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Olympic Sports

The Sochi Slopestyle Course Claims More Victims As A Norweigan Rider Falls On Her Head, An Australian Rider On His Nuts

Maybe we should stop giving Shaun White a hard time for pulling out of this thing. The course, that is.


This MMA Fighter’s Broken Nose Is NASTY

Andy Eichholz Nasty Broken Nose

The shortest distance between the top of his nose and nostrils is definitely NOT through his actual nose.

NCAA BasketballVideo

Basketball Concussions Can Be Vastly Worse Than Football Concussions

Like, for example, if some one jumps for a rebound, gets undercut, and lands directly on their head (without a helmet). Seton Hall’s Gene Teague has been hospitalized for exactly that. Terrifying footage after the jump.


UPDATED: Every ACL Injury In The NFL So Far This Season

The NFL gets more ACL injuries in a single Sunday than the MLB and NBA do in an entire season, combined.

MLBWeird But True

That’s Baseball For You: Torii Hunter Injured By ‘Tight Dress Shoes’

torii hunter injury

I don’t want to rag on baseball players too much (since guys in “tough” sports like football experience freak injuries as well) but it’s hard not to roll your eyes when you hear about Torii Hunter and the Case of the Tight Shoes.


David Lee Plays In First Playoff Game Of His Career, Then Goes Out For Rest Of Playoffs

A grade 3 tear hip flexor tear will sideline him for the duration of the Warrior’s postseason. A postseason that would be expeditiously cut short in his absence were it not for his former Knick teammate/Isaiah Thomas draft pick Danilo Galinari also out. Is this a Knick playoff curse? Of course it is.


Must Watch: Kobe Bryant Talks With Media About Career Ending-esque Ruptured Achilles (VIDEO)

Bad news, Kobe has ruptured his achilles tendon. What does that mean for the Lakers postseason hopes with 2 games left, or Kobe’s career, or all sorts of NBA benchmarks/records he was supposed to break? Our breakdown as well as video of Kobe breaking down after the jump.


The 22-Stitch Gash On Alex Ovechkin’s Chin Is Healing Really Well

Earlier this morning, Alex Ovechkin took a puck to the face during Capitals’ practice, slicing open his chin for a nice and healthy gash that required 22 stitches. Ovechkin decided to post a picture of his gash on Twitter, both pre and post-stitches, because he is a mensch. And look at how nicely it healed! After the jump, of course.

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