other guys.

NFLPolice BlotterVideo

Cowboys Showing Interest In Bears’ Free Agent Henry Melton, Who Was Caught On Tape Biting A Bar Owner

The rebranding effort in Dallas is underway. In other news, Hannibal Lecter visited AT&T Stadium today to meet with Jerry Jones over some fava beans and a nice chianti. Ready for some surveillance footage of an insane bar fight involving a 300-pound defensive tackle biting through a man’s abdomen? Of course you are.

Hot BabesMMA/BoxingVideo

UFC 170: Prepare For Rousey-McMann By Watching An Attractive Young Lady Choke The Bejesus Out Of Her Male Opponent

Sooner or later, taking your girlfriend out will be considered brandishing a dangerous weapon in public. Watch a babe in hot shorts go berserk on some poor guy who agreed to “fight” her…

NCAA BasketballVideo

UH-OH: Oklahoma State Star Marcus Smart Shoves Texas Tech Fan

A collective “Nooooo!” could be heard by literally everyone watching this moment unfold. Video of some heavy -ish after the jump…

FootballHigh SchoolPolice BlotterVideo

Bodyslamming Michigan QB Recruit Isn’t Vindicated By Security Guard’s Bizarre Tweets

“Hey, kids, it’s ok to kick someone’s ass — even a security guard — as long as there’s proof they’re an unrepentant asshole.”

– Wrongmessage McGee


THIS JUST IN: Young Hockey Players Are Insane

First Patrick Roy’s son goes on an epic ice-to-locker room tirade, then some Czech kid checks a referee onto his ass during an important match against Canada.


Terrible People Line Up, Fight Each Other At Jordan Gamma XI Release Today

Either them sneakers is fightin’ sneakers, or them folks is morons. You decide.


Watch An Ex-MMA Fighter Choke Out A Knife-Wielding Shoplifter In His Store

Before you think about getting that five-finger discount, first check to see who’s working at the store. You never know, they could be a human weapon like this guy. Watch this dude get what he deserves after the jump…


Red Sox Fans Curb Stomp Each Other At Victory Parade Meant To Unify City

We’ll admit, with all the effusive sportsmanship and uplifting storylines, we almost forgot what Red Sox fans were capable of. Then we saw this video. Oh ya, Red Sox fans can be total assholes…

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