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NBA Fan Fights Still In Preseason Mode

ALTERNATE HEADLINE: “Man In Salmon-Colored T-Shirt Destroys Drunk Douche.”

High SchoolSoccer

Cameraman Argues With Douchey Soccer Parents Who’re Mad At Injured Player

CAMERAMAN: “You people are stupid.”
PARENT: “Way to keep it classy, fat boy.”


Hearing Australian Commentators React To A Rugby Brawl Is Almost As Fun As Watching The Fight Itself

Rugby brawls are like football brawls except no one ever stops punching. Watch this this spill onto the award ceremony stage, after the jump…


If You Haven’t Seen It Yet, VICE Profiled Bare Knuckle Boxing In The UK In An Insane 30-Minute Documentary

Big burly British gangsters punching each other into a bloody pulp. What’s not to like? An absolute “must watch.”


Internet Boxing Troll Gets Ass Beat By Deontay Wilder For Talking Smack

In the fantasy genre, fighting a troll is considered a suicide mission. Ironically, the opposite is true in real-life. Watch the internet’s most disliked boxing douchebag get his ass kicked for threatening a world-class boxer’s children.


Blake Griffin Vs Serge Ibaka: The Best Player Rivalry In The NBA

Clash of the titans, brah. See their greatest, most hate-filled moments, inside…

Extreme SportsVideo

Let This Hilarious Surfer Fight Take You Into Your Weekend

There’s nothing quite like some well-lit, sober fisticuffs between two guys carrying surfboards. Nothing. You’re welcome.


Watch John Lucas III Embarrass Himself And His Team With Last-Second Antics Vs. The Rockets

john lucas jazzWhen you get your ass beaten by a team that is demonstrably better than you in every way, the best course of action is to move on and try to get better for next time. Here’s another way to deal with it: Show a complete lack of sportsmanship and try to halfheartedly fight the other guys.

NFLPolice BlotterVideo

Cowboys Showing Interest In Bears’ Free Agent Henry Melton, Who Was Caught On Tape Biting A Bar Owner

The rebranding effort in Dallas is underway. In other news, Hannibal Lecter visited AT&T Stadium today to meet with Jerry Jones over some fava beans and a nice chianti. Ready for some surveillance footage of an insane bar fight involving a 300-pound defensive tackle biting through a man’s abdomen? Of course you are.

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