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javale mcgee

JaVale McGee Is Throwing Down Monster Dunks In The Drew League [VIDEO]

JaVale McGee is dominating the Drew League and we have the video to prove it.


JaVale McGee, World’s Best Basketball Player*, Dominates Drew League, Posterizes Helpless Defender

Yesterday we brought you the sad tale of Kevin Durant, a man apparently blessed with such distressingly little basketball talent that even a matchup with a guy who couldn’t stick in the NBA proved far too much for him to handle. Watch it again. Why, it’s almost sickening, his utter failure to play basketball well. You need something to cleanse your palate now. You need to see a real basketball player at work. Someone who can finish at the rim. Someone who would never be involved in an embarrassing on-court miscue. Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have found that man. [Beyond the Buzzer]

NBAVideoWeird But True

BREAKING NEWS: NBA Teams Have Officially Switched From The Cheesecake Factory To Benihana

Nick Collison dropped the socio-culinary bomb on ESPN’s True Hoop Blog. “Is it still Cheesecake Factory, or is there a new champ?” Kevin Arnovitz asked the OKC big man. “Guys like Benihana now,” Collison replied. Photographic evidence after the jump.

NBATabloid Fodder

Fantastic News: JaVale McGee And His Mom Are Getting A Reality Show

“Millionaire Mama’s Boy” will follow both the goofy Nuggets center and his mother, former WNBA player Pamela McGee. The show promises to be something akin to the Real Housewives, with Pamela spending time with her other single NBA mom friends. Frankly, the more screen time this guy and this lady get, the happier we all shall be.


JaVale McGee Snatched Another Shot Out of Midair

We love JaVale McGee because he doesn’t do things the way most people would do them. But you knew that already, thanks to posts like this, so let’s just skip to the part where he does something either exceptionally quirky or exceptionally athletic.


Why We Love JaVale McGee, Part Infinity

There are lots of reasons to love JaVale McGee: his spectacularly off-beat personality and occasional on-court shenanigans, to name two. But there’s another side to McGee, something else that makes him so entertaining: he makes spectacular basketball plays with regularity. Like the one you’ll see after the jump, for instance.

Media MonsterNBAVideo

It Was A Very JaVale McGee Evening In Denver

We love JaVale McGee – few players in the NBA provide the same kind of entertainment for such a wide variety of reasons, and he put a few of those reasons on full display last night both during his Nuggets’ game against the Clippers, and after.


Javale McGee Records Rare “Snatch” Against Cleveland

Javale McGee is averaging two blocks in just 18.6 minutes per game this season for the Denver Nuggets, so opponents are already wary of his presence in the lane. After this play, they should be even more so.


JaVale McGee Alley-Oops To Himself, Grows A Finger Mustache

The Denver Nuggets defeated the Houston Rockets 105-95 Wednesday night. JaVale McGee dropped 14 points, but these two were certainly the most impressive.


The Los Angeles Lakers And Denver Nuggets Weaved A Beautiful Tapestry Of Dumb Last Night

The Denver Nuggets defeated the Los Angeles Lakers 112-105 last night in a moderately thrilling game. But the game itself wasn’t particularly smooth, each team hiccuping its way to the finish line. There was just a whole lot of dumb, really. Many videos of dumb, after the jump.

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