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Bill Simmons, Jalen Rose And Jeff Van Gundy Distinguish ‘Champions’ From Guys With Rings

As far as semantic basketball conversations go, this is one of the all-time greats. Watch the three best NBA fans on Earth discuss the same stuff you and your friends drunkenly argue over, after the jump…


Jalen Rose Explains How The NBA’s Contract System Makes It Difficult For Teams To Build Good Locker Rooms

jalen rosePlayers are missing out on “life-changing” experiences because of the way salary scales are structured, according to Jalen Rose.

Media Monster

The One Good Reason Why Bill Simmons Should Stick With A Big Company Rather Than Start His Own

bill simmonsLike it or not, Grantland on its own just wouldn’t be as good without a big parent company like ESPN around to pay the bills.


ICYMI: Jalen Rose Tells The Tale Of ‘The Mansion,’ Which Is Actually A Story About A Ridiculous Diamond Bracelet He Owns

Nicknamed “The Mansion,” Jalen’s crown jewel contains almost 400 diamonds of varying size and with price tag similar to that of a large, new house.


Why Are Grantland And The New York Times Peddling The Bullshit Of Sports Betting Sleazeballs?

RJ Bell Pregame Grantland New York Times Sleazy

Mainstream media, most notably Grantland and the New York Times, are saying some stupid, irresponsible shit about sports betting. It’s time to set the record straight.


BALL BREAKING NEWS: Bills Simmons Gets Roasted By Kimmel

Bill Simmons gets put in his place by the late night host.


Jalen Rose Thinks Dwight Howard Is Headed To The Houston Rockets, And His Reasoning Is Solid

In Jalen Rose’s mind, there are only two possible destinations for Dwight Howard this summer: his current team, the L.A. Lakers, or the Houston Rockets. And you know what? If you ask him to pick one, he’s going with Houston. Based on what we know now, we can’t disagree.


Jalen Rose Makes His Case In Defense Of J.R. Smith And The NBA Clubbing Culture (VIDEO)

Jalen Rose has been on a roll lately dishing dirt on the NBA’s social underbelly. After telling Grantland about how players strategically keep their girlfriends and wives separate in the stands, he justifies the party-monster lifestyle of players like J.R. Smith. “We get out of the stadium at midnight.” Great excuse to blow my ticket money on a few bottles of Cristal you’ll chug ten hours before 3PM tip-off.

NCAA Basketball

Grantland Unveils Bracket For “Most Hated College Basketball Player Of The Last 30 Years,” Duke Gets Their Own Region

“Hate” is a strong word to use about anyone. And all these guys have probably contributed tens of millions of dollars to charity in their lives. What’s more, they are fathers and brothers and sons and mentors and DEAR GOD I HATED J.J. REDICK SO MUCH IT KEEPS ME UP AT NIGHT! He better win.

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