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Harlem Shake

NCAA BasketballVideo

Incredibly Important NCAA Tourney Update: Florida Gulf Coast Drops Official “Dunk City” Anthem And Harlem Shake Video

Three things you can now count on: death, taxes, and Harlem Shake videos. It was only a matter of time before the King of Cinderellas followed suit. Both the hip hop anthem video and the shake after the jump.

NCAA FootballVideo

This Is Beginning To Define This Decade: Les Miles And LSU Do A Harlem Shake Video

If you’re beginning to wonder how they get all these middle-aged men to dance in ironic videos, you’re not alone. [USATODAY Sports]


Terry Francona And The Cleveland Indians Drop The Best Harlem Shake Video Yet–Lebron, You’ve Been Put On Notice

Is this the best Harlem Shake video yet? Does it beat the Heat’s? Do you kind of wish Terry Francona was your Dad? We let you decide all these incredibly important dilemmas after the jump.

NCAA FootballVideo

Old Guy Participates In Internet Craze That Refuses To End (Plus A Special SportsGrid Bonus)

You know internet memes. You love internet memes. And we bet the only thing you love more than an internet meme is an old person – especially one you wouldn’t guess is very technologically-inclined – taking part in an internet meme they probably know nothing about.


The Minnesota Timberwolves Have Literally Clubbed The Miami Heat Harlem Shake Video To Death As A Public Service To Us All

Last night, the Miami Heat pummeled the Minnesota Timberwolves. Last week, the Miami Heat made a Harlem Shake video. This morning, the Minnesota Timberwolves YouTube channel pummeled the Miami Heat’s Harlem Shake video.


The Miami Heat Harlem Shake Video Was Actually Pretty Good, So Let’s Power Rank The Performances

Just when it seemed like “Harlem Shake” had been shipped off to the viral graveyard for a lunch date in the Internet afterlife with “Gangnam Style“, “Antoine Dodson” and the “I like Turtles” kid, LeBron James and his crew of flunkies single-handedly zapped that, now (well, maybe always), annoying Baauer tune back into to the public consciousness for another few days. Mainly, because it’s so damn entertaining. This is the first, and only, time the Heat will ever be praised for its depth. Here are those moments, ranked.


LeBron’s Message For All You Dunk Contest Haters

Have you wondered how it might go if a stranger went up to LeBron out of the blue and criticized him for never participating in the dunk contest, as everyone seems to have taken an interest in doing lately? We did… but only after some help from LeBron’s most recent work.

Media MonsterNBAVideo

The Miami Heat Harlem Shake Will Make You Feel Strong Feelings Towards The Miami Heat

I don’t like us talking about the Harlem Shake any more than you do, but it would’ve felt wrong if we didn’t share this rendition with you. Ladies and gentlemen, the beasts of the East, your Miami Heat doing the Harlem Shake.

High SchoolVideo

Watch The Harlem Shake Video That Got A High School Hockey Team To Forfeit Its Playoff Game

Chances are, if you’re only making your Harlem Shake video now, you’ve missed the boat. Still, the fad hasn’t lost its steam. This high school boys’ hockey team from New York caught the Harlem Shake bug, but it wasn’t without its consequences. Their racy take on it forced a self-imposed forfeiture from a first-round Section 1 state playoff game. Did the crime fit the punishment? Judge for yourself.

NCAA FootballNFLVideo

Harlem Shake Finds Its Way To The NFL Combine

Dozens of NCAA football’s finest are at the IMG Academy preparing for the NFL Draft right now. But just because they’re busy doesn’t mean they’re too busy to participate in the Internet’s latest (and possibly greatest) meme.

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