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Jimmy Graham Breaks Namesake Celebration Rule Twice In One Game

Graham took his protest to the field on Friday during a preseason game against the Titans, snagging two touchdowns in the event and following each with a dunk over the crossbar.


Leave Johnny Alone: Who Cares If Manziel Was Late For A Meeting?

johnny manziel browns

In the latest edition of “Johnny Manziel Did Something Unsurprising And You Shouldn’t Be Surprised” (or alternatively “Why Does Everyone Care About Everything Johnny Manziel Does With His Life”), it has been reported that Mr. Football was late for a meeting.

FoodFood PornFootballNFLWeird But True

Atlanta Falcons To Sell Alcohol-Infused Cupcakes This Season

This one goes out to all of you closeted alcoholics out there who don’t want to be “that guy” at a football game.

FootballNFLSocial MediaVideo

LeSean McCoy (Probably) Fake Weight Toss Tricks The Internet

lesean mccoy

Maybe I’m crazy. Maybe it’s real. You tell me.

FootballNFLSocial Media

Reddit User Maps The Most-Hated NFL Teams In Each State And Continent

Why do we have to hate? Why can’t we all just love each other? ELE. Everybody Love Everybody.


Real Madrid Takes A Shot At American Football (VIDEO)

Europeans. They’re so cute and innocent.

FootballNFLVideoWeird But True

Cowboys’ Tight End Coach Dousing Players With Ice Water In Drill (VIDEO)

Mike Pope is preparing the Cowboys’ tight ends for that freezing Dallas weather. Wait a second…

CompetitionControversy!FootballNFLThey Said What?

Geno Smith Thinks He’ll Be A Top Five QB, Sources Confirm He’s Delusional

Note: The author of this post is a New York Jets fan and doesn’t like Geno Smith and thinks Michael Vick anyone not named Geno Smith should be the starting quarterback this season. Keep that in mind while reading this admittedly biased post.

FootballVideoYouth sports

Holy Shit This Gigantic Child Just Pancaked A Would-be Tackler In Pee-Wee Football

Um, excuse me, sir, would you mind parking your car in the lot besid…what’s that? That’s your son? Omg we’re so sorry…


This Bicycle Kick Goal Is One Of The Smoothest You’ll Ever See (VIDEO)

I respect the sport and the athleticism, finesse, and skill it takes to be a good soccer player, but the fact that there’s such a thing as a scoreless tie kind of ruins the sport for me. And then things like this bicycle kick goal happen and I’m forced to reevaluate my take on the world’s favorite sport because this is 100 percent certified pure awesomeness.

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