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It’s ‘Top 10 Of The NBA Season’ Season: Here Are Your Top 10 Crossovers, Circus Shots, Phantom Clips And More

top 10s

The NBA Playoffs start tomorrow, and you know what that means: The NBA regular season has already happened. As is customary, we remember 2013-14 by making a list of good things that happened, putting them in order from “least most impressive” to “most most impressive” and compiling video clips of evidence to show that they occurred.


Oh Right, That’s Why J.R. Smith Is An NBA Player

jr smith dunkHe can be explosive and downright deadly when he’s on. Now, where’s that “ON” switch, so we can staple it into the affirmative position for the rest of the season?


From What We’re Seeing And Hearing, The NBA Should Be Terrified Of Derrick Rose

derrick roseThe usual caveats apply: This is preseason, that was Peyton Siva, etc. But Derrick Rose looks, and sounds, better than ever.

NCAA Football

Johnny Manziel’s First Half Against Alabama Includes Scrambling, Play Making, And Trucking Security Guards

He helped the guy up, but probably could have avoided running into him in first place, had he used any of the attributes he uses to avoid Alabama’s pass rush. Also, one of his trademark scrambles after the jump…

NCAA FootballVideo

Tennessee Forces Western Kentucky To Commit 5 Turnovers In Just 6 Plays

“I’m going to need your clothes, your boots, and that football.” Five times in almost as many consecutive plays. Almost five in a row, had they not dropped the easiest pick of them all. Video of all six plays after the jump.

NCAA FootballVideo

Miami Pretty Much Just Ended Florida’s Season

Definitely a good start for Miami despite coming into the season unranked. As for Florida, well, Tebow doesn’t have a job right now…


Baseball Is Back: Beltre HR Robbed, Bryce Harper Tests Yasiel Puig’s Arm (VIDEOS)

markakis home run robbed

I heard you started reading a book? Cool, what’s it about? How bored you are? Love? C’mon, you’re not fooling anyone. Baseball is back. Behold it’s majesty…


Star Wide Receiver LeBron James Executes The Tip Drill To Basketball Perfection

Haslem with the snap, drops back into the pocket, slings a pass DEEP up the middle to LeBron James. But it’s short! James readjusts, battles cornerback Jeff Teague in the air and…it’s…INCOMPL- WAIT! NO! Tip Drill! James, falling to the ground, tips the ball towards Dwyane Wade for the Touchdown! Miami leads a lot to a little.

VideoWeird But True

The Most Beautifully Calculated Flop Of The Year Involves Motorcycling And Deserves Your Tip Of The Cap

Apparently this one’s been floating around the internet for a while, but it just came to our attention today. A few months ago, a competitor in a motorcycle race in Brazil crashed his bike going around a bend. Because he was unhurt and probably still in the race, he worked on his damaged bike to get back in the thick of things. But 20 seconds in, he realized the futility of his efforts – his competitors were well ahead of him now and there was no chance to recoup lost time. The well-orchestrated flop details, after the jump.

High SchoolVideo

High School Quarterback Has TD Run Called Back Because Being Awesome Is Apparently An Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalty

Unsportsmanlike conduct penalties are usually reserved for actions outside of the spirit of the game – excessive violence, taunting, making contact with a quarterback in any way whatsoever and so on. California high school football operates under a different directive, however, one that punishes the most sportsmanlike plays with a swift hammer of justice.

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