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2014 World CupSoccerVideo

Someone GIF’d Every World Cup Dive In A Stinging Commentary On The Human Condition

Flop (v.) – to fall, lie, or sit down in a sudden, awkward, or relaxed way.


Amateur German Soccer Coach Takes Cartoonish Dive During Argument With Opposing Coach

Dwyane Wade is always second fiddle to somebody. Watch the world’s worst flop, here.


We Need Another Way To Penalize NBA Stars For Ridiculous Flops

flopThere’s no way to know how this phantom foul affected the flow and outcome of last night’s game — probably not at all. But to star players who make millions of dollars a year, getting fined pocket change for a flop is worth the payoff.


We Now Have Reason To Believe That Soccer Players Sometimes Fake Injuries

Tomfoolery like this will finally slow the advent of soccer’s popularity in the U.S. — or, as we’ve come to call it here in the States, “football.”


This Little Kid Is The Next LeBron

This little kid basketball player is the next LeBron James.


If You Want Your Kid To Become A Great Flopper, There’s An Acting Coach You Should Consider…

This kind of satirical video has been done before. However, no one has ever invoked Cristiano Ronaldo’s “small penis” as a reason he’s good at taking dives. Just watch…


You Might Think Dwyane Wade Is Dead After Watching This Mega-Flop Vs. James Harden

The Rockets beat the Heat last night 106-103, partially because they were able to hold LeBron James well under his previous game-high of 61 points. Unfortunately, the Heat lost more than just the game — it appears that their (sometimes, when he’s not injured) starting shooting guard Dwyane “Three” Wade was killed last night by James Harden.


WWE’s John Cena Reveals The Secret To NBA Flopping Success With Instructional Video

SportsNation unveiled a gem today: An infomercial for John Cena’s flopping instructional video. The best part, however, is how targeted it is at LeBron. Sorry, but you gotta take the good with the bad if you’re gonna flop…


Juventus Midfielder Arturo Vidal Takes A Key & Peele Caliber Dive Against Real Madrid

There’s a reason people hate soccer in this country. It’s the same reason people don’t like math: They find it too nuanced and they’re stupid. But flopping is a good reason to hate soccer, too. Watch what we’ll call the worst flop of all-time vis-a-vis Key & Peele’s eerily similar sketch, after the jump…


LeBron Even Flops At The Grocery Store

Sometimes obvious jokes are the most funny. Video, after the jump.

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