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Indianapolis Colts


Week 9 Passing & Rushing Matchups To Exploit Or Avoid

brian hoyerAs we do every Friday, The Xpert Eye takes a look at the passing and rushing matchups to identify those you should exploit as well as those you should avoid. As usual, don’t bench your studs because of the matchup; use these write-ups to make decisions between somewhat equally ranked starters.


Andrew Luck Is A Top 5 Quarterback And Nobody’s Impressed — Why?

Andrew Luck

It’s like a Chamander turned into Charizard and no one said, “Holy shit, Charmander. How the hell did you do that?”


Jim Irsay’s DUI Video Surfaces, Doesn’t Look Good

Straight up spooky DUI dashcam video of the Colts owner wobbling around a squad car. Watch it, inside…


Andre Johnson Scores Miracle TD, Female Fan Spanks Him [GIF]

Every time that it looks like Andre Johnson is getting too old and beat up to make miraculously athletic touchdown catches, he makes a miraculously athletic touchdown catch to prove the haters wrong.


Top 12 Fantasy Football Backups For 2014

Matt Flynn, Top Fantasy Football Backups For 2014By the time Week 2 rolls around, we’ll likely be looking at a major injury or two that either happened in the preseason or during Week 1’s games. This dirty dozen set of bench warmers are just a bad break away from becoming quality Fantasy producers.


Reranking The 2012 Fantasy Rookies For 2014 … Because We Can

Doug Martin, Reranking the 2012 Fantasy Rookies for 2014Over the past couple weeks, I’ve ranked the 2014 NFL rookies for fantasy football purposes and it got me to thinking about how writers and fantasy experts are usually bigger fans of sophomores than they are rookies. So I ranked the top 15 fantasy sophomores, and that got me to thinking that the 2012 fantasy rookies might not have been as good as we initially thought.


Take A Look At Trent Richardson’s Sick (As In, Disgusting) Postseason Stats Line

trent richardsonEveryone knows that Richardson had a terrible year for the Colts. How was his postseason?


The Cast Of Parks And Recreation Went To Lucas Oil Stadium And Played With The Colts

Andrew Luck: How are Ya?

Ron Swanson: I normally don’t answer that question but since I respect your talent, I will tell you. I am fine.


The Colts Still Think Trading For Trent Richardson Was A Good Idea — Do You?

trent richardson colts

The Colts didn’t regret the trade before last night’s game, where T-Rich had 22 yards on 8 carries. Guess how many yards Donald Brown had? Wait, no — guess how many yards Andrew Luck had?


The Owner Of The Colts Asked The Internet If He Should Sign Ed Reed As A Wide Receiver

ed reedEd Reed as a receiver? Jim Irsay asking the fans to call the shots? It’s all a joke, we suppose, but it’s hard to tell with the Colts anymore.

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