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First Take


Skip Bayless Gets Stephen A. Smith To Apologize For His NOW Comments On Air

first takeIn perhaps the most surprising moment in First Take history, Stephen A. Smith apologized for saying something insensitive.


Shannon Sharpe Tells First Take About What He Told Bill Romanowski After Spitting Incident

While on the subject of Michael Vick’s defense of Riley Cooper, Shannon Sharpe recounted the manner in which he dealt with his teammate’s racist remarks back in the 90s. Must watch…

Media MonsterVideo

‘First Take’ Devolves Further Into Chaos As Stephen A. Smith Rips Jay Cutler, Vanderbilt, The Cowboys And Skip Bayless All At Once

first takeThe “First Take” guys talked about the preseason beating the Seahawks put on the Bears over the weekend, and as you might expect, it was a clusterfuck of trolling.


ESPN’s First Take Has Dumbest Conversation Ever Regarding Whether The Cowboys Are Still ‘America’s Team’

How about arguing about whether or not First Take is still America’s least useful television program?


Stephen A. Smith Issues Apology On Monday Morning’s First Take

“I made what can only amount to the most egregious error of my career.”


The Knicks Are So Bad They Got The ‘First Take’ Guys To Stop Arguing — And That Was BEFORE Last Night’s Loss To The Pistons

stephen a smith first takeUsually, the tandem of Stephen A. Smith and Skip “Chicken & Broccoli” Bayless is the most insufferable part of the ESPN news cycle. But leave it to the Knicks to help these guys put together what is probably the most watchable “First Take” segment of all time.

Media MonsterVideo

Drake Has At Least One New Friend: Johnny Manziel

drake first take

Drake’s new album drops today, and he decided not to take a page out of Matt Harvey’s book and actually give a quality interview. In the segment after the jump, inquiring minds want to know: Just how close are Johnny Football and Aubrey Hip Hop?


ESPN Suspends Bill Simmons From Twitter For Tweeting About The Richard Sherman/Skip Bayless Train Wreck (Video)

ESPN runs a tight ship. Here’s the official social media policy Simmons violated: “Keep internal deliberations confidential. Do not discuss how a story or feature was reported, written, edited or produced; stories or features in progress; interviews conducted; or any future coverage plans.” See the video and what he said about it after the jump.

ESPNMedia MonsterNFLVideo

Richard Sherman Tells Skip Bayless He’s “Better At Life” Than Him On First Take

It’s not often you find that Stephen A. Smith is the least insufferable person in a room with at least three people (I seriously kid, love ya Stephen A.), but alas, that’s what Richard Sherman and Skip Bayless did on First Take Thursday afternoon. Sherman laid a verbal smackdown Bayless, and you’ll wind up never having loved First Take more. Watch what went down.

Media MonsterNFL

Here’s Rob Parker’s Public Apology For Calling Robert Griffin III A “Cornball Brother”

Even after ESPN First Take’s Rob Parker questioned Robert Griffin III’s blackness, he did not initially back down from his comments. On Twitter, at least, he was retweeting those that agreed with him, calling his critics “typical and uneducated” and pompously boasting that he wouldn’t be reprimanded in any way. Well he was, with an indefinite suspension, and now Parker has issued an apology.

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