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hockey fights


The NYPD And NYFD Played Hockey, Which Means They Ended Up Beating The Shit Out Of Each Other

nypd nyfdSo, the New York Police Department and the New York Fire Department played a hockey game for charity yesterday. Whether because the two departments hate each other or because playing hockey just makes you want to fight, a bench-clearing brawl broke out in the second period.


Violent Hockey Fight Ends In Hug And High-Five?

If conclusive science hadn’t taught us better, I might suspect that concussions aren’t so bad after all.


Useless AHL Refs Can’t Break Up Massive, 3-Minute-Long Hockey Brawl

Great brawl between the Adirondack Phantoms and Portland Pirats, pathetic refereeing. Dangerous at times. AHL hockey, everybody!


Russian Junior Hockey Team Loses Game, Then Loses Ensuing Brawl To Sweden

Serves ‘em right for taunting the American team. U-S-A! U-S-A! Full footage of the post-game fireworks inside…

HockeyOlympic SportsVideo

US Women’s Hockey Team Fights Canadians: ‘All Heck Is Breaking Loose’

Here’s an intense way to start your day! Watch the United States women’s hockey equivalent of Slapshot’s Hanson bros. kick some canuck ass in an Olympic championship preview.


Swedish Hockey Referee Sets Troublemaker Straight With Lecture, Headlock, Tapout

The look on Färjestad Bollklubb winger Marius Holtet’s face is priceless. He’s all like, “Vad har jag gjort, ref?” and the ref’s all like, “Du var en mycket mycket dålig ishockeyspelare, Marius!” Classic Holtet…


One Of The NHL’s First Fights Ended With A Gut-Wrenching Fall And Concussion (Not For The Squeamish)

George Parros Fight FallDo not click if you are squeamish. The fall was bad.


Only In Hockey Can A Playoff Game Feature Everyone On The Ice Fighting Each Other

The Sens and Habs combined for 236 penalty minutes last night. Video and more, after the jump.


Montreál Canadien’s Prospect Floats Like Unt Butterfly Und Stings Like Das Bee In Wussy Swiss Hockey Fight

Alain Berger of FC Bern doesn’t pull any punches, nor does he pull his gloves off to throw them. Going toe-to-toe with Sebastien Schilt of Gottéron, Berger decided he didn’t want to “go there”, and instead opted for some Olympic-style boxing. Watch him bob and weave his way out of any integrity as a hockey player.


New York Islander Knocks Out New Jersey Devil, Responds In Nicest Way Possible

Matt Martin, New York Islanders hockey player, is good at fighting people. Tom Kostopoulos, New Jersey Devils hockey player, is not. So when Kostopoulos backed up tiny teammate Stephen Gionta by challenging Martin to a fight, it wasn’t a surprise that he was soon knocked out with a menacing right from Martin. But while Martin is a bad man, he is a nice bad man. He called for the trainer because he knew he did a bad thing. Admirable courage from Kostopoulos, but he should probably be more careful next time. You know what they say, the bigger their balls, the harder they fall. [Break.com]

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