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Here Are Your Flops From Last Night’s Spurs-Heat Game!

Today, we’ve got… Chris Bosh and Shane Battier!


Chris Paul Flopped His Way Into The History Books Last Night

We’re not sure why Chris Paul so egregiously flopped during Clippers-Kings last night. DeMarcus Cousins didn’t do anything, the teams have no bad blood, and there’s no distinct advantage to a foul call (which didn’t come anyway). But what we’re left with is a pained look on Chris Paul’s face, a no-call, and something to rival the Chris Bosh timber flop.


In Which A Soccer Flopper Does Not Get Away With Flopping

The yellow card for taking a dive in soccer is wonderful punishment – enough of a deterrent to cut down on the most egregious of dives, but usually not penalizing enough to alter the trajectory of a game. That is, of course, unless a player already has a yellow card. That’s the unfortunate situation Juventus’ Leonardo Bonucci found himself in in a recent match against Palermo in Serie A, when in the 88th minute he recklessly flailed to the ground in an attempt to draw a penalty. He earned a yellow instead, and will miss the team’s next match due to a prior yellow.

NCAA FootballVideo

Your Flop Of The Weekend, Brought To You By Michigan State’s Johnny Adams

Here we have Michigan State’s Johnny Adams and Nebraska’s Kenny Bell engaging in some post-whistle extracurriculars, the regular pushing and shoving to which football is accustomed. Except Adams took it a step too far when he tried to draw a flag with an egregious flop. Notice the referee on the left, who is completely unamused and doesn’t even flinch.


Only A Soccer Fight Would Involve Flying Kicks Instead Of Punches (Video)

The way they kick and flee, kick and flee, seems quite cowardly, but is in fact tactically intelligent and diminishes the chance of immediate retribution. Also, so adorable!

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