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Hockey fight


Neither Player Ducked A Punch In What May Be The Hockey Fight Of The Year

So I just grinched all over what people were calling the tennis “shot of the year,” but this “hockey fight of the year” may actually be the hockey fight of the year. You don’t see fights like this often, and the announcer appeared to be startled by its intensity, launching into an auctioneer-style narration. It was Patrick Bordeleau of the Colorado Avalanche vs Brian McGrattan of the Calgary Flames, and the people have spoken, and they’ve called this gem of a fight a draw. I’m fairly sure that both players are insane, but regardless, that was highly entertaining. [Busted Coverage]


This Brutal Hockey Fight Ended In An Actual Knockout

Frazer McLaren’s Maple Leafs defeated David Dziurzynski’s Senators 5-4 Wednesday night, but before the high-scoring contest really got going, McLaren and Dziurzynski erupted into fisticuffs less than half a minute into the game. Suffice it to say, McLaren added injury to insult to injury before the night was over.


Will This Go Down As The Lamest Fight Of This NHL Season?

The Montreal Canadiens played the Tampa Bay Lightning last night, and though the Lightning trailed 3-1 with 1:44 left, they somehow forced a shootout before losing. But that’s not why we’re here. We’re here because there was a brouhaha, one in which the players circled and circled and circled and never landed a single good shot.


Watch A 50-Person Brouhaha At Some Hockey Game!

Check out one of the largest hockey fights you will ever see, with fighting on benches, between multiple goalies, 18 penalties, all announced by Charlie Brown, after the jump.


Brad Marchand May Never Be The Same After Taking This (Deliberate?) Stick To The Nuts

Getting hit in the groin is like going to the DMV, or finding out your dog has died: it really sucks. And, perhaps to prove a point from earlier, getting a possibly-deliberate jab in the crotch from an opponent takes away from the joy of the game.


In Which A Hockey Fight Broke Out And Everyone Got Involved

This one is pretty tough to describe. We’ll begin by saying that in an ECHL game between the Bakersfield Condors and the Ontario Reign, a fight broke out when one of the Reign players left the ice to side check a Condors’ player against the glass. Then, according to the announcers, the players began to pair off into “dancing” partners.


The Most Adorable Hockey Fight You’ll See Today

There’s nothing like a good hockey fight, especially when it involves about 30 nine-year-old kids throwing down on the ice. This video comes from a Junior Hockey League game in, none other than, Kazakhstan. This is where you turn on your internal Borat. According to the Internet, this fight started when the two teams began throwing insults back and forth during the end-of-game handshake.

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