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We Can’t Tell If This Jon Gruden-Pretends-A-Hooters-Waitress-Is-A-Quarterback Commercial Is Funny Or Not

If you haven’t seen Jon Gruden’s QB camp on ESPN, well, here’s an example with Andrew Luck. This is a parody of that. It involves Hooters. I think it’s funny. I don’t know. Maybe it’s stupid. Judge in the comments, readers. Also: if Tebow had this girl’s brains, he’d be a star.


Non-Hooters Employee Nearly Kills Rajai Davis For Live Foul Ball (VIDEO)

This ball boy does not have the same, um, “set of excuses” as his female spring training counterparts. Next time you want to get into a Kansas City Royals game, dude, just ask. A video comparison of Hooters and non-Hooters related sports bloopers after the jump.


Hooters Ball Girl Almost Gets Hit By Pop-up/Yankee Infielders (Video)

Derek Jeter made diving into the stands behind 3rd base ironic. Now, Hooters ball girls employed by the Phillies for Spring Training have made that same area, well, moronic. Can’t say we’re too surprised. More video after the jump.


FAIL: Hooters Ball Girl Almost Gets Hit By Pop-up/Yankee Infielders (Video)

Derek Jeter made diving into the stands behind 3rd base iconic. Now, Hooters ball girls have made that same area, well, moronic. You’d think by now they’d realize that ball-go-hard-if-hit-head-ouchie-need-to-move. Nope.


A Reminder That Spring Training Is Spring Training For Hooters Ball Girls, As Well As Players

You’re a ballboy/girl/person. You sit in foul territory. You retrieve foul balls in your area. You give them to fans, engendering goodwill with said fans. Simple enough task. But sometimes, the ball winds up in foul territory near you despite it not actually being a foul ball. In these cases, you do not want to pick the ball up and give it to a fan. But maybe one time, mistakenly, you do. And when you do, you are glad that it’s spring training and no one cares anyway. [Reddit]

Food Porn

Today In America: Hulk Hogan To Open Restaurant He Describes As “Hooters Times 10″

Starting New Years’ Eve, Hogan’s Beach, the name of Hulk Hogan’s new restaurant at the Best Western Bay Harbor hotel in Tampa, will be home to three separate food menus, a 360-seat bar and restaurant, a white sand beach and a mechanical shark ride. But Hogan and partner Ben Mallah aren’t just opening the restaurant – there will be a masquerade party on the last night of the 2012 calendar year.

NFLWAG Spotting

Wes Welker To Wed Hooters Girl

The Boston Herald is reporting that “ex party-boy” (huh?) Wes Welker is engaged to girlfriend and ex-Hooters girl Anna Burns. Oh, and also: he and Anna spend their time, according to the Herald, “at the local Whole Foods buying ingredients for eggplant parm.” Fantastic. Images, after the jump.

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Tit For Tat: Reporter Accidentally Congratulates Colleague On Hooters, Gets Made Fun Of For It

“Hoosiers.” “Hooters.” Two similar-sounding words. Two very different meanings. One local reporter found this out during a live report, and yes, it’s on YouTube.

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