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The Daily Show Nailed Putin With Their 2014 Sochi Homophobia Olympics Coverage

Looks like Russia is the overwhelming favorite for taking gold in the “bigotry games,” though America — like Rocky Balboa training in a barn in Siberia to fight Ivan Drago — is always ready for a hate fight. You’ve got to see this.

Olympic SportsSports & Politics

#LOLPUTIN: Gay People Can Come To Winter Olympics, Just Leave Children Alone, Please

Step into my intolerant web of state sanctioned terror said the overtly masculine, despotic spider to the fly, who was minding it’s own business. You have to see what this dude said. Unbelievable.


Evander Holyfield Made An Ass Of Himself On ‘Celebrity Big Brother UK’ With Some Terribly Dumb Comments On Homosexuality

holyfield“If you were born and your leg were turned this way, what do you do, you go to the doctor and get it fixed back right.” All that and more from the four-time heavyweight champ, after the jump.


Mike Francesa Gets Prank Called, Admits Mike Piazza Would Be Best Gay Catcher Ever

Somewhere in the recesses of the mind of Francesa, there is a list of the greatest homosexual catchers, ever. Today, a caller asked him where he’d rank Mike Piazza.

MLBSports & PoliticsSports & Race

Gabby Giffords’ Intern Will Throw Out The First Pitch At The All-Star Game

Daniel Hernandez, the intern who held Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords upright and alive in the minutes after a crazed gunman shot her in the head, will be throwing out the first pitch at tomorrow night’s MLB All-Star game.

There is added significance here, because Hernandez is Mexican-American and gay. He’ll be ceremoniously beginning an All-Star game for a sport that isn’t the friendliest to gay people, and will be doing so in a state that isn’t the friendliest to people with Hispanic-sounding names.

Media Monster

CNN’s Anchors Enjoy A Chinese Male Cheerleader’s Sassiness

A video featuring an unidentified male cheerleader nicknamed “Extremely Coquettish Brother” was a hit in the CNN newsroom. Let’s all enjoy this heaping helping of sass.

Sports & Politics

Arguing For The Straight Cap: Why It’s Okay For Gay Softball Leagues To Exclude Straight Guys

So you’re a gay guy in a gay recreational softball league. Your team makes it to the semifinals, but you lose. The team you lost to has three or four very good players who made some key plays that led to your defeat. You want to move on from the loss (this is a recreational league, after all), but you can’t shake this weird feeling you have. Something about these three or four really good players seems a bit… off.

Media MonsterMLB

Mets Player On Possibility Of Gay Teammate: “Most Of Us Are Still Neanderthals”

With New York State’s passage of a bill allowing same-sex marriages in the state on Friday night, it was only a matter of time before athletes were asked about their opinions on homosexuality in sports.

Media MonsterMLBNBANFLSports & Politics

A Short History Of Athletes Saying Terrible Things About Gay People

It may come as a shock to you, but David Tyree isn’t the first athlete to say something inflammatory about the gay community. Here’s a quick rundown.

MLBSports & Politics

It Gets Better, According To The San Francisco Giants’ New Anti-Homophobia PSA

The San Francsico Giants have made a video for the “It Gets Better” campaign, which aims to curb the bullying of gay and transgender youth.

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